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>dont feel motivated to do anything
>barely feel motivated enough to get out of my computer chair
my parents should have raised me better, is there any reason i never do fucking anything and if i do something i have to force myself
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broken dopaminergic system desu, same here except I have motivation to buy drugs
There is probably something or several things you really don't like about whatever it is you would do.

Waking up early, wageslavery etc are fucking awful. Most people don't like exercise although I personally don't have a problem with it.
but ive literally never done anything in my life
never studied for school
never learned an instrument
never have had any friends or really anyone to talk to other than people in my household, is that why it is broken?

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lol I keep seeing tons of threads about her but I dunno why everyone hates her :[
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Nice tw thread man
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ciara is a brand of cereal, it's pretty good but kellogs is better
"Ciara" is something you add to your post filter along with the other namefags
You can find this feature in the setting at the top right of the page

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I haven't fapped in 34 days


no, it doesn't get better
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Twin Peaks was good.
whens the last time you fapped?
When was the last time you fapped?

Why don"t all robots become /fit/?

>endorphins help against depression
>increases confidence
>increase chances of tfw gf
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But /fit/ is filled with people with no gf's.
>got fit
>Still no gf
>still neet
>still wanna die

It can relieve some symptoms of roboticism, but imo doesn't help the root causes.

My gf spends more time interacting with others online. I would message her and she would take hours to respond back. But during those hours she'll comment on other people statuses and such.
What does it mean? Is it over between us?
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She's not your girlfriend. She's an acquaintance.

Also she might be popular. But if you're not her priority, why would she make you hers?
So what should I do? How do I handle this situation?
get a hobby

you're probably not messaging her anything time-sensitive

or anything that inspires casual back and forth dialogue

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Was on Zoloft but it made me gain weight, then was on Celexa but it made me feel exhausted all the time. Just started Prozac and while I hear it can make you feel shitty at first apparently after a week you feel great, anyone have a good experience with it?
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origami salami minstrami
sdfsegt eg oggie boogie
it worked pretty well for me - but everyone's brain is different so i don't know how it'll work for you
I hope you feel less sad anon <3

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How often do you fantasize about having a cute girlfriend who loves you?
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Never, because I'm not a failed normie. I made a conscious decision to be alone and play video games and shitpost every day and I enjoy it.
>cute girlfriend who loves you?
Way past that, its more of wishing for a submissive sextoy by now.
Never. Because I don't feel emotions like "love", nor do I want to feel them.

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What's /r9k/'s opinion on those fidget cubes and fidget spinners?
I got a fidget cube, and I love it although it pisses me off that it's a normie trend now.
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Would not give up several hours of my life in wageslavery in return for one.

Free time is heaven. Work is hell.
Dumb normie tier.

You can get the same experience fixing a car.
>fixing a car

But that's more normie than a fidget toy, anon.

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why don't you draw? I'm sure you have lotta time in your hands to get better at something.
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I have no incline towards it at all.

People say we should get hobbies, but then they just tell us to try out all these random things and act shitty when we don't get into them. The point of it is to do something you enjoy.

I've tried getting into drawing, but I just don't get anything out of it. I don't feel like I've expressed myself in any way. I draw something, but it's just a collection of lines and shapes.

This isn't a case of "I suck so I won't bother" it's a case of "This just feels like another waste of time."
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I do draw tho. Drawing is fun.
these are adorable!!

>want to play l.a. noire
>have to read facial expressions to win
>can't because mildly autistic
>keep losing
>delete game

How has your autism held you back?
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Playing that game sounds like a perfect way to LEARN how to read facial expressions, famalam.
Literally me. I had to use a walkthrough for the entire game because I couldn't read the facial expressions.
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>tfw severely autistic
>tfw fuck up every investigation.

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Hi /r9k/
Retail wagecuck here, trying to go to community college and was wondering wether majoring in Engineering Drafting and Design as a good idea.

I looked over the curriculum and it kind of sounds like a Graphics Design degree with some ENG courses thrown in. Doesn't really sound that great but maybe im wrong.

How's the job outlook for this kind of thing? If all goes well, im hoping to go to a big boy's university after community college...
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I work in an HVAC design firm. The market is really good right now and it will be easy to find a job, but that might change in 2 years. The place where I work will take pretty much anybody who knows what happens when you type pl in AutoCAD. They make decent money too, much better than retail. The downside is it's not the most exciting career, there's not much room for promotions (promotions are for engineers) and you will be a cubicle drone until you retire.

It's not a super awesome field, but it could be worse. A step up from retail for sure.
Thanks for the honest reply.

If I can get the degree and land a job, then maybe I can actually become a full fledged engineer one day and leave my retail days behind me.
It would be nice to have a job where you actually do cool things, get treated like a human being and make a decent income for once.

To become an engineer, you will need an engineering degree. That part is non-negotiable. From what I've seen, there are a lot of CAD drafters who were planning on getting an engineering degree and never actually did because life gets in the way, it's hard to study and work full-time, and it's probably demoralizing having to learn things in college, knowing full well that you will never use it in your field. I've only met one person who actually did it. The upside is if you do that, you have a guaranteed job when you graduate, while a lot of new graduate engineers are stuck holding their cocks.

NEVER ask a girl anything about her past unless you want to feel disgusted and lose all interest on her
unless the girl is 13 there's no way in hell she'll be any pure, even if she appears so, even if she's autistic and has some kind of social block she'll have had at least 3 different bfs who fucked her countless times before you
i just learned this in the worst way possible
i feel nothing but shame and dirt
i think i'm even more depressed now
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i feel so sad /r9k/
i just want to fucking die
who was this girl to you
Why are you talking to human females in the first place?

I recently broke up with a batshit crazy overweight tumblresque insane gf whom I obviously met online. And I'm done with woman for a very long time. I dated the literal worst person I've ever met.

But I got back into watching anime/ready manga and all of the sudden I'm starting to feel genuine love for these women. Are these feelings of craving a waifu? I just want a big breasted, flashy hair coloured, perfect bodied, big eyes tsundere cutie to be nice only to me.

Tell me i'm normal/share common experiences/feelings of need for a waifu please.
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Share some stories with us?
2d has and will always be better than 3dpd
2d waifus are a manifestation of perfection rarely seen in the higher dimensions and you are not alone.

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so I read some "easy" guide on /biz about how to sell things online, but honestly it isn't that easy. check out my site, and buy a spinner to help a fellow bot out. I'd also appreciate some constructive criticism desu
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>Talk about your brand

>Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.
Maybe put some stuff about what you're selling there? I know nothing about that site but that looks like sample test to me. I'd buy an autism spinner to help you out but I'm poor as fuck
how about you FUCK OFF and enjoy your ban, faggot?

learn how to advertise on websites/social media without looking like a retard, and don't advertise on 4chan
>Autism Relief

wait wha

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>work a wage-cuck fast food job for nearly two years after being a neet for 3
>sometimes its sucks, but enjoy the good days because i feel like im contributing to something and not totally worthless
>tfw they hire collegefags who are actually going somewhere with their lives and who immediately hate the job and complain about how much it sucks
>mfw this crushes my only sense of self-worth

also, share any wage-cuck feels
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does nobody know this feel?
I'll give a bump.
Don't waste time after work. Do something to benefit you like programming or something.

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