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normiebook is the only one that wants my number
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>tfw write out a joke
>think about it for 10 minutes, editing it and making sure theres no mistakes and you have the right image
>no one replies and thread dies
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>no one replies to this thread either
Hello, post it.
no but somebody just replied with laughing gif so im happy now

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Why are average turk girls so cute? Can other girls even compete?
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>Why are average turk girls so cute?
They are not.
>Can other girls even compete?
They win 99% of the time.
>not wearing a veil
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> not wearing a hijab


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Worship Nanami.
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best girl x10000
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Great GIF.

best girl lost, she was the only good part of that show.

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how is your oneitis doing without you?

>delete her off everything
>wait 3 weeks, start new job make ton of money (knock on wood but I earned it)
>love my job meet new girls and friends
>still feelings for oneitis
>she streams on twitch
>avoid message her and looking her up for weeks
>forget about her
>after weeks suddenly remember her
>she is living at parents house as neet still, hasn't found job after graduating
>she looks sad
>can't contact her because she thinks I'm insane
>not insane just only message her when im drunk so she has righteful reason to think I have a problem
>still love her more than any person in the world
>she sucks at sex and doesnt have ass and I still love her because of her personality.
>now I'm sad

kinda bittersweet feeling she is sad, but she isn't happy. thats what she gets, *insert nice guy meme here*

how is yours doing?
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I said I wouldn't look at her social media, but yesterday I got drunk/sad and caved

She's with some other dude now

Can't say I blame her
>tfw oneitis went into depression after her and I stopped being friends
>>tfw oneitis went into depression after her and I stopped being friends

it is a feel. can't tell if its good feel or not. it makes me sad. it was my fault at first but then it was her actual fault we stopped talking

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What is their secret?
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Where did it all go so wrong? Will he ever get his life together?
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John Numbers
>Where did it all go so wrong?
John numbers.
>Will he ever get his life together?
When he inevitably kills himself.
Posted by Narcissa two hours ago

>"i guess i thought being a speedrun legend returning to the scene, playing the greatest zelda yet (and i was known for running great zeldas), a fresh journey and high level gameplay would be enough to captivate more people. i guess i was wrong. i feel a little bad. are you happy now, for bullying me like this, for making me feel the grief and angst of having not captured the audience i thought was there for me. are you happy to see me feel small. it doesn't matter, i will keep pushing forward, and i won't stop running this game."

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>tfw get attached to new internet friend
>tfw they ghost you
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aw, don't worry, you'll find better friends! I'd be yours if I wasn't so shy
Telling by the fact that you posted an anime girl to express this emotion, you were probably annoying as fuck.
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>walking home
>see this

Fuck bros I'm scared. The patriarchy is being dismantled and we're getting left behind. I think it's about time we ended our misogynistic ways and joined the winning team. #grlgang
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god that is scary

women are so strong. and don't forget, independent and funny
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I won't go down without a fight. Now more than ever men need to RISE UP AND RAPE
I'll never stop cat calling. It's fun. I usually do it from my car when I see a bitch walking. Yell stuff like; "Nice ass baby!" Or "Show me your fucking tittys bitch!" Or "Hey baby what that mouth do!" Or "You down to fuck?! WOOO!!"
Lol they always look all scared lol

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Femanon, how come you're not Stacey?
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stacey is boring.
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Sure it is.
>while bogina smashes scales Stacy eats pizza

>anon relationships are built on trust
>mfw she was texting with 3 guys at the same before deciding on dating one
>mfw she started texting her ex while she was still in a relationship
Really makes me think
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It's okay anon, just lower you standards and go for a butter faced/flat chested women. At least she'll be trustworthy, and not permanently accentuating like shallow women.

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I want to go home. I don't even know what that means, because I'm already at home, but the thought is so intrusive that I can't help but keep saying it.
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Perhaps you want to find some settled place, maybe a society, a garden, or a tower block, where you can affirm a gentle and lasting life. A home is your land but not your conquest.
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You're hearing the call of the void OP. I hear it too. It's time to go home my friend, we're all going home.
I was feeling that feel my whole life, ran away a few times as a teen, later as an adult decided fuck it and moved across the country. Feels better but I still have my problems, minus the constant urge to flee. Some places in the world just suck.

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How can other races even compete? For real though the largest dick on record is white
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Oh god. Who would actually want that inside of them? It looks scary.

>Have no idea what I want to do for a living
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If you take to long to decide you either get to dig ditches or lay in one.
>doing something you want for a living

Is there any hope for a man with a 4 inch penis? Will I ever find love?
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nice fat niggerdong

lose some weight and it'll be 6 inches

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