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How's everyone doing?

I'm doing alright at the moment.

I have a question though. If you could fuck some 55 y.o. gilf, would you? Asking for a friend, haha.
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Is she hot? Then, yes.
Is she not hot? Yes, too.

Old hags are like pijamas: confy to wear inside the house, weird to be with it on the streets.
>Watching some dumb bimbo on chaturbate
>already jacked off twice today, so not even horny
>maybe play some vidya
>represent my life in
>meme arrow
>green text
>any authentically original post longer than 3 sentences
>gets ignored

R9k fag general part 2, homo boogaloo.

No selfies of any sort. Chat about tfw no bf, meet other fags, maybe make a steam lewd buddy. Keep it contained keep it anonymous.
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Ftfy faggot
why steam lewd buddy i want steam normal buddys
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We're doing this again tonight anon?

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yo uhh
any1 have that image, usually seen on women hate threads
where it shows the difference in boys with friends vs girls with friends
boys are like: "see you faggot" and when the friend walks away they say" "he's such a cool guy"
whereas the girls are like: "see you girl, love you" and when the friend walks away they say "what a bitch"
sorry for the newfag formatted thread, just drunk and desperate for the image
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Whats that philosopher's name in the pic again? Learnt about him in school he's the one that never gave a fuck if i recall right.
name of pic in trade for a pic?
sounds like a great deal anon

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>be me
>came across a book talking about my family and my ancestors
>i read it
>most of my ancestors were bad ass blacksmiths,meanwhile i'm an introverted faggot that cant even talk with his cat without sperging a bit

if they only knew how pointless it all was,i'm such a disappointment
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Anon, your ancestors were badass blacksmiths because they to were introverted spergs. I guarantee you if a customer actually stayed longer than 5 seconds they'd have been pissed off at their very presence but simultaneously if they asked what they were doing they'd sperg over their various tongs and which tools were hand-me-downs from wayback when and how crucible steel is literal magic just like a robot would about their specific tism.
Blacksmiths were basically outcasts.
You too can be a blacksmith, being an autistic sperg definitely isn't a barrier in a world where you can online shop for everything

>Stop Whining anon, you guys lost the race war, get over it and help with the breeding program. it's mandatory.
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I'd rather flee to the Argentinian jungle and hunt insurgent groups until I am killed or succumb to old age then take part in that.
give me gook grills or give me death
You mean the one where I stay inside all day every day and avoid making eye contact with anyone? Oh boy, we need mo' money fo' these programs.

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49er pepe 13.png
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>not getting conchas
>tfw you want mommy to give you tendies, but you get milkies instead
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tfw not enough GBPs to earn tendies

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is there anything even remotely worse than being a wagecuck?
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I think not.
>tfw wage cuck
>fucking miserable
>decide to take my holidays
>use it all at once entire month off
>finally happy again
I say I work only part time when I return.

Best to worst
1. Retired early
2. Fulfilling career
3. Happy NEET
4. Unfulfilling career
5. Wagecuck
6. Depressed NEET
7. Happy homeless
8. Depressed homeless
9. /robot/
>wagecuck anywhere near neet
here's you (you) anon

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>playing CS:GO
>enemy team has smurfs
>get very angry about it
>say "God damn nigger" very loudly in an American accent
>realise the next door neighbour might have heard me
>start to feel self-conscious about it
I don't want him to think I'm a racist. The walls are very thin and it was very loud. It still feels like I said it just a moment ago.
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If it was only once just mind yourself and keep your autism rage inside or get a pillow to scream into like a little faggot.

Tldr act like it didn't happen and you'll be okay
get your LOL on at 4chan.org/vg/csgog

Schedule your MTF operation already.

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We have not had this thread in a while. Let us enjoy a thread in celebration of the historically most significant /r9k/ qt waifu.
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Fuck. I forgot my current qt waifu is Babs Palvin. Please erase Cara Delevingne from the title and replace with Babs Palvin. We can keep the OP image since they have equally qt faces.
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I can't believe this thread is not the most popular thread currently up on /r9k/.
I wouldn't say she's most significant. Shes getting more normie tier as time passes through.

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Wahahaha why don't you get high and jack off anon!? Holy shit I'm so high right now! I already came three times in an hour because I'm so high holy moly tutti fruittin I'm in a high ass condition! You can't miss this, don't be a wuss wuss little straight edge baby! Haha haha just get high and beat your meat!
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I prefer to get drunk, I feel happy and sleepy when drunk.
>I already came three times in an hour
dont do that
I got light phimosis from the chaffed skin due to too much fapping
shut up you original nigger

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Anyone here wants to be my female friend? Not (male).
I thought about it and I realized maybe the reason I'm shit with girls is because I never had ones as friend, so I want to improve by talking to them
You only have to talk to me and give me some advice when I ask it and stuff.

Some suggestions:
-Please don't reveal how you look like or send photos, this is to prevent I get attracted to you and ruin everything
-Please contact me if I don't in a while, I probably am just too autistic to start a conversation as I have problems with cheap talk
-At any stuff I might do which pisss you off or makes me unlikeable, please tell me, I want to improve
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>thinks girls want to talk to him online
I have an online female pen pal. I got lucky though. She's super shy and dependent.
Sounds cute, she'd be my type
That's why she wouldn't probably be the kind of girl I need for this
can we be friends?i'd love to have a botfriend and text

anyone else remember being a brony? when did you stop? i stopped being one in early 2012
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I watched season 4 but I got bored with season 5.
So you admit being a faggot is a choice?
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I never watched it. I remember when I actually watched anime however. nowadays I just save smug anime girls.

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>be fat fuck
>lose weight
>look like pic related

it's not fair bros, i'm thinking about hiding in my basement and eating myself to death
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HAahhaahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHh *breaths deeply* HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
Fill it out with muscle. It will also get tighter by itself over time as all cells are constantly regenerating.
So you look silly when naked, big deal. You looked silly naked while fat too but now you can actually look nice while clothed and enjoy all the other benefits of not carrying around a bunch of extra weight.

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What does the baby say, /r9k/?
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-Don't assume my gender
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The baby dealt some truths, the father couldn't handle it.

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Lets have a comfy paintings thread
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Bidi bing
that's not comfy, that's horrifying, it's a man ripping his own face off
Layers of Fear was great, OP.

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