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>tfw we will never know what happened to beastman
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I miss him, I miss spending hours waiting for him to come home.
>he's out there, somewhere
I'm new here.
What is a "beastman"?

is it okay to fuck a half sibling
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Is she similar to the pic?
Because if so I'd want to fuck the life outta her.
only with curves like that

goddammit why can't this body type exist in real life
Yeah, but you can only put your dick halfway in or else it's incest.

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wh-what games allow me to be in a dragon or dinosaur's belly preferably safely other than skyrim

living plants are nice too
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Get the fuck out vorefag
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try f-list or some shit mate, or go to /d/ and try the "d-games catalog" thread or something. they're obsessed with vore over there. The games are usually free too. Or if you're really desperate buy some bath salts, draw a warm bath and get high, while simultaneously jerking off and imagining the situation you want. It may just come true, until the trip ends; if you're lucky.
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And if you have anymore questions, inverted satan is here to assist you in this thread with any of your fetish related questions and or needs.
I have ascended to a level of degeneracy where I could guide any of you on your path of sin.
I regret every life decision that has brought me to this point

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What do you do when you've had your fill of hedonism? I'm not religious and don't like people, so God and country aren't options.
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this isnt a game theres no new game no restart
Without God and country there are no other options if you wish to escape mindless hedonism
Remember, death is always an option, all else a distraction.

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I'm 21 and I've never even kissed a girl. Should I just pull the trigger?
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People have had their first kiss when they were older than 21, so you're not hopeless. 19 KHV here.
Have you tried tinder?
No one likes me. I've been using it for the past 3 months and haven't gotten a single like. I'm not even 300 pounds, I'm pretty skinny and I'm not hansom but I'm not ugly. I don't know what I'm doing wrong

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Anyone here a s i p b o y?

I ironically drink these every day. Currently have a can sip infront of me, the Orange Monster Ultra Sunrise sip.

Though I prefer the white can.
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You're an energy drink addict anon.
Just tried NOS for the first time, it was pretty good but the energy didn't last very long and I ended up crashing after an hour or so, it was comparable to Rebull imo.
I thought you were talking robutussin or codeine or a second

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>bf is hanging out with stacy

men are pigs. literally animals.
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Women are all cheating whores, anyway.
Good on him for not sticking to a single faithless snake.
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>girl with a chad bf on /r9k/

Even legitimate fembots don't really belong here. Why do you fucking roasties bother coming here?
I think it's sad how common cheating seems to be these days.
I know people have always done it, but it seems like it's on its way to becoming socially acceptable.

Even how things like FWB and open relationships are acceptable now.

It all disgusts me so much.

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Give me all your thoughts.

Chads seem to be more about contact sports or martial arts. Fencing is autistic like fishing for men - but for women, is it royal?
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I think it's kind of lame and useless but part of me thinks it might be cool actually

but its not going to be practical

whatdya think
How the hell is fishing autistic? I wad under the assumption redneck chads love to fish.
I always wanted to try if out. o even researched when they have lessons years ago and the closest clubs or classes were all 50+ miles away.

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>all your ancestors since the dawn of time have succeeded at getting laid

>sexual selection has left you with better genes than any of them

>you will still never touch a woman because you're just that huge of a fuck-up

how does somebody fail so badly at life that no one even wants to fuck them? fucking is literally the one thing that comes most naturally to us

kissless virgins should all pic related, mother nature failed with you

seriously re-evaluate your lives
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fuck my ancestors and fuck mother nature. read stirner or kill urself you spooked cuck
The only thing stopping you is yourself.
>rationalizing why he's a failure
kek. Goodnight lads off to bed for me

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>I'm a robot
>I don't have autism, so I know everything I do wrong is entirely my fault

Autists CANNOT be robots. They can't help it.
Real robots are forged from failure.
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I honestly wasn't self aware until last year. fight me.
You probably DO have autism. You just think you don't
Woah that is a trippy image. Can someone explain how it works?

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You wake up and find every other person on earth has disappeared. What do? Would you kill yourself eventually?
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I'd snap out of depressed loser mode and try to learn as much as possible
I probably wouldn't kill myself but die quite soon because no survival experience and it wouldn't be like in one of my post apo games.
If I managed to actually survive I'd most definitely go mad after a while.
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Nope, would try to figure out what went down and if I couldnt I would head to warmer climates during winter and head to colder climates during summer.

I would fucking eat tons of stuff, fish, hunt, hike wherever I pleased, go through peoples shit break all kinds of stuff for fun etc.

Would set up small bases with solar power hook ups and have them dotted over each state for fun times of migrating till I died.

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What kind of food does an autistic robot eat?

I would also like pointers on what to buy at the grocery store. Walk me through your weekly diet.

>chicken breast
>frozen veggies
>frozen tendies
>ham sandwich or turkey breast

I don't need any weight loss, my main goal is to not die at a cheap price without feeling like shit.
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pls respond
oregano original
Oats and cocoa powder best possible thing, used to live off this. Only cost me a dollar per lb of oats and cocoa is $3 for a 8Oz. Lost a lot of fat and was cheap ass fuck. Weekly budget was just $7.
Also should mention that I get addicted to certain foods and ear them repeatedly to I get bored. Used to live off ceral and Mike N ikes. Then oats and cocoa. Then boiled discount meat. Currently rice and eggs.

A-Anon! I've been waiting for you to stick it in me all night! When are you going to--

A-Are you complaining about being a virgin on that dumb website again?! You wouldn't be a virgin if you would just SHUT UP AND FUCK ME! Am I going to have to masturbate again?!
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You're not even real.
IMG source? Need
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What the hell are you doing in my house?
I'm calling the cops.

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This is a silly question but does oral sex count as sex when it comes to sexual history?

I'm in an odd position where I'm not how to define my past relationship with this girl.

We weren't dating, dick didn't go in vagina, we made out and blew each other.

I can actually say I had sex with her?

Asking because I'm not sure what to say when my date asks me about sexual history, do I include this girl or not?
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You are half a virgin. Just tell the next girl the truth. You've only done oral.

You are a virgin still.

Your date shouldn't ask that tho. She might ask if you have something tho.
well it was a date off Tinder so we wanted to make sure neither of us had aids
I would say you were, you can catch something that way, plus it's really just asking if you were sexually intimate with another person not if you've been in a vagina in particular, I'd even count hand jobs.

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new Zeemap thread since the old one reached its bump limit


>Post on this map if you want to meet a nearby robot and cure your loneliness.

>Just go to additions > add marker, and don't forget contact info.

>All the other maps are either deleted or years outdated, so this is a new one. I'll post regularly so it gets filled up.
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Why do people post markers without including contact info?
>tfw only other anon in your area is a retard that just wrote hello and no contact info
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>both my contacts stopped talking to me
>nobody mails me first

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