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who else here is an ugly NEET with no friends or hobbies outside of the generic vidya/anime/internet ect? this place is completely overrun with hs and uni normalfags but there has to be at least some people like me left, right?
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3 year neet here

never had friends and massively fucked up my education
I work in an office but sometimes go whole days without talking to anyone and basically stay alive to masturbate to the school idols of the Love Live! media franchise
9 year neet here ill be your friend

are there levels of chads like robots and sluts?
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uh that image is shit compared to this one. pls delete.
I'll never take these images seriously just because of the "Asking for it"

That's just bullshit, reality isn't like that, a rapist won't rape because of your skirt, it will rape because he's a god damn psycho.
TOP KEK I never noticed that shoopery. Here's orig.

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Ohiobot 1.png
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So an anon asked yesterday the state of /r9k/ and if has gotten better. In my opinion robot board culture has been pretty much dead, and I mentioned a few notable threads of 2016.

I said I would post all the gems of 2016, but I left off the best thread of the year. Ohiobot.

I was in every single one of these threads, and it was a pretty enjoyable ride. Enjoy niggas.
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You def. don't to miss one of the most autistic spergs in /r9k/ history.
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Ohiobot 2.5.png
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I'm going to check for suicides in the ohio area during 2016
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I had high hopes for this motherfucker

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Is old school runescape the most robot video game? Post your stats.

No rs3 fags allowed
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garbage acc feel free to restart
hey man i started not too long ago
>Playing the inferior RS
How does it feel to be disabled, anon?

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Any questions will be answered by OP and other "fitness experts"

>a beginners guide to health and fitness

>a calculator to see how many calories you need to diet

>apps to easily track your calories

>what program/s should I use to start lifting weights?

>cool app to track your progress
We're all gonna make it brahs.
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How do I become fit if I can't go to the gym and can't afford home equipment? Are there household objects I can use to lift?
>get $10
>go to home depot
>buy 100 pounds of sand
>do a bodyweight routine
>when the exercises get too easy do harder variations of them (pushups to diamond pushups etc.)
>when those get too easy weight them with the sand (put it in backpacks etc)
>eat enough food/protein
I used to get a suitcase and put some heavy cans in it and bench press that.

You can do other things, like straddling yourself between two chairs and doing dips on that.

You can do pushups, planks, you can do pullups if you buy a cheap $20 bar for it.

You could go outside and jog while it's still nice.

Whatever it is, the more you sweat and the more it burns (in a good way), the better off you are.

Good luck anon.

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Just got perscribed celexa for generalized anxiety disorder at 10 mg. Any other robots have disabling anxiety and resported to SSRI's.
I also got some ativan but only 7 .05 for the increased anxiety wish i got more.
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I havent taken the celexa today yet because i got it late in the day and want to start tomorrow morning. On an Ativan right now soon going to take another and probably drink a bit.
resorted* origingnngaly
Im on 20 mg of citalopram (generic celexa) and it has helped my anxiety but it makes me tired and gives me an insatiable appetite, so I have put on quite a bit of weight. I'm actually going to get off of it for a while to see if I can get my appetite back under control. My libido is also shot, and I can't achieve firm erections anymore

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post em. stories/anecdotes are fine too
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Those trees are pretty young. Must be a new neighborhood.
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I find this picture pretty Sp00ky
His opponent died.

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Can we have a good comfy thread? I need to escape from everything right now. Cuddle up and post comfy tunes, pics, vids, stories, etc.




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bumpity comfity
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I never thought math rock could be comfy, but this does it for me. Something very warm about the horns.


Why is their so much hate towards Jews on this website? I can understand if you look down on the current Palestine situation, but this is very rarely actually brought up as a reason to dislike Jews. It is often people just hating them because the Germans with cool uniforms said to hate them, and its edgy.

It reminds me a bit of when I heard a joke on south park as a kid and then repeated in constantly at school, despite not understanding the joke at all.

>tfw will never be jewish
>tfw will never be part of a tight knit community/family
>tfw will never have educated friends that have connections to many well paying jobs
>tfw will never come from a racial group that is united and only interested in supporting our own people

Their ideology is pretty similar to right wing nationalism. Yet the right wing dislike them for it?
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>Why is their so much hate towards Jews on this website?

Beats the hell out of me. I never got the whole antisemitism thing.

>not raised Christian, Jewish, or Muslim
>don't get this shit
>at least I can understand people being pissed about Islam cuz terrorism
>looks like fucking mideast have been fighting the same stupid conflicts since H. erectus learned to fling shit, just making up different excuses
I am Jewish and I hate Jews. AMA
what was the south park joke?

Are there any robots in the wasteland? What faction would take kindly to them, or at least hurt them the least?
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Robots as in ugly lazy faggots who probably steal from kids to stay alive. Should be more specific so nobody acts like a smartass which they inevitably will anyways to be ironic
Raul is the robot companion.

House is the robot faction, just because is the only one that lets you live a comfy life after the second hoover battle. Legion being a good second option if you have more willpower than you average virgin.
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Robots in the wild wasteland dont last long as they are used as target practice.
The houses protectrons serve a purpose.
But the get their shit pushed in unless you upgrade them.
Ask me anything wasterals.

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ITT: Things wagecucks say

>I love my job!
>I worked so hard for this
>So glad I get to work for such a cool and diverse company, and the benefits are great!
>No talkie before my coffee
>Being in such a chill work environment is so cool. We get to play with NERF guns!
>Did you read your email? Mr.Goldberg is selling his Mazarati! It's $70,000 though so it's not like I can afford it...
>I'm so grateful to be making money for Mrs.Burnstein. She's a great CEO.
>Sorry I can't make it to your wedding, I have to work overtime this week.
>Ugh, traffic is so bad
>Mr.Shekelstein needs these reports by afternoon
>I'm so stressed and tired
>I have no time for my kids anymore
>After that last car repair on my Kia, I don't think I can make rent this month...
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>work part time
>all I do is stock shit and clean for 5 hours
>buy new games each pay check

Wow, it's so hard.

To put it simply, people know life is shit, what gives them pleasure is feeling superior to others. People will sell their soul for that.
>I love being a slave
>Muh contribution to society

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Chicagobot reporting in
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what up senpai-bot
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Only Detroit and the immediate surrounding areas are Detroit. The rest of Michigan is Canada but inhabited by rednecks. Michigan is pickup trucks, shotguns, and country music incarnate.
cant we just agree that the midwest is probably not very good in general?

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>Robots complaining about $2 tickets for a small chance to win $755 MILLION DOLLHAIRS
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>small chance

I can tell that you're stupid.
It's small but you gotta play to win, sorta like dating

Rethink what you just said to me and realize how fucking stupid you are.

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>be me at college
>classmate asks what I do all day
>try to explain 4chan
>doesn't understand
>awkward silence

For fuck's sake. Who else has to go through this shit of trying to explain to normalfags the world of 4chan?
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i know so i just dont talk much

why is living compulsory? like if you try to kys ambulances will try to revive you and assisted suicide is only for those who have 6 months to live wtf why
>mentioning 4chan in real life

Normally this is said as a joke, but you should really consider killing yourself.
what is there to explain though

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is it possible to have female friends with no romantic attachment whatsoever?
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No. Women and men can't be friends each other.
Yes, if she is ugly af. She needs to be at least 5 points below you, to the point where fucking her would disgust you.
heres entire story
she is butterface exgf who is my friend with benefits

she wants to call me tonight but my friend is telling me shes gonna be gay and do some autistic ass shit like last time:
>she invites chad friend to call
>chad roasts me so hard i cry
>female sits and laughs along, giving no consideration
>attempt to become an hero and fail because muh shitty $2 knife

im ready to dip out at the first sign of anything wrong, but jose believes that roasties arent even worthy of friendship
>he doesnt talk to her

shes a good friend but shitty anything more

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