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What would you do if you found out you were 6% Japanese? move to japan? embrace samurai ways?
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nothing would change o
>What would you do if you found out you were 6% Japanese? move to japan? embrace samurai ways?

Learn Japanese first

I am 0% Japanese and that's what I am doing
That'd be pretty cool, but I'm definitely not.
My parents are from different but both notoriously insular ethnic groups and so before them there was little to no mixing in either line

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gothy shit.jpg
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>tfw 26
>the one girl I really liked is now getting married
>starting to feel like I am getting fucking old and all the women are taken
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is k because I am 28 but look like a 19 year old.
Wtf are you Asian?
I had a long term off and on ex that got married out of the blue. Married a fat dude.
Anyways, go for the younger nerdier grills, it's what I did
>been together 4 yrs
>been shit posting on this board for more than 7 yrs

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Any robots know how I can legally obtain dead human meat/matter? I want to make a stew or pasta with whatever I can find and serve it to normies. Also, would it be illegal to do this?
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it's not a great idea, I've heard that you can get a lot of weird diseases that are unique to cannibals, and if you go to the hospital they'll know what you've been up to
Beyond that, I have no idea. You could try getting bodies that have been donated for scientific study, but those might have been treated with formaldehyde.
And yeah its super illegal.
I doubt there's any legal way you could obtain a non-embalmed corpse. Your best bet is illegal means. I'm no lawyer but I imagine the police would find something to charge you with if did serve people human meat
This too OP. It's called prion disease. The most common one is Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease. It's like human mad cow disease

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Is it just me or are shopping malls the most relaxing places out there? At the mall I forget all the stress and anxiety of my day to day life and just lose myself in there, it helps that the architecture and interior design of them is so aesthetically pleasing (at least where I am) Does anyone else here feel this way?
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no, they're full of weird negroes and spics with fidget spinners and flatbrims and shoes that went out of style like 4 years ago or weird ethnically ambiguous asian couples doing whatever asians do
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I feel you, OP. I'm a sucker for nice architecture/interior design. It depends on the situation, but it can definitely make for a pleasant experience.
do you have a fetish for white teenage girls laughing at how much of a loser you are?

Does anybody else on r9k ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure if l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... lt just feels like both biology and my body have betrayed me. Anyone eIse here know this feeling?
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I don't usually post in these but I have the same massager wand
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>it's this thread again

get a sex change like pic related.
>I have the same massager wand
r u a boi?

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Tell me: How edgy are ya, /r9k/?
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I'm so edgy I can slit my wrists at will.
I don't like cruelty towards anyone/thing but the most savage, so not that edgy. I do say nigger though.
pretty edgy, depending on what you mean. i pretty much exclusively listen to emo, punk, and sad lo fi music and my wardrobe consists of black band tshirts, oversized sweatshirts, pre-ripped skinny jeans and black sneakers. also i have radical political views

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maybe if she applies another pound of foundation on her facial acne.
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yes .
dig my pee pee into her dark butthole yes plz
All the way to market.
No. I rather die a virgin.

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I heard this was a Connie-posting board.
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I think you've heard correctly. It most certainly is. ;^)
This was a good post. Good job, OP.
Only if you arent a gay canadian boy : )

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Some Connie to brighten up the day
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you are one of the worst things to happen to /r9k/.

You're the equivalent of seeing the wal-mart smiley face
Thanks op I really needed that today
i would rather see the walmart smiley face.

>headphones break, no sound, f to pay respec
>ask if we have any spare sets lying around
>"I don't think so but I can pick you up a pair tomorrow"
>"No thanks" I say
>Ten minutes later comes in with an amazon list of shitty, guaranteed-to-break-in-a-week brand headphones "Any of these you want?"
>"I don't want any, I'll be fine"
>"So what are you gonna do without a set of headphones?"
>"I dunno, not have sound for a while I guess?"
>She storms out, "this is the thanks I get"

Why are regulars so fucking acoustic.
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some guy gave me some headphones like a year ago and ive dropped them 5 times on the ground and they still work like brand new
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>not spending 30$ on a pair of headphones that will last for 2+ years
You sound like an ungrateful cunt. At least say "thanks" or something to show your gratitude.

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Stop being a NEET. You are a parasite to society Anon. You might as well kys.
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I used to be a gangster but now I'm a wagecuck.
By paying taxes you are funding most of societies evil self destructive policies like the welfare state.
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Are these brainwashing affirmations?

Pop music is proof the world is fucked up beyond all repair.

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download (30).jpg
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Let's get fucked up today fellow bots.
Life sucks let escape.

I just popped some hydrocodone
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Xanax here mate.

Feeling real comfy.
Awww boy.
I found some robaxin. Just took 10. Heres hoping it does something.
Tell me how ya feel
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I like doing all these things but they give me no motivation to do anything.
>no drivers license
I can't do anything, robots.

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I don't know about you guys, but when I look myself at the mirror, or open the selfie camera, i usually look pretty good and think like "Damn you're a 8/10 minimum" and i feel like Chad.
However, when I take pictures of myself (so the picture isn't mirrored) I fucking look 5/10 on a very good day, like what the fuck; I need to take minimum 5-10 pics until i get one where I look decent.
Anyone can relate? I wish I was the mirrored version of myself... I like to think that the picture fucks me up since is 2D and not 3D, but I don't think that's the reason why that happens :/
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ROSE (1204).jpg
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Photo cameras are not human eyes. They cannot compare. Try to take a beautiful scenery with your shitty phone camera, it will be shit and the magic will not be captured; same with your photos.
That being said you are actually what you look like in the mirror, and because you have been looking at yourself in the mirror for your entire life your eyes are accustomed to focusing on the parts that are prominent and tricking your brain into making you look prettier /better/, and it works the same way with everyone, you get to know someone and spend a lot of time looking at them you will see the reflection those people see in the mirror. same with people around you who look at you, they will see the reflection. You just have to be confident and not give in to your fears; What matters is your perspective on things that matter to you and how you handle them, everyone is ugly to certain someone, it just depends on which light you see them in
This happens to me, too but is dependent on the reflective surface. My bathroom''s combination of lighting and paint color gives me a very attractive reflection: golem skin, clean features, etc. But the French doors at the back of my house make me look purple and fucked up
Meant to type "golden skin" kek

do you ever look at a woman you find unattractive and realize that the feeling you feel is how every woman on the face of the earth feels about you?
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There's a remedy for that. It's called rape.
i cant even go into the nude threads on /b/ anymore because of this realization. to think these average looking girls will take their clothes off for chad, but not me. because im ugly.

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What made you finally give up and go faggot /r9k/? Or were you smart enough to hate women from the get?
Also all female hatred is welcome.
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>Hating women
just treat them like objects famalam
What fun is that?
I became a (((woman))) after several years of browsing this hellhole. Could be /r9k/ that did it.

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