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itt: images/memes that hit a little too close to home
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fucking handshake dad FUCK OFF
i unironically want to cut my head off
peashooter a shit

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Would you be a good father, fellow robots? What would you do differently from your own father?

I think I'm too beta to be a good father, and would be a horrible role model. I would try to drink less, spend more time with my kid(s) and yell at them less.
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I'm already a father.

I'm certainly not the best, as I become lazy or get sidetracked but thankfully my family helps me out a lot. I certainly could not do this by myself. I still drink ocasionally and i dont think doing bad things in front of my children is too troublesome sijce theyre too young
Were you ever a robot? How did you get out of it?
I wasn't ever a robot, I just shared a lot of hobbies that robots have, like video games and lolicon doujins. This isn't my home board desu

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will god forgive suicide?
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Why won't He?
He's the one responsible for everything, is He not?
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God is a worthless little child who can't do anything right. Fuck him.
Hope he gets raped by a pack of god-niggers.
well suicide is a 'you don't decide when it ends, god does' kind of thing. So if you just disregard that i'd imagine probably not?

Why the fuck is sex so disgusting, graphic, and has this gut burning addictive feeling? And why the hell do people try to tell it off as "romantic time" or some bs???
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The lighting is awful. You could make eating a burger look as disgusting and graphic with that amount of fucking contrast.
Sex isn't disgusting. Use wet wipes for the duration and take a bath afterwards.

As for people calling it "romantic", well, part of it is not being honest with their lust, and part is that you really bond with people you have pleasure with.

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What's the best way to get fired from my job?

I am required to give 4 weeks notice for me to quit my job, but I want to quit right away.

I work in a bank, so if I commit certain crimes I can immediately get fired. I'm thinking that if I tell my boss that I have been convicted of burglary, I'll get fired right away and not need to give any notice.

Is that a good idea?
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just stop showing up to work
>I am required to give 4 weeks notice
What's the worse that could happen if you don't give your 4 weeks notice?
>get latest paycheck
>don't show up again


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I love riding the bus. It's so calming.
Comfy thread, I guess.
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>I love riding the bus. It's so calming.

Nigga what? Are you crazy? Riding the bus is one of the least comfy things there is. Last week, when I went to get on the bus to go to college, there were so many people on the bus that I had to stand in front of the yellow line next to the bus driver because there wasn't enough room for me to stand further back. Also, there were only like 4 other white people on the entire bus. Whenever the bus went over a bump or accelerated, I nearly got knocked off my feet, and had to hold onto the railing as tight as possible for 20 minutes. I wish I didn't have to take the bus!

10/10 wouldn't recommend again.
>full of smelly foreigners, the mentally ill, and niggers.
>abruptly stops at random places
>loud pneumatic doors
>uncomfortable seating
>Service is sporadic or not very good in most of America.
I agree OP
I'm in a place where public transit is gud
basically routes that go to places with homeless people and druggies are the ones where you meet the most druggies
sometimes i've enocuntered spergs retards and niggers on busses but that's the exception not the rule
breddy comfy

Was Elliot a mass murderer or a spree killer? I used to say he was a mass murderer but people people have called him a spree killer too.
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Oops I wrote "people" twice I've realized my mistake.
Probably spree since he was driving around. Mass murderers either open fire in a single place or use the ol' truck of peace in a crowded area
He was a delusional beta cuck gone mad

Give me valid reasons why you deserve anything good in your life.
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I dont. Nobody does. There isnt a magical being that automatically grants good things to deserving people you autistic pos
everyone else is worse than me
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Never said there was smart guy

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Why is it people who like metal have difficultly liking other music genres?i notice people who like metal can't enjoy anything else. Not only can't they enjoy it they seem to abnormally hate hearing anything other than metal.
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Anybody who listens to one genre exclusively is either underage or has mental issues
isn't /mu/ easier to bait?
Yeah it seems that way. Usually anyone that considers themselves a metalhead usually lives a pretty low standard life. I seriously hate metal culture. Shame since metal can be good, though.

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Why haven't you had a girlfriend yet ?
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Women are souless. Atleast all the ones ive ever had any interest in.
I avoid situations where I could get a gf. I'm not ready to make an emotional commitment either at my current level of emotional instability.
I have, every gf I've ever had has either cheated on me or tried to kill me.

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