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I don't know if I overcame my social anxiety or if I just flat out don't care anymore, but I have mustered up the strength to go out and eat alone in public, all be it at a lonely truckstop at 2AM. The steak is good. Who else here eats out alone?
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I would if I wasn't poor as fuck. Nothing wrong with out eating alone.
Someday when I make my own money I might.
>went alone to bar downtown for nachos last night
>Sat at the bar for a while with a pitcher and nachos to myself
>cute girl ended up next to me at the bar with her friends
>Eventually she started chatting with me, asked my name, chatted with me

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close call.jpg
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Ive lost it

Im drunk and angry

God save my soul.
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i just rubbed honey all over my chest i give no fucks

Ive fuckign lost my fucking mind
teII us what happened, anon
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Here you go, OP. I hope this helps you out. You can reach out to Him whenever you want and He'll be there for you.

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ciara blog post.jpg
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I can't believe I fell for this.

Every word of this is a lie.
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What the hell is she doing regularly checking archives?

Narsicism and a need to be loved. She's chasing it through internet attention which is unhealthy.
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>falling for the shedevil's lies

You have yourself to blame.

no1 go to escorts.
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i went to a tranny the other day

she came in my eye by accident

now its infected and i might go blind

listen to OP guys
Never did originally.
that's where you fucked up. never associate with trannies or escorts....... didn't your parents teach you this much? =\

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Do these kind of things really work? Do you have to play with your dick too or can this do anything satisfying with minimal to no fapping? What other toys should I consider regarding my butt?
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I don't know what I'm looking at. White people need to just stop
Lol is this a white people thing? I'm white and I had a white gf try to stick something up my butt.
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It's called a prostate massager. There comes a point where you get curious about these sort of things. I am tired of the same old masturbating.

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Honest thoughts on sugar daddies/sugar babies?
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Unless the dude is actually fucking her, it aint worth it. This "pics and vids" shit is for losers. Some rich dude wants to take some college broad out to dinner and give her a bit of money and then fucks her? I see no problem with it.

As for the broad, good for you. Until the boy you like finds out, and he will eventually. Then you will really see that the cost of being a sugar daddy is more than having some old dude's cock in your mouth.
* Cost of being a sugar BABY *
It's a great thing to have. But that picture is just a camwhore, not a sugar baby.

t. Sugar daddy

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>Anon, why is there a fold of skin around your penis? Oh my god, it's disgusting! No wonder you're a virgin. No girl will ever touch that unless you get it removed!
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if you're going to make role play threads you may as well post girls that are somewhat attractive
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>No girl will ever touch that unless you get it removed!

Haha, yeah, sure.
>be the first of a murican girl
>years later she tells you in a drunk rant that you ruined her
>she sees at cut-fag dicks and think they look broken
>she misses playing with a foreskin during afterglow

Feels good mang.

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>Be a dishwasher
>Servers are cunts who don't stack their plates, throw shit at us and make unreasonable demands for shit when we're busy
>People still expect me to tip
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The dishwasher has to tip the servers? Does your boss know about this kickback system you have going on?
I meant tipping outside of work. I figured you could infer that.
I used to be a dish pig before i became a server.
Don't let the servers walk all over you. They don't understand how god dam hard washing dishes is and they won't respect you unless you put them in their place.

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How do you deal with panic attacks?

They suck a lot.
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>no normies here know the feel

i just go through with it. what else are you supposed to do?
My therapist told me I just have to "ride the symptoms" and wait til it's over.

Sounds like bs, but I don't know of a better way. Honestly every time I try to calm myself down it gets worse so the best thing for me is really to just "ride the symptoms"
I have anxiety/paranoia issues but I can avoid them most of the time if I avoid kids. I dunno if other people get them periodically or if they are triggered by something though. If you get them randomly, I'm not sure what to tell you.

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It hurts knowing in another timeline my life would've been rich. Eastern european family used to be nobility. Most escaped to Chicago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocm8QdNR_d8
Anybody else? Being eastern European noble blood is pain. The castles we lost
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I really doubt anyone of nobility would move to Chi-town.
Polish nobility would
Ancient Egyptian nobility here, 'sup?

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>Browse POF like once every 3-4 months for the last 5+ years
>See the same below average women
>Some far below average
>These same women are hitting 30
>Still single
>Still looking

So what is it with these people, are they seriously not getting any interest on a dating site or are they just looking for Chads?
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I wonder which one of these you are. If you signed up for PoF, you have serious issues.
I didn't sign up, I just use the search to look at what's in the area.
They're getting dick anytime they want to, they're just searching for the best beta provider on PoF

when was the last time you felt bad for a female?
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do you have a sauce on this?
I've never felt bad for a female.

Be careful my edge might cut you
When the girl that cheated on me told me she was suicidal for doing what she did.

Does R9K know how to make love? What would you do to someone you adored?
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stick "it" in them
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Hug them really tightly and pump?
When have my release I kiss them?
I don't really know how it should be done.
I dunno.

Hold their hand, and fall asleep against them probly.

I'm tired all the time.

Why do any of you even want a girl friend?
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I don't. Only normies really want a girlfriend.
fuck the gf, just send me the 72pack of strawberry applesauce and keep them coming
No one here is as cruel as they pretend to be. Everyone would trade all of that cynical insight for a happy life with a partner who loved them as much as they were loved in turn.

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I just want to experience sex even if only once. Why is this too much to ask? Why is sex so impossible to aquire?
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Iktf. I know I'm not good enough for love, but should pity sex really be that hard to come by?
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I wonder this too. It's a great mystery indeed.
Whores come in just about every budget range.

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