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1. This is an automatic 4chan archive - all of the content was originally posted there! If you need a poster's details e-mail them.
2. This website used to be under 4ChanArchives.cu.cc until 18.12.2015 when I got the 4archive domain name from it's ex-owner.
3. This archive is using an own database - 4Archive's DB dump as well as newly archived threads. You can read more about it here.
4. Please disable AdBlock and similar addons - by doing so you insure this project's future, since I'll be able to pay the hosting bills.
5. 4Archive.org differs from other 4chan archives by not using Fuuka nor Asagi, but by using custom hand-made scripts to archive data.
Originally it began as an on-demand 4chan threads archiver until it was shut down. The on-demand archiving is disabled ever since then.
6. 4Archive archives automatically content from 4chan and uploads it to imgur. WebM files are not archived due to their size and content.
A thread is archived once it reaches it's board's archive page (except for /b/, /bant/ and /trash/ - they are archived if a thread has more than several posts)
Currently I archive locally and every few months I add my content here. Right now I try to archive every thread from the following boards:
/3/, /a/, /aco/, /adv/, /an/, /asp/, /b/, /bant/, /biz/, /c/, /can/, /cgl/, /ck/, /cm/, /co/, /cock/, /d/, /diy/, /e/, /fa/, /fap/, /fit/, /fitlit/, /g/, /gd/, /gif/, /h/, /hc/,
/his/, /hm/, /hr/, /i/, /ic/, /int/, /jp/, /k/, /lgbt/, /lit/, /m/, /mlp/, /mlpol/, /mo/, /mtv/, /mu/, /n/, /news/, /o/, /out/, /outsoc/, /p/, /po/, /pol/, /qa/, /qst/, /r/, /r9k/, /s/,
/s4s/, /sci/, /soc/, /sp/, /spa/, /t/, /tg/, /toy/, /trash/, /trv/, /tv/, /u/, /v/, /vg/, /vint/, /vip/, /vp/, /vr/, /w/, /wg/, /wsg/, /wsr/, /x/, /y/

On 1. April 2017 Hiro (the current owner and admin of 4chan) as an Aprils Fool joke decided to make 10 new boards, a combination of the current ones:
/can/ - Animals/Cute, /cock/ - Comics & Cartoons & Cooking, /fap/ - Fashion & Photography, /fitlit/ - Well-Rounded Citizens (Fitness & Literature),
/mlpol/ - My Little Politics (My Little Pony & Politics), /mo/ - Mecha & Auto, /vint/ - International Vidya (Video Games & International),
/spa/ - Tanoshii Sports (Sports & Anime), /outsoc/ - Outdoor Socialization, /mtv/ - Video Killed The Radio Star (Music & ROBOT9001 ?)
7. You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you need to contact me about information or DMCA/takedown requests and so on. If you do
send me a report, please include as much info as possible, like: link to the thread(s), post(s) number and the reason why you want it removed!
8. None of the images in the threads are stored on the 4archive server. All image (including gifs) are hosted on imgur.

We mourn the death of one of the best image boards out there - Anon-ib
Sadly, we didn't archive their content, but hopefully they will continue their work!

The original 4Archive began in January 2014 and seized existence in May 2015
The reborn version launched in June 2015 with the original 4archive's DB dump
The original 4Archive contained 57.6k threads, ~9.7mil posts and ~3mil images
The first thread was archived on 2014-01-17 and the archival continues as described above.
On 29.Dec.2016, there were 2.4mil. threads, 208mil posts, 55.2mil images (25TB) in total.
As of 20.Sept.2017, there are 5.1mil. threads, 384mil posts, 102mil images (46TB) in total.
Statistical information regarding the archived size of different boards is available here.

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