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FL fags
how does it feel to get the wrath of god in a few days?
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I live in FL. The storm has already been downgraded. I work in healthcare so either way, I'm gonna be wageslaving away. Btw Super Mario Sunshine is kino
OK I was just trying to cope. I'm actually scared. I have JUST gotten my life on track and now some fucking weather is putting that all at risk. Fuck this hurricane
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thats just the first
of three
jose and lee are coming

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liberals love:
>freedom of expression
>freedom of religion
>income equality
>human right
>women rights

Uh Why do Liberals defend Islam again?
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Because they also love minorities, and Muslims are a minority in America.
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Fuck off to /pol/ you little shit get the fuck out
go bitch about that shit there

Why did trump arm the saudis?


Which one of you is this kek? What would you do in this situation?
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this is why i workout, so i can beat the shit out of pedophile hunters.
no seriously, the dude didnt do any offense, yet, he would have fucked a 13 yo, but he didnt, so let the dude go you piece of shit
This is why I always have my baton with me. I'm not going to be a victim. If a 13 year old wants some dick what's the problem?
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Of course low impulse control anti-pedos showing everybody who the real monsters are.
>omg my 13 year old sister is totally uninterested in sex
Is this what normies believe? They should go to jail for entrapment and vigilante justice.
13 is legal in most of the civilized world (protip bongistan of puritan protestant freaks isn't civilized.)

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Hve you ever acted like a cartoon at recess? If so, which one?

>tfw did this every time I fapped to hot girls on the internet

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Also I used to jog on the spot for a bit before i ran. Example:
>that text

Fuck, I used to say this shit to bitches on Omegle, essentially word by word.

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You should get a cat Anon, they're fluffy, always there to cuddle and pet and relatively low maintenance

There's few things better in life than having your cat snuggle up to you when you've been having a bad day.
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live with parents and dad doesnt like cats.
cant move out because job too shit
Fuck your dad, and uh, fuck your dad too? Does he like dogs at all, because they're a good second best
I do have a cat, and I can attest. If I'm having a rough day, my cat will come to my room and start purring, rubbing up against me, etc. And she won't leave until I cheer up. Give 'em some food and water once or twice a day, scoop the litterbox before you go to bed, and they will love you to pieces. They're quiet and they'll only bother you when they sense you're bothered by something. Literally the best pet.

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I hate everybody. Why?
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No idea, yet ditto.
me too,

do what i do, pray for a nuclear war
So why do you hate everybody?

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Is being a chink worse than being a manlet?
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you'd have to be under 5'4 to be considered a manlet as an asian
The fuck? Being a Pajeet is far worse than a Chang.
I wish I was Asian. At least then I would hav a Homeland I could return to not overrun by niggers.

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why do normies ban for words in games?
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fee fees and lost revenue (xbox online was notorious for losing customers due to their shitty online community)
why do dogs bark?
why do bees fly?
why do cats meow?
why do sharks bite?
>why do normies act normal?
Looks like they're just banning shitty people for being shitty people.

Bulgarian thread.
How many anons are bulgars?
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Rakia and shit.jpg
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Quality thread. Keep up the good work and kill me.
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Reporting in
How do other robots survive in this normie country
I just stay at home in my pit of degeneracy

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>"Alright class, time for dodgeball! Chad and Brad will pick the teams!"
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luckily im the best dude in my class at dodgeball so i would probably get picked first
>be best player in class
>still get picked last because nobody likes me
I'd rather be a NEET for all eternity than have to go through high school gym class again.

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Anyone here have Schizoid personality disorder? What's your life like right now?
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It's a typical schizoid. I have absolutely no friends online or off and the people that try to get close to me I invariably push away. I work but try to have as little interaction as possible and I can tell people think I'm weird or think that I that just hate them. Suicidal thoughts are a daily occurrence and have been for years because of crushing loneliness. My life is a contradiction in that I desire to have friendships and to be close with people but my brain is simply hard wired in a way that makes those fantasies impossible.
paranoid schizophrenia. close enough. basically a schizoid who gets anxious and sabotages everything in his life.

just dropped some acid before i went to the store to buy vodka. don't really have any regard or care for myself anymore. that's what the current haps are.
I don't think I do but I really cannot confirm or deny
But I've dated two girls who had one
They've definitely made efforts to push me away, but I enjoyed my time with them and wish them nothing but happiness
I fear how other people will treat them, or how they treat themselves without me around

But I want to give you guys hugs, too, everyone deserves it

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How do Robots make money besides neetbux ?

> making and selling picture frames
cant wait to die
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Scams, made 10k in the last 2 weeks.
>making and selling picture frames

Woodwork? Got any pics of frames, anon?
I just became NEET

Not going to be receiving any benefit bux though and I don't have a lot saved up so I gotta start making money soon.
I'm gonna start by selling off my video game collection that I've amassed over the years, no one is impressed by it and I can emulate most of it (besides the newer shit). Possibly opening up a booth at the local thrift mall as well as selling the more valuable games online.
Feels good not to be wageslaving in the meantime, even if the future is uncertain.

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Do you want to learn the secret to success?

Its simple.

S.T.P 20 Everyday.

Now what does that mean?
I'm going to let you in on a little secret that has been used from the beginning of time. From great men like Lincoln to Alexander The Great.

Speak to twenty people belly to belly everyday. In order to be successful we need to speak to numbers of new people everyday. Everyone will not be interested in what you want to do but if you keep getting out there and meeting the people you will soon find you will start meeting the right ones that will help you move forward on your goals.

Lets say you want to fuck 6 girls a month.

All you need to do is meet 600-700 girls a month and you will meet women interested in helping you achieve your goal.

Now you can bash me or you can TAKE ACTION. It won't kill you to get out of your room and meet people will it?
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>belly to belly

Who says that
>lmao worked for me brehs like and subscribe for a free iPhone 7
>meet 600-700 girls a month
>become known as the creepy guy who hits on every girl in town
Great advice OP

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>Your own mom comes on to you

wat do?
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Why has this been on the front page of pornhub for the past few months? Not this specific pic, just incest stuff I mean.
Don't get me wrong, everybody can have their fetishes. I don't judge. But why is *everyone* turning to incest porn?
because its hot and everyone has an incest fetish deep inside
Why would she come onto me when my brother is a mega Chad?

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You wake up somewhere in Tamriel during the events of TES5: Skyrim

What is your race?
Where do you spawn?
What is your class?
What is your birthsign?
What do you do?
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I'd be an argonian bartender in leyawiin while also being a secret blades agent, now fuck off
i usually played as a Breton, i'd like to live in that weird lighthouse in the far northern part of the map.

study magic until i am the most powerful mage in all of Nirn and then conquer the world!!!

There Can Be Only ONE!
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From my magical lair in the light house i shall divise a potion to create Unlimited Health! Unlimited Magic! and unlimited Stamina!

Mages College!!! soon you shall be crushed!

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