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What are some certifications I can get by studying by myself and then taking a test? Im 26 years old in community college but not much is offered where I am. I need some ideas.
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other than that its hard imo, you can prepare for tests specific companies use in their appliciants selection to boost your career tho

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Well, I am going to be leaving for a month. There is an anime convention that happens a month from now and I will be going through nofap to see if that can help me get an anime qt3.14 there. Maybe I'll see you robots later, maybe I won't. Also this is a vote for a blue board. That is how r9k is supposed to be. See ya later robots.
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your going out with a loaded gun
Why. Why would a man spend years in the gym, get to a low body fat, have a developed chest, then decide to cosplay as fucking Pepe. What is wrong with people

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I think I fucked up by avoiding eye contact at all cost.
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Tell me a time when you were treated poorly.
Tell me a time when you treated someone poorly.
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My mother divorced my dad when I was around six. When I was eleven or twelve she met a new guy, Ray, who was a widower with two sons; one around my age. His son and I would fight all the time and I would shout at Ray whenever he came to stay over my house overnight and sleep in my mom's bed. I'd tiptoe out of my own bed and creep outside their room until I could hear the bed shaking and I'd then burst in and tell him to fuck off and that he wasn't my father etc. One day my mother calls me to my room and Ray is there. We had a family PC but it was then in my bedroom, and Ray was sitting there showing my mother something on the screen. I sat down and looked too and saw that (((someone))) had bookmarked a bunch of tranny, gay, and hardcore porn and my mother obviously thought it was me. I didn't even realize at the time and just blamed a virus, but now I'm convinced Ray did that to make my mother think I was a fag or something. I hated that guy. He split up with my mom eventually she spent the next couple of years threatening suicide every week until my will was broken.

I'm not as nice to my normie roastie sister as I could be. She's helped me out a lot.
I went to a party with some chad friends. I got drunk, I got high, I ended up blowing 2 of them. They spread it around the school that I wanted to suck their cocks but they declined me, pretty much ruined the rest of my time in high school. I'm not even gay, they were just my only friends, it was my first party, I just didn't want to lose them.

I joined a fashion club at university because I have inheritance from my fathers death, in excess of 70,000 dollars. I'm part of the student news, and all I write about are the shitty outfits that I see on campus. I take pictures and include them in the articles.

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When did you realize that Capitalism is the solution to being a robot, /r9k/?

>Be in Middle School
>Bullied by Chad football player
>Beats the shit out of me and steals my backpack just because he forgot his pencil
>My friend notices
>He knows a guy who's just as strong as Chad and completely fucking nuts
>Give Anti-Chad $20 so he could beat the shit out of him
>Next day Chad comes in with bruises and suddenly acting friendly with me
>Never knew it was me
>Make friends and suddenly cool with the jocks all through highschool
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Does anyone else have nipple-pubes?

Are you supposed to shave them?
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>Are you supposed to shave them?
Are you retarded?
>Does anyone else have nipple-pubes?

I think everyone does

>Are you supposed to shave them?

If you're a women yes. If you're a dude and are rocking the hairy chest look than you can leave them. (provided you also have a hairy chest)
yeah, I always shave them

very very carefully

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What makes your blood boil when you see it?
What are your thoughts?

A lot of my hate goes to tumblr art, of course, but not for the stupidly, impossibly """diverse""" (ugly) design choices or red noses, as bad as they are, they're relatively common but they still get the shit that they deserve. I despise extreme over-exaggeration, whereas exaggeration, and occasionally over-exaggeration, is great in art for conveying emotions and movement clearly and with impact, going to its extremities just makes it feel so tryhard, unreal, and is akin to over-acting. Had to cherry pick some shit from DA and tumblr but damned if I was going to spend more than 10 minutes looking for examples. Steven universe is great for this.

I also hate when """"artists"""" use the line tool and don't even try to hide the fact or clean it up a little.

Artists like David Willis from DoA or the retard who made nelipot who can't handle criticisms and treat their fans like shit are pretty trash too desu. JaidenAnimations is a bit retarded regarding she posted some of her deepest, darkest thoughts on the internet of all places to get pity, which is always welcoming to people who want to fuck someones life up.
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What's your opinion on women with this specific condition? But not just on those memed restless over talkative ones, but also those primarily inattentive.
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I have adhd as a male. Honestly I wish I could just die.
Which type are you? Are your symptomps that bad?

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Did you ever consider that /r9k/ might be a PSYOP to turn you into a spree shooter?

Most people that identify as robots certainly have social and mental issues to some extent, and are continuously exposing their minds to memes, LARPers and porn.

Literally NOTHING good could come out of browsing this place, in fact, you are turning yourself into a more dehumanized version of yourself every time you browse this place.
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>be Germancuck
>host exchange student from Brazil
>find out he likes fart porn, has had oral sex with a tranny and whenever we go grocery shoppi he biys at least 3(three) packs of bananas.

Has anybody else /MetLivingMemes/ ?
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I'm Finnish and many of my cousins look like mongols

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What has changed in the world since Fall 2013? It's the time I started uni, and I graduated this June. It feels weird as fuck knowing that these 4 years are gone.
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shut up faggot normo I was in college before then and I still won't finish until this fall maybe.
Time to get a real job, hope you've been practicing that firm handshake.

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>start driving for ubereats to make some extra cash.

>spend my entire time driving McDonald's and fried chicken to low income housing.


Whatever, I get my money
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Why is being short looked down upon? I don't get it, are guys less attractive for being short? I'm above 6 feet myself and i still have no GF
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I don't think its too big a deal. I'm a manlet and I'm bi, and I don't give a fuck how tall the guy is as long as I think he's sexy, even though I mainly bottom.
I don't know what women's fucking problem is.
It's because men are angry that men don't have fucking retarded problems like them (gossip, make-up, etc.) They have to make SHIT up to hate us.
The natural order of things is that men are usually dominant while women are usually submissive. It makes perfect sense that you'd prefer to submit to someone who is perceived to be as powerful and imposing as possible. Belonging to someone big and strong elevates your status, whereas belonging to someone lacking in those qualities devalues you as well as it means that it doesn't take much to get you to submit. That and it's just a lot more arousing and enjoyable to be completely enveloped and held down during sex. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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>be manlet
>easier to gain weight

at 5'3", the odds were always stacked agsinst me.
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Or learn to live in accordance with your stature little one.
Are you white though

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fuck are you on? shes clearly a stacy in the making that is merely co-opting at a young age
>tfw when they've advanced so far they can camouflage in a shallow representation of internet culture

ok anon I was high sorry
we may forgive you...in time

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