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I like girls with moles
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Your mummy probably had a mole
I like girl moles.
If first reply wasn't correct, perhaps another family memeber, if not it could be from some type of media, or a girl you took a liking to when you were younger. Moles are typically viewed as cute, when located somewhere on the face. Unless you like girls with back/butt/breast moles as well?

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>chirp chirp
>Bleep bleep chirp
>Chip chi chirp

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Why are you sleeping during the day?
Because he is a neetlord, unlike you wagie.
I can't even begin to imagine how shit your life must be if chirping birds piss you off.

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streaming and lonely pls join me fellow bots.
twitch tv osmurr
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Cool stream CHAD
rad stream bro love it dog
thanks robots! mucho gracias

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Nigga y white people b so crazy n shiet? It always b white ppl who b shootin up schools n shiet, when are we gonna kill all dem white devils? Of dem whities want to shoot someone dey need to b killin Trump n shiet, if dey do dat den maybe we let dem stay when niggas reclaim they throne cause we waz kangs n shiet
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Ironically though whites shoot people less, we just happen to actually go to school instead of skipping and shooting people in our neighborhood
rly doe why are all white people school shooters?
like damn we know you have no friends, no life, have no game, and a fucking invisible penis, and you masturbate to anime trannies, but what the fuck? why do you have to hurt the children? u think ur yamagatoshima from death note or something?
I bet dey b jealous they don't have any melanin

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clever filename.png
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>it's an "anon is so desperately lonely he makes one of these threads" episode

i just don't want to die alone
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here's the template

You'd have better luck on /soc/, Anon. Both times I posted my chart on there I got a skype message from a girl.
>political views
>I'm ugly

>I got a skype message from a girl.
/soc/ is filled to the brim with whores and assorted degenerates.

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hey guys im not a neet anymore. after a hard uphill battle with depression drugs suicide attempts anxiety and terrible masturbating habbits im slowly becoming a normal person. i bullshit my way into a job and got it today
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can we have a frog poster thread to celebrate. its been forever
>suicide attempts
Fuck off with that gay shit. There are no attempts.

Either you do it or you don't.
>rope breaks
>knifes needs to cut over 3 inchs
>pills get thrown up
>drowning is scary and hurts
>Cant get exsplosive
>Booze gets thrown up
>buildings are scary
Shot gun is the best but good luck if you survive any and all attempts.
I stopped after my second try.

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A girl in one of my classes always looks at me and seems interested but she has a bf. Do I go for it? Do I just have poor judgment? What do I do?
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Oregano self bump
I'm gonna keep this thread alive as long as I can because I really need advice
Bumping because I wanna see if this goes anywhere.

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What would be the best way to ask a girl out?

>post advice for fellow robots
>post your own stories when you've asked a girl out and failed/succeeded

Here's my tip, don't do pic related!
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111 strikes and you're busted back to the minors
"Will you go out width me?"
I don't get it. Is it some sort of code? What is he asking?
The only time I ever had success is when the girl approached me and asked me out. The way I see it, if the girl expects you to ask her out, she doesn't care if you two date or not.

Nothing really else to say other than ways to get past the bot

The tumblr in the image url means nothing I got it off of google images pls
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>Not renaming the file
ooga booga where the white women at?
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Origins jdudd
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Saved from some thread on /b/

Have you ever experienced it and if so what is your story?

Are you a victim of one or did you commit the act of it on someone?

How did it happen and what was the end results and does it still linger in your mind or not?

How much does it effect your lifestyle?

Let's try to keep it legal and civil here please.
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>inb4 thread gets deleted and op the faggot gets permabanned

Shit thread is shit
I used to post in these but they're just fetish threads for creeps
You have been mooted...

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come watch some "to catch a predator"
pedos getting lit up

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gonna get pretty comfy in here bois
imma gonna lick uuu~
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i dont wanna be on the news dawg~

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>sweetie lets go to el besto tacos
Nah, I don't want Mexican
>okay, lets go to Sakura sushi
nah, Not in mood for sushi
>okay sweetie lets go to golden palace
Nah, not in mood for Chinese
>Where would you like to go then :)?
I don't care, you pick something.
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>lets see cape movie
>let's see gay 'n the hood
>lets see dude'weed'omg movie
>what would you like to see?
I don't care, you pick something
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And I lost a photo
you don't belong here faggot. Stop bitching about your normie "problems"

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>be me
>have severe social anxiety
>force myself to talk to people
>become comfortable and confident in social situations
>have pretty bad anxiety
>see a counselor twice a month
>learn how to overcome it and it's not an issue anymore
>be kind of fat
>start with simple changes like only drinking water and eating just a little bit less every day
>now kind of fit, have a body I don't hate anymore

Literally 95% of your problems are fixable. The only issue is that you're too much of a bitch to solve them.

Prove me wrong.
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how do fix the problem of be too intelligence for everything
Slamming your head against a wall repetitively.
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Djordje Bogdanovic.jpg
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Looks are everything.
Your face = your respect.
Your face = your succes with women.

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i never was.jpg
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i dont even feel rage anymore.

I dont even feel apathy.

I just dont feel.

Im dead to the world.
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An actual robot..... I thought your kind was extinct.
That's how it starts. The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness. That turns good men... cruel.
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This doesn't make any sense, anon. How can you be sad when there's so many cute anime grils to claim?

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is it a good or bad thing when a girl constantly stares at you?

i have caught this girl in my chemistry class staring at me a good 7 times already. she does not smile or anything, its just a blank stare. what does this mean? is she into me or just aware of my autism by now?
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I'm wondering the same thing. Glad I'm not alone
You probably remind her of somebody. Maybe somebody she likes or liked and now she's considering liking you. Best of luck with making her your gf.
im too antisocial for a relationship desu. im just confused as to why she stares at me so much. everytime i walk into class she eyeballs me until i sit down and its a bit weird honestly.

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