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suicide or murder and suicide?
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murder and suicide of course. might as well take some normie scum down with you
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Bathory - A Fine Day to Die
i'd rather be killed painlessly than kill myself painlessly

no murder from my hands

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>"Morning anon!"

>"Whats for breakfast?"
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thats not sexy.
KiII yourselff nigger
This, those are babby pajamas

>There are cute straight boys browsing /r9k/ RIGHT NOW
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But anonette, there are no boys on the internet ;^)

KiII yourself
>he's this much of a new fag

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why is it so hot?
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i-is this pic legal?
because you stopped paying your bills months ago anon,

get a life
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here's a bottle of (you)

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>jack off straight into my underwear
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Haven't brushed my teeth in three weeks.

What movies is this thing from?
10 Cloverfield Lane.

Original, obviously.

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Do any of you agoraphobic NEET virgins work out?

What do you do?
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I squat and overhead press and bench sometimes




I dance to anime music
I do circuit training. One circuit consist of.

Back Squat
Bench Press
Front Squat
Bent-Over Rows

I start with one circuit low weight 12 reps.
The second circuit is medium weight 8 reps.
The last circuit is high weight 4 reps.

I do this 3 times a week.

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>I just realized im 25
>25 fucking years old
>im still pretty immature and don't act like an adult most of the time
>post on this stupid board full of toddlers that whine about problems I can't relate to
>have done absolutely nothing with my life while people younger than me all have hot gf's that care about them, and good paying jobs
>they have everything sorted out and they are just barely in their 20's
>im still a minimum wage slave with no gf and not even my own family gives a fuck about what happens to me

Fuck this really ruined my morning. My life really fucking sucks I gotta end this fast before its too late
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What set off the alarm bells? Bcuz they should have set off sooner. Why not at 20,21,22,23,24..
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bitter tears.jpg
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i can relate
>tfw 23 y/o vidya addict without connections to reality so i didnt notice that i should get my drivers license and a career

My state of mind was in a perpetual "work in progress" mode.

I felt like I was actually doing something with my life, but turns out I haven't been jack shit.

The alarms started going off when I realized that majority of the people around me were like 5-6 years younger than me but all have nice fancy cars, fun social lives, and comfortable jobs that actually value them as employees instead of some kind of disposable slave.
I should have been in those positions a long time ago but something.......went wrong.....

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Just got paid what ps4 game should i buy?
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none. save your money nigga and maybe you might amount to something greater some day.
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Give me an honest answer. Why do you always post this? I'm not even going to judge, I just need to know for some reason. Is it elaborate meme?

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Is there anything better than having a big dick ?

I honestly think that a really successful and intelligent person with a small dick is inferior to a shut in loser with a big dick. That the shut in loser can easily steal his wife or gf. It makes him superior as a man. And it frustrates me that i have a small penis, that i'm not able to pursue women again.
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>tfw benis so big you can't have sex with your womanlet gf
Literally none of that is true. It's just your insecurities and neuroticism flowering. Did you have some bad experience?
Nope. A tall handsome guy with a small dick will do better than a short ugly guy with a big dick. Dick doesn't mean shit unless you're under 4.5" or over 7.5" which is like 1% of guys

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Jesu desu.jpg
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Do you think Jesus used to jerk off as a teenager?
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I think he fucked his mum since technically he already did
he couldn't play with his mutilated arab-dick because there was no lube in that time besides saliva which dries up to quickly

he was probably a good lover though
>the meme where cutfags need lube to masturbate

I jerk off every day without lube and im cut.

Was Josef Fritzl the ultimate alpha male?
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what a hunk! I'd let him smash my pussy hard
Wow, thanks, anon. I never realized he was that dreamy.
Dunno if he was alpha, but he sure seemed like he took whatever he wanted and was happy for it. Just looking at all the vacation photos, I'd say he had a fucking fabulous life. Vacations so Thailand, among other places.

>even 3/10 girls have beta orbiters

why live
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People are that desperate. I remember a short, frumpy indian girl seated at the center of five white males at my college cafeteria. It was like the last supper but with her in the center and everyone was laughing and focused on her and staring right at her, vying for attention. Couldn't believe it.
To some normies, social status and confidence are often detrimental to attractiveness. It may even trump physical good looks, to the point where 3/10 roasties may have a flock of moons behind them.
Why not kill yourself then ?

It's mostly woman who are attracted to status, beta orbiters are just desperate.

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>/r9k/ says they want a skelly girlfriend
>they don't know what skelly girls look like

Sauce: https://www.instagram.com/feechrystall/
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don't link that garbage here.
is MMA the cure for skelly?
I hope not. They would get shattered like glass before the inevitable weight gain.

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This is mein thread. You are not allowed to post here
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Fuck you, ass sucker
Who here /DEVILISH/?

Originally, of course. Not muted.
hi tunisia

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How do you live with the tragedy of your life? What keeps you going?
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Always loved the design of the RE dogs. Would be intimidating as hell in real life.

Life? I deal with it best i can. Momentum and superficial trinkets and distractions make the gaping spiritual wound a little less throbbing
We had this thread today at least twice
Video games and anime i can always depend on to escape.

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