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Why haven't you bought this for your gf/wife yet, anons? http://www.cafepress.com/mf/32780238/i-want-a-black-baby_tshirt?productId=356850043
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You know she wants it... She want DAT BBC NUGGUH
You know you want it sissy... give up.
Stupid sissy white bois. Go and get this for your gf.

>he can't drive a manual
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I take the bus.
But I can. I can also rev match, double clutch and heel-toe.

Rate my chad chariot.
real chads drive ricers

have any of you ever tried jelqing? did you notice any peepee gains?
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My ochinchin went from 1 inches to 12 acres in just 8 jelqs.
that's pretty retarded as years of masturbation would pretty much do the same thing.
I heard it's dangerous so i stopped and continue being bitter and angry again with my small peepee

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>it's another /pol/-tard calls someone a nigger or a shill episode
why are you so angry and militant just stay on your boardddd
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Shut up you nigger shill.
>Shut up you nigger shill.
people are major dicks all the time here, it baffles me that people draw the line at something as simple as nigger

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whats some cool free games? im poor and bored.
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leaggue of legands xD
xDDDDDDDD i luv dat game!!!!!! XD LOLL!
play brogue op
dungeon exploring rogue like

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>lost his virginity at 22
>spent the rest of his life in a mansion, fucking and pretty much pimping over 1,000 women
It's not too late, robots. Have some faith.
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Yeah, but that was a different time.
In this year, if you're still a virgin at even 18 it's considered weird.
In his time, most 22-year-olds were already married with multiple kids.
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>it's not too late
i'm already a wizard, brah

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>"leave brittney alone" came out ten years ago today
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>think he's lying
>tfw he's right
dust in the wind
I've been posting on 4chan for longer than that.

Where is my life going?
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hqdefault (1).jpg
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>chanology was 9 years ago


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hey r9k, just dropping in to tell my story. I've got to get this shit off my chest

Basically I was a 29 year old virgin robot social retard until a couple months ago, when I met a girl on OKCupid. Somehow I was able to keep my shit together and we really hit it off and started dating.

For the last 2 months it has been the best thing I've ever felt, I've just been in heaven. It made all the years of hell and suffering worth it. But things are slowly starting to change.

She's been with 2 people before me, and at 18 she lost her virginity to a 40 year old man. She was really thin and beautiful and now in her mid 20's she's somewhat chubby, but I'm still extremely attracted to her.

There has been this extremely acrid resentment simmering inside me. I just imagine her fucking this guy at her prime and it makes me physically ill. I love this girl, she's so sweet and kind and smart and patient, but it's starting to make me resent her, and it makes me insecure.

What can I do? How do I stop feeling so disgusted? I love emptying my balls into this woman and I really don't want to be alone again, but I'm starting to get uncontrollable rage just thinking about it.
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She cant get chad anymore so has settled for you.
/r9k/ was right again
Deal with it. If you can't handle her past you don't deserve her future.
Pssh if you can't handle me at my worst u don't deserve me at my best kid :^)

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>the amount of racists on 4chan is decreasing so now I have to work overtime pretending to be 10x as many people to keep the train moving

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Why do you hate niggers so much anon?
is this how reddit keeps their users off of competing websites?
>>the amount of racists on 4chan is decreasing so now I have to work overtime pretending to be 10x as many people to keep the train moving
Dumb sissy white boi.

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Practice girlfriend wants to get pantyhose. Should I tell her she's too fat?
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Having a practice gf is degenerate. It is the male equivalent of a female herding beta orbiters and leading them on.

Behaviour like this erodes the implied social contract between the sexes more than women riding the cock carousell.
You fucking dumbfuck. LET HER

Sex with pantyhose is so fucking hot.
Let her. You still get what you want so what's the harm?

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Why does /pol/ bitch about the decline of the white race and white women being race traitors. when white men are the biggest race traitors of all?

White men are almost all effeminate and the same goes for /pol/ - they are effeminate young white little dudebros who blame women for what they do because they can't take responsibility.
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Yeah yeah shut the fuck up and talk about something else than this literal nonsense
>whites dying out because white men are effeminate race traitors
>literal nonsense
No, schlomo.
>white male fucking non-white female

>white female being fucked by non-white male
Being conquered

Even animals understand this basic concept. Males define the next generation. Women just spit it out.

Would /r9k/ eat a human fetus given the chance?
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Why would I want to eat a human fetus
Why would I want to eat any fetus
it might taste good you dumbass
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>never eaten a BBQ fetus

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I think I'm the last person in central Florida who still has power, but probably not for long. The walls are making all sorts of weird sounds and I'm scared they're gonna come down ): please keep me company before I die r9k
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NPR here, I still have power for now but that shit is totally gonna go, it flickers during normal storms because Duke Energy is SHIT.

Bay news 9 just said that it's a cat 1 to them, though, and we haven't even been majorly hit yet.
How bad's the damage over where you are? Everything's flooded and the outside of my house is trashed, but I saw some footage in Miami where it looks like Venice Italy.
Naples. Can confirm no power. Flooding is horrible and widespread, not expecting power for at least a month.
>charged all of my 7 power banks yesterday
>currently on bank 2, all of them have power to charge my phone fully twice
>tfw also somehow still have cell data ???

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Is Life is Strange the best thing to happen to video games?
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ew go away you tumblr fag
are you afraid of women anon?
The blue haired bitch alone makes it awful. durrrr mai laif sux lets go rob/kill someones dog hella hella hella lololololololo

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What's the most robot drug out there?
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Kind of at a loss with that one
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Mushrooms gave me one of the greatest trips of my life

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