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if I am 5'11'' does that make me a manlet?
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yeah dud whatever makes you feel like a manlet makes you a manlet
I'm 5"11 and noones ever called me short.
So nope
reported underage b& xdddddd

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i've fallen in love, /r9k/
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looks like a tranny

what app?

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wait, you haven't met Alexa

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>Go to your playlist
>hit shuffle
>post the first 5 songs

Behind Closed Doors - Rise Against
I Caught Fire - The Used
Let Mom Sleep - Hideki Naganuma
To The Test - 50 Lions
Handmade Cities - Plini
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it's artist-song not song-artist

>Babe Ruth - The Runaways
>Destroyer - Mercy (We Had The Right)
>Husker Du - Beyond The Threshold
>The Velvet Underground - European Son
>Idles - Faith In The City
In EU it's song first then artist.
I took a screenshot instead hope you don't mind

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What's stopping you from getting a gf?
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Virginity past 25 and bad teeth despite taking care of them

Any other questions?
Passionate self-hatred
Probably couldnt if i tried, but i havnt met any girl worth the effort

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Yes, the curse of labor. So it is written in the Bible and its truth reechoes in the hearts of most men. The male is by nature lazy and unambitious. The industrious man is a truly feminine phenomenon. In male cultures men only work in order to live, but in nations where women domineer, men show ambition, zeal for labor, and they frequently work themselves to death firmly believing that they live in order to work. On account of the fact that ambition is a female characteristic, women are always going to be outraged at the sight of potential energies which are not transformed into kinetic energies. The mobile life is urban and female. Haste is not only unmanly, but as Ortega has demonstrated it, also the very negation of our immortality. The Middle Ages was a period without haste, it was male and timeless.
The true man is attracted by an adventurous life while woman stands for security, concerned for the safety of her home and her family. The desperate craving for safety is always the surest sign of the effemination of a culture or nation. The replacement of Trust in divine Providence by efficient insurance companies is always a danger signal which should not be ignored.

Source: Menace of the Herd, or Procrustes at Large - Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
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tld originally r
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meaning "too dumb didn't read"
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That old XIX and XX century socialism is already obsolete. In this day and age we can do something that works out better. Industrialization has come to a point where a portion of the population really doesn't need to work at all to have all their needs satisfied; with better social regulations on reproduction and the forming of families, the quality of life of those persons increase, and through further industrialization even less have to work for all to live comfortably. However, since we're still using some bullshit ancient form of capitalism, those people who don't need to work anymore need to prove themselves they're worthy of surviving, thus bullshit jobs that don't increase productiveness in society are made, redundant competence is promoted with the goal of making a group starve while the other one hoards all the resources, the service industry increases and has people punishing themselves doing a job that won't help anybody. In the end the goal of capitalism is to have everyone working to prove they are worthy of being fed, NEETs just fall through the gaps and take advantage of their family or social reforms by the new democratic socialist governments.

There's a vicious cycle in which a society with slave mentality creates people with slave mentality that supports such society. Extremely few people are actually happy with their lives, it's extremely rare to find someone who actually loves their job, the rest of them do theirs because they had no other way, but even then most of those still hope that one day their turn comes to be the ones with power and able to fuck over those in the positions themselves are in this moment. Some people just can't see a world in which people are actually happy doing the things they like, they feel offended by it, after all they have justified their whole lives through the slave system and achieving mediocrity is meaningful to them.

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Chinese is the official language of britfeel
Yinggan de guan fang yu yan shi zhong wen
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First for islam
Anyone up for a piss up?
Get a creative hobby lad. Start writing, drawing or play an instrument and make music.

It'll do your self esteem a world of good over time.

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What's a good taper plan for a codeine withdrawal? My average is 6 * 20mg per day. Usually taking 2 at a time three time per day.
What is the optimal schedule?
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Can you please explaint he withdrawal symptoms?
Nausea, muscle pain, fatigue, diarrhea..
Take naltrexone. It will reduce the cravings. However make sure that you don't take any opiates for at least a week before starting it

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Hey uncle anon! I really REALLY totes love the new pants you bought me. Don't they just look great?
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i'mma make you a faggot when i find your goddamn ass
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tfw scrub.webm
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all the girls lift more than me ;_;
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Start adding 5 pounds to all your lifts each week, and eat a lot. What's ur wrist size OP
I know this feel. Going to the gym is the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind from boredom and apathy. I don't even necessarily enjoy it because I can't enjoy anything; i just do it because it's something sort of simple/solitary. I have very pathetic lifts, but my squat and benchpress are the worst. I have long legs and long arms so these are trickier to do
How do you lift less than women? I was a natural skeleton at 5'11" 125 lbs. and when I started, I was still at least on par, but in most lifts stronger than all women I had ever seen, including the giant looing freakish women who obviously compete in bodybuilding competitions.

Nowadays I lift three times more than the max weight I have EVER seen a woman lift in the gym.

Let me put it into perspective; if you see a woman at the gym squatting 1 plate, that is pretty impressive. Women are WEAK AS FUCK.

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If you could change any aspect(s) of the opposite sex, what would you change?
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All xx females have dicks
I'd also multiply the amount of females so that males will be in higher demand and increase their average height.
Make women find my exact body type and personality to be the most attractive kind of male so I can easily find a 10/10 gf

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HAhahah, friendless loser virgin! HAHA!
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Ha, NEET virgin

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>"Hi Dad! Can't wait til you get home! love you!"
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You have no idea how much this hurt me anon. Not even memeing.
Kek nice shitpost
I didn't take it to heart
Why don't you just go out and get a wife?

I wanna see what kind of mental gymnastics you're gonna use to prove this guy is superior to you
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He doesn't have to worry about having faggot spaghetti arms and looking weak
>that guy is still decent looking
>probably rich
>gets retard pity points because limbless
i am retarded but not retarded enough to get pity points, people might like me if i was a child but i am an adult who smells like shit and cum.
Girls like to take take of guys with disabilities.
Just not mental ones.

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>tfw I'm a pretty girl, and I can't even manage a 6'0"+ man with a stable career
Pic-related. It's me. I just want to end it all. Being a fembot kills me.
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Can you manage a 6'4 student?
I think it's because your tits are too small. But I can't be sure until you post them.
Maybe you suck. Also, you're average.

Cute. But average.

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how do I stop dreaming and thinking about soft, tan legs and feet? I have hundreds of pictures saved but i'll never get to touch a real girls legs like these.
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das a real nuce pic...
That is a nice picture, also nice legs

someone should make this into an oil painting or something, i'd hang it on my wall

what's the sauce on this OP?
her pictures are usually good, this one is quality shit though for sure. What I get if I give you sauce

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