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Can Chad get crippingly insecure? How do you think it feels like to be completely confident? Is it really possible?
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Barneyfags will always be insecure.
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>tfw this picture made me giggle
Am I completely lost?
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Maybe. Personally, I think he deserved to die.

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>be me, 20 khhv ended up like that because abusive childhood and teenage years
>have nobody to talk with about problems
>open up with family about my mental health, expose how week i am
>they seem to understand and willing to help
>always ask them for help(very little things) but get nothing
>no improvements over time
>get into argument on why I'm useless and always sad
>argument escalates and they attack me using the weaknesses i exposed about myself
Why do people arrive at such low points? It's not so different than attacking a handicapped person imo. I know that people tend to avoid those who are sad, but if they offered help and i ask to briefly talk to them they always avoid me more. Fuck man
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Man fuck them, put them in a retirement home when they get older, or better yet never visit them and distance yourself from them entirely.
>open up with family
fucking idiot
you should just get drunk in shitpost on /r9k/ like a normal person
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>be me
>do a lengthy stint at the nut house
>move back to home town
>try starting to hang out with old pals again
>get drunk and confess I only moved back because I'm a ruin
>they cut out all contact and look at me like a leper if I ever see them downtown

Thanks a lot bros.

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I wish that someone would kicked in the balls with steel toed boots

fuck i wish i had a different fetish.
also life sucks and i feel depressed
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Your fetish is ballbusting or steel toes?

getting kicked in the balls
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Same. But I love this fetish. Why does it bother you?

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Do they actually make fun of him or does he just happen to be a short guy?
There's always been humiliation porn. What planet are you from?
look at the title, they're using the word manlet now.

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Surprisingly comfy movies to watch while stoned/high, bonus points if it's otherwise not comfy/unremarkable
I'll start

Dredd 2012
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apu phone.jpg
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henlo, no one has comfy moovies?
Sorry satan, I have not gotten high. Could hook me up with a dealer and some money?
My Neighbor Totoro

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How do you deal with it? Do you ever despair, knowing that you will never fulfill your fetish? Do you hold out hope for Virtual Reality, or do you just try to diminish the role of it in your life?
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Rot in hell flatfag
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I pray that we achieve real contact with aliens within my lifetime and that those aliens look similar to human qts
Yeah I want to be a 8 year old and get gang raped by a group of teen babysitters.

But I don't let it get me down senpai.

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Non weeb faggot here. Is this show worth watching for robot feels?
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what else are you going to waste your time on?
Don't ever start watching anime it's a dark destructive path that will only lead to ruin avoid it and turn back now or else you'll succumb to the dangers that lurk like Felix argyle and the many other shows with homoerotic undertones.
Just don't watch shitty anime.

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"Champ, your mother and I are sending you off to live with your grandparents in Guangzhou. It's time you got off the computer, went outside, and met people. This is for your own good, Champ. Remember to greet your grandparents by bowing in humble gratitude and shaking their hands. Get your stuff ready, Champ. I'll drive you to the airport tomorrow."
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>shaking their hands
Fusing two tumours together to form a super tumour. Amazing

No dad, you ale the one going to China ching chong

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>tfw your IQ is higher than your weight
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>tfw your height is all that matters.
>tfw that's only true in kg
wee little brainlet or just fat?

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If you lose KHV status, are you a normie?
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losing virginity makes u a normie but kissing and hand holding doesnt
how does losing virgin make normie?

newfag here
Once you lose your virginity you forfeit your wizard training and are free from the psychological shackles of virginity.

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Anyone up for a musical Vacaroo thread?

I have a cold so don't expect much
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I like it anon!
sorry, I would sing but it's 1:30 am here and I have housemates
imagine me trying and failing to sing along to "who's theme" by nujabes
Ok sure, here's something I made just now.
haha thank you.

wow that's really good anon. How long have you been playing guitar?

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>18-Year-Old Virgin is a 2009 American sex comedy film directed by Tamara Olson, written by Naomi L. Selfman

It's the female version of the 40 Year Old Virgin. It was literally written and directed by women.

Reminder that for a woman to be a virgin at age 18 is literally considered comedic.
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directed by Schlomo Goldstein
I like how they photoshop her onto a more attractive body.
God, the media is complete shit these days.

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is he 7/10?
is he attractive?
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how is he even a 1? fuck off. god. fuck ing scum.
solid 6.5/10 to most stacies
7 to 7.5/10 to alt-stacies
8/10 with the accent and attitude
Do you know what makes him different from avg /r9k/?

>he is not balding
>he is not a chinlet
>he is not a sighlet
>he is not a mouth breather
>straight teeth

if he is 1, then /r9k/ user base is -9/10

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Tinder Chad challange:

Use this pic to create a fake profile and post results ITT.

Ill start ->
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Starting originally
You should get tons of matches within mins
Part original 2 (two) of 1
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>tfw you finally get your bands up and boss up on these niggas.
Any robots know this feel?
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You're A$ap Rocky?
Sorry, I don't speak nigger babble.

I feel like you should speak english, if you want people to understand you properly.

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