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Omegle thread

get in here!!! Bump with your funny screenies
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what is omegle? you just randomly chat with people? is that all there is to it?
Yeah, you just chat with strangers, even though 90% of the users are Chads waving their thundercocks around.

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>You will never know how this feels

Is there a worse feeling? Fembots, do you realise how incredibly lucky you are?
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That's a fucking tranny vagina ain't it
desu I've never been jelly about pussy fapping. Jerking your dick feels way nicer I'd imagine
t. has never seen a vagina

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>wants a better r9k
>but slow kills the users with sonic sound weapons
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what does the truman show have to do with this

Wasn't the movie about the whole world watching how he lives? But he did that voluntarily, where as I didn't have a choice.

And instead of the whole world it's just a select few I think watching my posts and hacking my electronics.

Never mind he didn't know.

But he didn't have to deal with sonic sound weapons testing on him.

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same thing as gays on /v/ in 2012, it's just some mentally ill cunts forcing it on everyone. they probably believe their own lie at this point.
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I wish trannies could not only be removed from r9k, but from real life. They're disgusting freaks
Then hide them, fagget. Or fuck off to reddit or some on-topic board.

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>get CS degree
>still end up a depressed, worthless NEET
Where did it all go wrong, boys ;_;
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>get CS degree
I'd say right about there.
Should have gotten a proper CS:GO degree instead.
>Where did it all go wrong, boys ;_;
Probably got a bad GPA with no internships or networking
Your best bet now is entry level IT desktop if you can even get those jobs

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Hello gentlemen. I am /r9k/s resident genie, what three wishes may I grant you?
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1. erase all possibilities of universes
I wish the DHS would stop flying over my house and hitting me with their sonic sound weapons.

That's really it. Everything else I will earn myself but I cannot work if I cannot sleep from being a guinea out of sonic sound weapons testing on me.

Thank you.
I take it there wont be a second wish?

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>Be mixed-raced
>Live in USA
>People speak to me in Spanish, and I don't understand a word they say
>They get upset when I can't respond
>Try and say something to them, and it's so devastatingly accented that they stop speaking Spanish
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>Be mixed-raced
I am sorry for your loss ;(
Hola amigo como estas?
>be mixed race
kill yourself, mongrel. you'll never be worth anything.

Have you ever fucked a fat chick?
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your mom one time
Yeah, it was terrible. When they're fat they have 0 flexibility/accessability so you're pretty much limited to doggy style. Also never eat a fat chick out. It always smells like sweat and pit down there for obvious reasons, I was a chubby chaser until my ex happened. The head was outstanding tho
/thread lol

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Would you get a girlfriend if she was a NIGGER?
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if she was raised in a majority white neighbourhood then yes.
>subhuman pretending to be a cute Japanese girl
Fucking disgusting. Farm equipment has no place acting "kawaii".
>not having any standards at all

What would you do if your GF wanted you to go down on her feet?

Your warm mouth, wet tongue, and strong hands really soothe her bare feet and make her feel good.
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No bullshit, I would try to sell her to one of the desperate lonely footfags out there. Like, engineer a breakup in such a way that she'd end up with the buyer as rebound. I despise footfags but like money.
women don't actually enjoy their feet being licked and massaged though.
I'd stop being mentally ill. You should try it and then commit suicide.

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virgin walk is ded for good
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the fembot is just an ugly trap.
lol fembots are pathetic I never really thought about it that way hahaha
It doesn't work when gender flopped, because boorishness is not seen as desirable in women.

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Post normie phrases and advice that makes you pissed off or like pic related
>just go outside bro
>getting a job will fix all your problems
>why don't you have a gf yet anon? just b urself bro
>always think and act positive!! lol!
>did you guys see the thing i shared on facebook last night! xD
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Stop disregarding good advice as an attack on your character you neet retard.
>Don't start eating I want to take a picture for my instagram
>Just go talk to her, it always works for me
>dude just do everything people tell you without thinking about it
fuck off

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Why can't fat neckbeards just have good hygiene/grooming and dress properly? At least look like you care about yourself. It would make you 1% more attractive.
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>hating on mason "mason" venne, savior of north american dota 2

Its because they are not that self aware or slaves to their lack of self control

He's groomed ok, he's just fat.
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He is unequivocally /ourguy/, so he gets a pass.

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I wanna kill myself because I'm anxious all the time and I'm always let down and I fucked up my relationships with the people I care about and I'm broke and unmotivated and dumb

who else /low iq/ here? I'm only 109 after getting a real test done
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Please listen to my plight... somebody...
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>only friends can add me
I laff!
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Why is life so difficult... I can't handle it...

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>be 6' femazon
>hate chads and guys with that sort of attitude that hit on you aggressively
>hate normie culture
>prefer a virgin guy or maybe slightly experienced
>still want a guy taller than me
>even though it's really shallow don't like the idea of a dicklet, don't even know how it feels just don't like the idea of him being small or average
>want le "good genes" face hair etc
>am boring neet loser

Why am I so demanding in my standards despite being a loser? Do any femanons identify with this?
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Lurk more faggot
lol @ that daddy longlegs picture

Anyway lower your standards, literally. Or look deep in STEM courses for awkward tall guys.
welcome to female hypergamy

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