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ITT: our most precious items

>i still have my baby blanket and can't let it go
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i kind of want to get rid of everything i have and live in an empty room
Same but I'd regret it quickly
the second after i posted it i realized it sounds like a jail cell is sufficient but i should probably specify a big room without anyone else in it and maybe some carpeting

How can we as white men slow down the epidemic of all our women leaving us for big black cock??

Like im not even arguing that the BBC is superior, if I was a white woman I would lust for big sturdy BBC as well but I just want a white waifu of my own and dont wanna be a third wheel cuckboy :/
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leave your basement and go date a white girl then
>leave your basement

No thanks :)
Im white, so I cant even GET a white girl to talk to me, they wall want BBC bfs :(

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Smug Redditor.png
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>when you reply to someone on Reddit and your comment gets more upvotes than theirs
Is there any better feeling?
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Yes, not going on Reddit
Be free to reply to this
Try /tv/ anon, the hysterical anti-reddit bloodlust is strongest there

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I know women value more your social charisma or the size or your wallet than anything else but regarding the male body what gets them more turned on: a manly muscular body or a big cock?
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A lot of women don't like muscular bodies that much, but I'm sure they all like big cocks.
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penis chart.jpg
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always bet on the cock
Body is the doorway but the dick is what locks the door behind them

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Let's try to add content to this board again
I like to keep track of the dreams i have in order to improve my ability to lucid dream

So here are some greentexts of the dreams i had, if needed, ask for context and i'll answer as best as i can

>i was on a roofless train
>the setup was like sitting around a table with two benches on either side
>i was sitting at the end of a bench and across me was someone i barely knew from hs
>another guy i knew arrived from the right, saluted me and asked me to move on the empty seat on my left
>i agreed and join a conversation of a group of other people
>while listening to them when a girl form this group that i knew from hs too started talking to me :
>"She loves you, she loves you so much"
>and i replied :
>"See guys, this is how she gets her dose of self-congratulation.
>She tells this to a lot of guys in order to make themhave confidence and then they confess to their crush
>In 10% cases, it actually works and they're happy.
>The only thing is that she forgets the 90% left, that suffer from the shame they felt, after being mocked for sharing their feelings, after their confidence gets destroyed"

Then i woke up

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>body covered in rotting scabs
>fungus and mushrooms sprouting from skin
>start peeling off the fungus
>feels like it's tearing the skin underneath off

not my favorite

>from the pink house,away from the noise, we left
>On the way, she asked me :
>"Don't you know a quieter place ?"
>"We can get to my place if you want, it's nearby"
>As we were on the way, gently, i put my arms around her shoulders and asked who organised the party.
>" I don't know, i thought you did"
>Disapointed not knowing, i released her from my grasp
>She then took my hand whereas we were reaching my house
>I open the door which was unexpectedly unlocked
>"What's the point of having a door, if it's to let it unlocked ?" i said, laughing
>She looked at me, smiling , and put my arm around her
>Then we entered the house, and i made a tour with her
>Before reaching the bedroom, she complained that she felt cold
>I went to grab a sheet and when i came back there she was, on the bed, completely naked, waiting for me
>I then ran to her and kissed her passionately

>Fascinating, absolutely fascinating
>Even being 13, she already dominated me in the domain of mathematics
>This little arrogant blondy girl just found this subject fascinating
>Asking her what she currently was studying, she answered that she was studying topology
>"Topology ! Do you even realise ? You're 13 and you're doing topology ! I'm just getting started and i'm in college ! Show me some exercices."
>Whereas she was handing me a folded sheet, I still wasn't realising.
>Unfolding it, i found a differential calculus problem
>"That's not topology ! Let me show you an exercise"
>As i was giving her the first details, the young girl looked at me intensely, drinking my every word, as she was pouring me some tea
>Distracted, she pushed the cup off the table

As it broke up, i woke up

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>normal people have sex on a regular basis and come home and kiss their wives and hug their kids
>I've never held hands with a girl or had a girl say something kind about me in more than a platonic acquaintance way

what did I do to deserve this? was I bad in the last life? I'm so far removed from normalcy
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>what did I do to deserve this?
you were born with shit genes and low test
but what did I do to deserve that
Nothing man life is unfair, grow up

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Sylvain brought you this diagram to see if you can help him with it.

Several circles and squares are pictured in the diagram below. How many times larger is the area of the blue square when compared to that of the red square?
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Four x
let's use x for the side of the red square

in that case, x^2 is the area of the red square

the length of the red square's diagonal, and the diameter of the inner circle, and therefore the length of the side of the middle square, is x*sqrt(2)

similarly, the diameter of the outer circle is (x*sqrt(2)*sqrt(2)), or 2x, and so the side length of the blue square is 2x as well

(2x)^2 = 4x^2; therefore it is 4 times larger, QED
why do loser nerds always do this

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Why dont you just marry a Latina qt?
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Because I already have anon...
Latinas like to dance all the fucking time and they love dancing to reggaeton and I'd rather walk into the ocean than ever do that again.

How is that bad? Enjoying dance will keep her fit and when shes worn out you can smell her awesome asshole sweat.

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What should I do NOW????I'm sitting under a bridge by the creek with a girl, how Do I make the next step into BRIDGE HEAD ????
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smash her skull in with a rock
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I might just do that
Tell her to lie down in the water with her clothes on

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>stand up
>start getting dizzy and seeing bright colors
>sit down
>back to normal
>stand up again
>fine this time
Anyone else? What's wrong with me?
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are you tall? you might not be getting enough blood flow to your brain. work on getting rid of any fat in your midsection and do more cardio
that's how those "gamers" die. it is about your blood circulation. if you step on a hose and then release it, the flow has to normalize

pretty much the same thing.
I'm tall and skinny but have a bit of belly and no muscle, what do

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I hate you. I hate you so fucking much. You're a disgusting, repulsive, ugly little manlet. Everywhere you go you know you're inferior to the people around you. You've never had anybody attracted to you. You'll die a kissless virgin because you're not worth enough to even have the sIightest scrap of affection for.

How could anybody ever love a freak like you? Nobody ever has even been attracted to you and nobody ever will.

You're ugly. You're so ugly you've never even been complimented by a girl, let alone had one interested in you. Even surgery isn't developed enough to fix your mess and even if it was you'd still never be a man, you will always be the little pathetic midget.

You're to blame for all of it and you should just kill yourself. Nothing will ever get better. The only good thing you could ever do is kill yourself, you undesirable, ugly, midget fuck.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
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Miss you too, mom and dad.
I hate jews too, OP.
That's not very nice, op :(

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>tfw no /d/-tier gf
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How /d/ are we talking? I'm chatting with a femanon who's trying to lactate.
I thought I was a /d/-tier guy but my fetishes don't go much farther than armpits, and dicks on everything.
>tfw no /x/-tier gf

I have to wait for a game to come out b4 I kill myself, if I have another bad day I swear...every days bad, I'm so sick and tired of it, I'm hoping my parents won't kick me out b4 the game comes out,

There's no point in trying to grow up, life's just hard and only easy for some, it'll always be hard for me, I might as well kill myself b4 I'm exposed to any other horrors of adulthood

I've waited 11 years for this game, it's one of the few things keeping me going
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Like for real, my door was just locked for some reason so I had to kick it open, my dad heard it and got mad at me for doing it and won't buy me weed this week, I had no choice, the key was inside the room

I also lost a job opportunity today and got ghosted or whatever by this new dealer I got today, I was so close to getting weed, just kill me
life is hard for everyone. It just looks easy for some people because they have good habits, but those people assume more responsibility than you can imagine, and it's very difficult.

Embrace the difficulty. People without hardship experience ennui and it's arguably worse than having problems. Overcoming obstacles and growing as a person is what makes life feel meaningful.
What video game is worth extending your miserable life for?

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Does love exist, or is it just people being horny? I have never seen someone fall in love with short bald men, or fat women. I doubt they have shitty personalities. So is love just lust?
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Love isn't lust anon, you can't fuck someone and say that you accept who they've are and that you accept their flaws alongside everything you like about them.
Love is selfless and it's a very complex thing :>
Love is an abstract concept. Abstract concepts aren't real. Therefore love isn't real.
Have you been in love, anon?

>having to write /s (for a sarcastic post) because no one on reddit or any other internet place understands any form of sarcasm or subtlety
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le muh precious reddit XDD
i agree op, it is virtually never necessary and the use of it instantly gives away who spent their youth playing football and pursuing mini-Stacy instead of enriching themselves with at least two or three books a year


kids with this reaction are just as bad as stereotypical ledditors themselves, tbqh. almost as bad

how likely is it that you, anonymous contributor 37650107, partook in and remember an internet long before normalfagization, the era of dialup and bulletin boards and Usenet, before myspace and newgrounds? highly unlikely. *you* are the reddit generation, my dude
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Just use a sarcastic looking reaction image or slightly rephrase your post to show your sarcastic intention.
Also keep in mind that sarcasm is usually indicated by the tone of your voice, autistic people have a harder time detecting sarcasm, and that there are some huge retards on this site who may post things others would only post in jest with full sincerity.

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