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>its fine to be gay
>its fine to be a tranny
>its fine to racemix
>its fine to be into beastiality or whatever the fuck its called
>if you like 2D more than 3D though, you're a piece of shit loser neckbeard

Someone explain this logic plz.
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I wish beastiality was more accepted. I like to see girls get fucked by dogs.
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Hey buddy, with how the medias already pushing all this fucked up shit like there being more than 2 genders, I'm sure your time will come eventually, fuck this gay world.
Love is love!

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So I signed up with a trucking company offering to pay for my training and hook me up with a contract

I figure its a robot thing to do to sit on the road 10 hours a day doing nothing interesting.

People online say its a raw deal, but I dont really mind because Im currently homeless.

Any robots out there have any experience?
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AFAIK, if you fail the training, they make you pay all of it back. Are you confident in your driving skills?

Have fun while it lasts!
Automation is going to hit transport pretty hard
C.R. England will buttfuck you. Don't do it.

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>ask oneitis out
>she rejects me
>7 years of me crying myself to sleep about it never forgetting her
>just found a porn video of her online, she's a camgirl

Holy fucking shit, of all the fucking fuck ass people to do it. She's the most innocent looking girl I ever met in my entire life. She does not look like the kind of person who would do this. This pisses me the fuck off. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TELL WHO ISN'T A WHORE. I WASTED 7 YEARS THINKING ABOUT THIS BITCH ONLY TO FIND OUT SHE'S A SUPER SLUT.

>mfw not even a super slut wanted anything to do with me sexually

Holy shit she was someone who was a best friend to me and kept this shit a secret, she wouldn't even let me kiss her or anything. Why the fuck was she a prude to me? She could've at least gave me pity sex if she's a whore. This is just disrespectful
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Post her can site you fucking beta imbecile
I would never voluntarily cuck myself
You dodged a bullet OP, be happy

Come join us at /fpJ5Hvc Decently sized discord server, most of the members lurk, so the conversation is mostly a few regulars, we don't care if you're a robot normie weeb or even trap, just join and say hello. Apart from you windowsxp
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nice server/20
how to i find the server with this link please help
discordapp.com /invite /fpJ5Hvc

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Dear A,

Last night I dreamed about you for the first time in months.

I woke up feeling lost and empty.

I miss you.

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Dear DS,

I genuinely hope things work out for you. Don't give up!

Dear K,

Stop coming back into my life, you know you're destroying me.
Yet I always smile when you send me a message because during our friendship you never started a conversation with me, it was always me, so it makes me feel loved. But we both know that's a lie.
Dear D,

I wanna slide my dick in you and lick your face

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I got FUCKED in this life. Manlet, dicklet and IQlet.
Why shouldn't I just an hero right now?
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because just killing yourself would be letting them get of the hook.

take as many of them down with you as you can. if you can't experience life, neither should they be able to.
Just take them down OP.You can do it
6'0 foot tall, 7.5 inch dick and 135 iq here
sorry op we can't all be winners

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Do you ever find yourself missing the early-to-mid 2000s, /r9k/? Before 2007 came along and completely ruined everything with the Big Bang Theory, iPhones, Tumblr, Autotune everywhere, the Great Recession, and mainstreaming of social media.
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You don't blame the year dummy 2007 just happened to be when the jews hit the reset button and the economy went to shit
Never really thought of it like that until you posted this. But shit, anon, I really do. It seems like this quaint time where people had vidya and internet, but still went outside. Selfie culture didn't exist and nobody made posts about having a headache or what they ate for dinner.
What do you miss most about it?

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I am such a fucking piece of garbage holy shit lmao
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Every single day I somehow manage to be worse
>got any room in the trash boat anon?
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Hey man, at least you haven't killed anybody and therefore aren't hazardous to other peoples' lives.
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There was this girl at my school with a nice ass and nice titties

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Anyone else badly addicted to adderall?
I take 20 mg SR 3 times a day and am pretty much unable to communicate effectively or do anything productive without it.

I also occasionally take dxm to reduce tolerance bc I am unable to go even two days without it, and thus unable to reduce tolerance.

Share your experience
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Enjoy your crippling chemically-induced depression

I hope you like sleeping 18 hours a day and sobbing uncontrollably every waking moment

If you ever want to feel joy again you need to fucking stop
That's why you should stick the glory that is ritalin
Don't listen to this bitch noob, OP. I """"abused"""" amphetamines for a year and it was the most productive year of my life. Boosted my GRE score by twenty percentiles and got into one of the top ten grad programs in biology. Then I just stopped, watched cartoons for a week, and was back to normal. Amphetamines are da bomb, you just need to stay healthy by exercising every day, meditating, and getting a full 8 hours of sleep a night.

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WTF happened? 3 hrs down
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originally test post nro 4
a completely original test
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Are there any girls who legitimately want to dominate their bf sexually and keep him in chastity without being bitches otherwise?

P.S. If you fit this criteria contact me at chastitylover at abv.bg
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>posts a beautiful model who'd have to put up with him and his kink while remarking that she shouldn't be too bitchy

Why would anyone want to contact someone like you?
What can you offer yourself?
No. True femdom is rarest than piss fetish and I'm not even kidding.
My girl loves both.

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Welcome to /wfb/, where we discuss artificial waifubots/android girlfriends/virtual female companions and discuss methods of preventing the normals from taking them from us. Write/drawfags welcome.

Bunch of bots & apps I never bothered to look at:
To get the thread started, how do you think roasties would react if they were replaced?
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>tfw no waifubot to go shopping for
Also is anyone else having trouble posting?
I've been waiting all week for this thread
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Aigis a best, please post more Aigis!

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Post yours + contact info to find the ultimate QT.
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if anyone here is russian thatd be gr8 too
>only post is some underage
LMAO XDDDDD reported
>drugs alcohol and tobacco
ree get out

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"You can't get a firm handshake out of an online application, Champ; that's why I'm taking you to look for a job. It's all a matter of speaking with the manager, addressing him as 'Sir,' giving him a firm handshake, and displaying that 'can-do' attitude."

Handshake Essentials
>How-To Manly Handshake | AOM Instructional
>The History of Handshaking
>The Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes (Warning: Potential Aussie Shitposting)
>Handshake Etiquette
>How to Build Hand and Grip Strength
>5 Eye Contact Tips | How to Communicate With Your Eyes
>Posture Correction Exercises
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Why don't robots just meet up and have a handshake tournament?
This. Please make it happen, we can literally spread our autism like a wildfire
Lmao I'm down
Georgiafag here, anybody wanna meet in Atlanta to shake hands?

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Did you really grow up believing the Disney bullshit that you'll find a girl that will love you just because of...

... what you are on the inside?

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You'd be surprised at how many millennial men grew up believing that lie. That everything is equal even in sex and dating. It messed with an entire generation. Yes I believed it, but others guys I knew were worse than me about it.
>you'll find a girl that will love you just because of...
>... what you are on the inside?

It wasn't so much that I thought a girl would fall in love with my inner beauty or some gay shit like that, I just didn't think everything would be so sexually charged and depraved.

I always knew girls would want the attractive guys, but I thought it was more like
>Oh, there's Chad! He's so handsome! I wish we could get married! I know he'd take good care of me!
when most of what I see is
>Hey Chad, I want you to choke me as you turn my asshole inside out with your cock. Also I eat ass.
As a kid, and even as a teen, I thought that everyone eventually got a GF/Wife. It was something that just "happened" to everyone naturally.

>mfw nearly 30 and never even come close to having a gf, barely even talked to women in the last 10 years outside of formal settings

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