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Is 4chan bad for mental health? Does it over inflate the human ego?
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don't you think it depressurizes ego
everyone is anonymous and so are you
My baseless observation is that everybody on the interest boards believes that their taste is some sort of esoteric knowledge reserved for 4chan and its users. People here act egotistical and emotionally/intellectually insecure. That includes me.
It deflated mine.

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>tfw no cute lonely boi to share dick pics and maybe fill up my boipucci someday

Why is life so cruel? I lust for cock.

Just gonna leave this here
Zanzibar Bungalow#4831
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Maybe try catching a plane and grabbing those standards from up there? Or is entry denied if I'm deemed too beta?
No i love beta boys cause i can dominate them :)
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How good are you with body hair and some acne?

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Is life justifiable?
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is death a better alternative?
Probably. Most likely
What would the most advance A.I conclude I wonder. Dont most theorize It would eventually see humans as needing to be destroyed?

Wagecucks, prove him wrong.
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People don't enjoy it, they just do it
Bukowski was a dude who made a fortune being an independent building contractor. Then he spent his time writing and publishing. He was no Neet. He worked his ass off.
Wasn't he a postman?

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Why haven't you taken the bune pill yet?
Today I decided to take it and went on a bike ride and got some ice cream. Then I watched Zootopia and I'm planning on getting a pizza later tonight.
No wonder buneposter is always so happy.
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I would like to have intercourse with Judy.
Don't do this to me anon

My ex-gf was a shortstack qt that dreamed of being a cop. She was fun and excitable and I didn't appreciate it.

I don't need this
What made you decide to get the pizza?
I politely request a genuine answer

Why did you ruin 4chan?
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because 4chan ruined me
I really miss the old internet.
politics did it


Traps are mentally ill people, stop normalizing.
And pal you are not Julietsexual, you are Fag
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>WTF is wrong with Americans?
Pic related
the ww2 was the last huge fight between the good and evil, the good guys were outnumbered and lost, now a satanic elite rules the world with the US as their main enforcer, we are all fucked, they are not even hiding it anymore just look at all the celebs - tons of ftm and mtf, always making the signs of baphomet and that egyptian shit with the eye, it's in plain sight because they draw energy from being worshipped
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>that fucking voice lmao

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>decide to stop being a fat lazy fuck
>go to tackle some yard work
>start taking down branches of this tree encroaching on the pathway to the house
>actually feels good getting physical
>suddenly stops feeling good
>starts feeling like little stinging needle pricks all over body
>realize I'm covered in ravenous horseflies
>go out back
>room mate apparently decided to puke all over patio instead of toilet severla nights ago
>room mate never cleaned up
>yard is blackened with flies
>go back inside never vowing to leave again

Well, what horrible consequences befell you last time you tried to do something nice?
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Also, does anyone know what to do about horseflies?
I just googled it, fucking whatever.
I don't know why I try to talk to you niggers, you only give a shit about pussy.
Maybe I should pretend to have a cunt next time.
shouldnt bother with this place anymore senpai
so many normies and redid fags

Why do we want to die even though the most fundemental of all out evolutionary instincts is to survive?
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dont shoot yaself
to ease the pain
we're broken mate. that's why we're here

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Stopping time is the shittiest superpower ever.
Because you literally wouldn't be able to inhale the air around you cuz it would need to move faster than all fuck.
You wouldn't be able to move at all either for the same reason.
>tfw if i could stop time i wouldn't be able to move and would suffocate.
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Superspeed plus friction isn't much fun either.
pretty much all superpowers are shit if you think about it 2bh
how dare you

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Is using a portable music player considered a virgin activity? bought these cause /g/ recommended them, and I use a clip+
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Calling your phone a portable music player is definitely a virgin activity.
why would anyone use their phone? my clip+ has 10x the battery life
I don't even know what a clip+ is, just charge your phone at night and it will last all day, and it does a lot more than music.

> first time on /r9k/
>see a lot of feels
>start to feel like this is home
what was your first time on /r9k/ like?
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It was years ago when this was still a shitposting/greentext board with a robot overload.
you need to leave this place right now and never come back. it is a prison, worse a cage-- that you built yourself. it is a hell unlike any you could ever imagine.
There were a few feels boards and a lot of green text stories
felt comfy

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Does anyone else think airports are pretty comfy? I wouldn't mind living in one to be honest.
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they ceetainly are. pic related
yeah, except the prices
What airport is that, OP?

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I really miss Poo Poo Pee Pee
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Posting my favorite because it's R9k to a T.
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Another fave. I wish someone would make the dog a happy Wojak.

Why do girls on Tinder posting their main profile picture with multiple other girls
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In hopes that people don't immediately realize she's the fat/ugly one.
Holy shit those proportions, you could roll that beangoblin down a bowling alley
That brunette is a midget. Is that the Lee University in Cleveland, TN? That's where Scott Stapp went to college briefly.

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