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Her name is YIKES! I have to murder her soon. My roommate left with no notice, I got 2 100 dollar rent increases in 6 months (no renovation or improvements) They're moving real slow on the eviction process but the clock is ticking-the person who said he'd take her-in fact promised me-is getting cold feet because gf. She's 6 years old and a housecat or else Id try to put her someplace and feed her-like live feral for 2 to 3 months uuntil I got a place but she would never make it. I just made up my mind that I won't subject her to 48 hours in a noisy hell just to die alone. I'm gonna overdose her when I am sure there is no hope and be with her. She'll know somethings wrong but at least I can be there. This really sucks. I don't have anyone else so...RIP YIKES! The Kitty.
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Just drop her off somewhere outside and say she ran away
>description baby stroller

You planning to kill WOAH! the kid too, anon?
Put an ad on craigslist for a free cat. Has all its shots, indoor cat, ect. OR you can always do the other option.. which is drop the kitty off at an animal shelter.

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How tall are you, Anons?
How old were you when you stopped growing?

>tfw 6'6 and still growing
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6 feets
i wish i was 5'10''
thats all i want
5'8 im pretty sure im done growing.
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I'm going to be 20 in a few months I might still grow an inch or two but I'm pretty happy with my height as it is.

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Is it, dare I say it, /ourbranch/? I notice a lot of robots saying they were in the Army and little of other branches.

The Army having a bunch of robots who never discovered 4chan would explain a lot.
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Its more likely that the army is just so big that you hear a lot of people are in it

If anything the air force is for robots
I should've gone Air Force first time around but their recruiting standards are a bit higher than the Army's. Robots aren't known for being the most qualified of the bunch.
>want marine corps training and discipline
>want army deployment and duty
>want air force luxury and pay
>fuck the navy

I want to be a 68w or something medical. Which branch should i join?


If you guys are in need of a laugh I implore you to watch this at 0.5 Speed
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watch this

(I'm pointing at my dick)
The force of the kinetic energy against his face upon hitting the ground instantly broke his skull and send fragments into his brain killing him.
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The sound effect alone is enough to kill me

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Post here your LGBT x /pol/ memes and pics.
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if hitler were still alive, he would wish you only to die, you disgusting gay. leave my board before we all catch your sick disease you twisted subhuman degenerate
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fag label.png
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>Post here your LGBT x /pol/ memes and pics.
You can meet Schlomo in the "shower", fag.
Why so much hate?

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This thread is strictly dedicated to MUSLIM fembots only.

>Sweaty because you're covering while it's hot outside.
>Head hurts from having hair tied back.
>Constantly trying to stay clean throughout the day for Allah.
>No husband to remind you that it's time to pray.

Remember to do good and have faith in Allah, and you will have your reward!
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>implying there are muslim females on the internet outside of snapchat
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>mfw you get stoned for touching a pig
>females of any race don't exist on the internet
Pssh I'm talking to one from 4chan right now

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>start job as cashier in grocery store in four days
prepare me for this. what do i need to know?
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If you still have any faith in humanity at all, you're about to lose it.
get ready to quit in a month
Don't stress about what people think about you, if that's the sorta person you are. I cannot remember a single grocery cashier I've ever seen in my entire life except the one that coughed blood all over my groceries.

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Seven years. We were married for SEVEN YEARS and you couldn't keep your legs closed for two goddamn months while I was working in another state. How could you throw it all away for a guy you've only known since May? What is the logic here?
Did you forget about the weeks after your leg surgery when I made you breakfast in bed and read to you?
Did you forget about the little gifts I'd make for you when you had a bad day at work?
Did you forget about all of the nights camping or staying in and watching our favorite shows with mugs of hot chocolate?
How can you answer me with "I don't know. It just happened"?

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She didn't care
I honestly don't understand cheating.
But marriage and gfs are alien too so reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Your fault for falling for the 3DPD meme, friend. Now that you know better it's time to retreat from society and become a perma-shut in

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What should I, a person who doesn't follow a religious doctrine, tell people who ask if I'm an atheist?

Atheist, in modern language, brings about so many negative connotations that I'm not sure if I should use it.
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say you're a copitc orthodox christian. nobody knows shit about it, so they can't refute you
"I don't follow a religious doctrine"
>Oh are you atheist?
"I don't think there is a god or afterlife but I'm not against spirituality or people using religion to make themselves better."

That's what I tell most. That said I have 0 baggage with religion so I have no passion if some thinks it's real or is bothered I don't. My 30+ NEET friend is basket case that can't stay clam in the room if someone else mentions god. People like him are why atheism has such a bad rap, they just shit all over people because of personal issues they never work out with others.
Nice job, guys.
You've unironically created the environment I feel safest in.

ITT: Describe your loneliness as it relates to you.
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Being a background character. Someone to pass over. Never really of any importance sometimes an annoyance or just some tag along in the daily doldrums of others.
Sometime's it's a heaven and other times its an abstract kind of hell.
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There is no way i'm mentally healthy, i don't believe it's possible to live so long without even connecting or relating to others.
I learned to fake the feelings i don't have, i do it pretty well, and that will be the end of me.
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I'm going to get diagnosed as a schizoid so this maybe be different from other interpretations

But I have no qualms with being lonely, in fact, I find it as a comforting blanket of calm and meditating thoughts. I never really open up my mouth (don't know how I have friends but people told me its my 'eccentric' personality) and I find the long solitudinous silence of my mouth shut and emitting a soundless whisper; makes my body feel an aurora of ecstasy.

Every-time I see someone dealing with loneliness on this board or in real life. They struggle with the pessimistic thought of it being integral to the human condition. I can see how it can damage people because they don't accept it; we're social creatures. Yet, I often feel like a defect from the orthodoxy because I find comfort, imbibed in loneliness while others are petrified by the thoughts of their own lonesome thinking.

heres a cute girl to help with the pessimism

Why aren't you using Vivaldi?
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because he's a shit composer
what does /g/ think of this?
Tried it, but it was too heavy for my weak PC. Switched to Firefox shortly after.

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>You will never save your crush from a school shooter by blocking the bullet with your body and confessing your feelings for her with your last dying breath
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>implying that we're not the school shooter
I noticed that I act more like the shooter than the hero that I imagined nowadays

Same with powers
>When you were a kid you wanted powers to save people
>Now you would probably use it to kill your enemies or for self gain
this is so me, i'm seriously the evil kid from chronicle

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Tell me about your best friend, /r9k/.
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Your anus.

I'll take it, and I'm not into asking politely.

lets not get ahead of ourselves now
Sometimes I hug my best friend for a long time just to make things awkward so I can laugh about the awkwardness

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>"Anon, can you pick me up? That way I can give you a kiss!"
What do you do?
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pick up qt cheetah and scratch behind ears of course
We fuckin or what
>hearing hallucinations

what are you? a christian?

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>Grandma just died after being hospitalized after car crash
>Just got told over phone w/ senpai
>everyone starts crying when they tell them over the phone
>i already knew when they said "We need you to stay calm
>I dont shed a single tear
>mfw no feels
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It takes a while sometimes. Last time I lost someone close to me, I was numb at first, then I felt normal for a while. A few days later it hit me like a train.
File: 1488016871894.png (16KB, 300x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my grandma died like 3 years ago and now i have over 300k in the bank and my parents are letting me NEET it out until i go to university next year. i didn't cry when my grandma died, but i was upset.
I didn't really cry till the funeral when my grandma died. You're probably experiencing some form of shock. Seeing the actual body usually snaps you out of it.

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