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How did you meet your last/previous GF.

Inspire us.
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In a mental hospital. We were both wearing scrubs because suicide is bad, okay? Well she told me that she was a champ at making guys cum so I dared her to give me a foot job under the table (she was wearing hospital booties).

Long story short, I came; I fell in love; and we dated for 6 months
I have had 4 long term gfs, in chronological order:

1. became a regular at a meetup.com event she ran

2. introduced through a mutual friend who threw a lot of house parties, we went home together after the 5th or 6th time meeting at one of these parties and just kept dating

3. okcupid

4. tinder (surprisingly this was the longest lasting and best relationship)
>Met first one online
>Second at a dubstep show
>Third in class
>Fourth at work.

Dating is gay. Fuck buddies are what's up.

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I've been talking to a girl from high school and we've been hitting it off. I thought this was my chance out of the robot life but we were talking and she said something funny and i dropped an " I love you" like you would to a friend and she got weirded all the fuck out. HOW DO I RECOVER FROM THIS
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i wouldnt say i love you to a friend.
you never just tell a friend i love you man? or they do something cool for you, you never tell them " i fucking love you dude"
i thought those exists only in on television. not ammerican so i wouldnt rly know

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I can see the pearly gates of silver.
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What's the best Teemo skin? I like this one because it has smooth autos.
Never got into it. It's like alterac valley over and over again

Lol anon what's it like to know that there's a person who's silver 3 on the kr server who plays by blowing bubbles through a straw because he has no hands. You're literally less able than a person without fucking arms.

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kill me.png
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Just fapped again while listening to my upstairs apartment neighbors fucking and listening to the guy's gf moaning constantly

wish i had a gf
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Welcome to the club. You got any snacks?
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And while walking back to my apartment after class I looked thru her window and saw her chad bf and her cute asian self

last time i didnt know what she looked like now I get to picture a cute asian girl getting fucked silly 10 feet above me
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hmmm i miss old tf2 before all of those fucking trade restrictions. End of the Line killed it for me. About those snacks though.

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Anyone here meditate? What are the best videos/soundtracks you use?
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>I will never have something like in that webm

Thanks for making me sad, faggot.
I don't meditate, but if I did I'd probably do it to William Basinski.


You're are own heartbeat

>be me
>showing off my cock is my fetish
>have a genius plan to finally cock shock my sister and her two hot friends
>tell my buddy the plan and he is game
>ceiling fan in living room needs to be replaced, been putting it off for a couple days waiting for sis and her hot friends to be hanging out on the couch
>buddy is always at our house so the master plan is ready to unfold
>tell sis mom is bitching about the fan and that I'm going to take it off the ceiling
>I'm wearing basketball shorts and already getting a nice chub
>buddy has studied my master plan for weeks now, waits until I'm on the last screw
>I'm shaking and stuttering. this is more intense than I imagined
>buddy yanks my shorts to my feet like instructed, revealing my dick
>sis and friends are screaming and covering their eyes but taking peeks and losing their shit.
>fuck yes I'm helpless and totally not to blame for this
>buddy runs out of the room
>I am now standing on a chair with a 40 pound fan above my head
>start yelling for help. It was only supossed to be for a few seconds
>buddy is nowhere to be found
>am now fullery erect after about 6 seconds
>this wasn't apart of my plan
>sister and hot friends run upstairs blurting out OMFG. Can't tell if disgust or shock. Probably both
>had to shimmy my legs to get my shorts up high enough to grab with my one free hand real fast.
>taking the fan down was a lot harder than I thought wtf
>buddy is in the backyard laughing his ass off
>its been 2 hours and they haven't come back downstairs
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Hot as fuck, pics would be great (of you and sister)
Indecent exposure to a minor. Bam!
OP you are a true visionary

>Not fat
>Blue eyes

>No chin

Fuck you genetics. So close to Chadhood, but you fucked me over. 22, still the only person to ever touch my dick.
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Originally from the front

Another, showcasing my pathetic physique.
You don't look that bad anon. You could be a chad with enough confidence

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who /chinlet/ here?
being a chinlet makes you an automatic 1/10.
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What causes chinlets? I've heard it's genetic, or diet, or posture in youth. Which is it they're so creepy
chinlets look like weed salesmen,

I fucked my weed salesman.
>What causes chinlets? I've heard it's genetic, or diet, or posture in youth. Which is it they're so creepy
literally all of the above, if you include mouth breathing with posture. chinletism is a horrible condition and an understandable reason for us to be purged from the gene pool.

I know of a catfish using this persons image as "themselves" I've tried putting this in various image search engines and nothing has come up, they've modified the image and probably reversed it too, to make sure nothing would come up. I need your help robots, I don't know what else to do.
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kill yourself imo desu
Brilliant idea lmao.
Or maybe, you're not getting catfished

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hey /r9k/, is there a reason why a cat would randomly start peeing on the floor a lot instead of his litter box when he's been properly litter trained for years?

I'm concerned about him
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Maybe something's wrong with his paws, try a finer grain of kitty litter that's easier on cat feet.
Could be anxiety or you need to have the litter box cleaned more often. My cat does this as a way to tell me it's time for a clean litter box desu.
I fucking hate cats with every fiber of my being. I would adopt a cat just to kill it.

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If 4chan was made into a movie, would we be the bad guys?
>Nobody likes us
>Dead-end leech on society
>Constantly mock other people
>Only happy / less miserable when putting others down
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You mean 4chan as a whole or just ar nine kay?
I guess... If a movie was made, would a character who represented /r9k/ ideals, be seen as a bad guy
>it's this fucking thread again
Every year or two.

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Drank too much alcohol. What can I do? I want it to stop please for the love of god
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you're fucked
just ride it out
Drink water. Either it'll help you puke and make it easier or you'll be hydrated to fight off the spins and the hangover. Eat pretzels
It won't last long, Anon. Let it all come up, then drink some water and try to get some sleep.

All wings report in.
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Red Ten standing by.
File: red_green.jpg (50KB, 624x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Red Green reporting for duty
File: 1490822455755.gif (2MB, 250x190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would any of you actually care for a trap/femboy gf?

I have the face and body for it, but the only thing keeping me from doing it is I dont know if people will see me as anything more than a fetish.
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>"Would any of you actually care for a trap/femboy gf?"

Do you really even have to ask?
i know that i would be equally be enthusiastic fora trans girl as i would for a girl or a twink or whatever
obviously there would be people who see you as a sexual fetish, but thats what women experience all the time? i think?
Yeah, but you don't live near me so its irrelevant.

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And then you fucking die.

Who here frequently reminds themselves of this?
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I used to do that when I was 13 as well
Is it dead yet?
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Do you think life would suck if you looked like this?

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