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>be me
>want to have fun
>have to pay
>no money

>be me
>be hungry
>want to eat
>have to pay
>no money

>be me
>want to make money
>have to use money in order to make more money
>be poor

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>not living neet life through food stamps and vidya
Fuck off and saged
you're originally rude

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>tfw 50 word essay deadline is in two weeks
do i just end it now?
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>No essays.
>No deadlines.

Should i just end it now?
every day is a deadline
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>>tfw 50 word essay deadline is in two weeks
>do i just end it now?

congrats, faget, you already wrote 15 out of 50 (that is 30%) of it!!

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I really, really, really, really like this Pepe.
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I like it to.

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Reminder that ONLY white women date men to manipulate them and use their resources.
A beautiful black queen would never be anything but honest when it comes to why they're dating you
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File: 144444463.png (97KB, 692x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gimme black queen plz ty.
Go away.
>>>>>>>>>> /pol/
except all females besides trannies have no y chromosome, literally the only difference is skin tone

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How do I get better at eating pussy?
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you expect a productive response from all these fucking virgins on 4chan? watch some porn
get a bigger dick so you dont have to
You don't. Only cucks eat pussy.

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Pepe is being lewd! 2lewd!!!
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There are no words to explain loving
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>Pepe is being lewd! 2lewd!!!

Wait till you see what Kermit is up to

These frogs need to be controlled

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heavy metal.jpg
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>Scares normal slimes
>Brutal applications
>Can kill you
>Destroys life
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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That makes Pepe happy! Feels very good man!
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Oral sex is leading to a rise in untreatable super-gonorrhea
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then don't have sex :^)
virgin masterrace
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Thanks for this. I'm happy too now.

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Why do so many cute youtube guitar girls do this????? Is the liberal white middle class upbrining destroying this generations' self worth?
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Who is this? Is she actually a pornstar or is it a """"leaked"""" video?
First of all, that's a ukulele.
Second, do what? Have sex? That's what people who aren't autistic do, dumbass. They have sex.

Daffyd the shit shagger, please shut up.

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Pepe is expecting it.
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File: 1470605007691.png (4KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It come! It come what Pepe expecting!

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A few years ago I quit 4chan and did my best to become a normie. Since then I've partied, fucked hot chicks while drunk/high on booze/weed/coke, came on a goth chicks big fake tits, and lived the normie life.

It fucking sucks.

I had a mental breakdown because of how much I hated my own life.

Playing a good vidya game for a couple hours on a friday night is infinitely more fun and fulfilling then being around normies. I think they enjoy it because they know nothing else; it actually ruined my life because I was trying so hard to run away from playing vidya, watching anime, enjoying life, being me.

To all of you here, pls enjoy your life, the grass is not greener.
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this place isn't living in envy of the normie life
it is living in opposition to the normie menace which makes finding a soulmate an impossibility
Thanks man. I know God has put me here in my position at this time because it's where I chose to be. Every day I remind myself it could be much, much worse.
I've never liked the normie life style myself desu. Being at parties is way too loud for me. Not sure if this is autistic but w/e. As for socializing outside of school/work i didnt see the point in that either. My hobbies were more fun for me than spending time with others, maybe i don't need the so called "social appreciation" that normies seek so much to feel good about myself

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>date gf for 4.5 months
>never let her meet my family
>started getting upset since she had introduced me to her friends, and shown her parents photos of me and so forth since they live overseas

I'm nervous robots.. i don't think i can hold it off any longer.
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So you can't introduce her to your family cause she isn't real?
File: images-8.png (13KB, 362x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Problem is she is real, but i have never done it before and it's nerve-racking.
Invite her over to a family dinner and just say "Hi everyone, this is so-and-so"

Or just stop by your parents with her (less people,less stressful) and just introduce.

You're thinking about this way too much, it's not stressful, get it over with.

Whos /oldfart/ here?
ITT:post modern things you just don't understand
Hard mode:no flavor of week trends like spinners or pokemon go
I'll start "credit cards"!What is the advantage of these regular paper money.Some places don't accept them were as everyone accepts banknotes,you never know how much money you on hand with it,not to mention you still need paypal to buy shit online.
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you sound 12, idiot
credit is so fucking important and if you don't understand that you've never had to make a purchase on your own in your entire life, or you stopped contributing to society in 1962 and only cut checks at the grocery, and in that case get off the internet grandpa
It's easier for the government to keep track of your spendings.
>Whos /oldfart/ here
More like underage. My 72 year old grandfather knows how credit cards work.

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How the fuck cant people still listen to metal?
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They arent as mad and angsty as they used to be
Why can't people listen to Nazi march propaganda songs desu?
Just kidding, I listen to this.
Like what the fuck are you trying to convey here?
Do you mean pressing your ear up against a metal bar or something and listening to it???

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