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I never had a gf in my life. Not even online.
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why aren't you gay then? it's much better
Same here

Men are not attractive

u sure OP?

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>start feeling comfy on r9k
>have an argument
>get absolutely BTFO
>back to lurking
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear that anon. That's a shame.
I love the feeling of defeating someone in an argument and seeing them not post anything.

Never have I been victorious in an argument and someone had the guts to stand up and say "I do say sir, you are the victor of this argument". It always leads to the person leaving the conversation all together. Sometimes I like to leave a little "haha faggot ran away" 5 minutes later because I know they are refreshing to see other anons BTFO them just as I did.

To be frank, I fear the day that someone will take responsibility for their loss against me, but until that day I wallow in the euphoria of defeating anons in /r9k/ and /biz/ in the majority of my arguments.
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>leave post shitting on someone
>leave the thread and hide it

you can't lose an argument if you never see your opponent's responses.

I am currently 153-0 for online arguments on /r9k/ alone. never have I been bested in a contest of logic and rhetoric.

who here /masterdebater/ here?

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Well, what are your goals /r9k/?
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>Well, what are your goals /r9k/?
Getting gladiator again this season in wow.
To have a child. which is never gonna happen.
no progress towards goal, no positive emotion.

currently my goal is suicide

yes I am the problem

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I revealed my power level to a normie and he didn't think anything of it? I'm female and have been worried about guys judging me for being a fembot, but some guys have that rescue instinct which I thought was dumb before. Now what I worry about is that he'll get fed up with my social anxiety and depression :/
What should I do? I don't want to see if this will work out only to have my heart broken.

I'm sorry. I've clearly never dated anyone before
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I eat each and everyone one of those qts poop, just for a chance to bury my face in those butts
fembot here
literally nobody cares if you are some tasteless weeb because being a weeb is cool now
That's a lot of poop, anon. Just walk up and talk to them.

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Any anons here that have been abused? Physically beaten, sexually, whatever.
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Really, nobody? C'mon anons.
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Raped by my uncle at age 5 and it continued for a year. Molested by my moms boyfriend. Parents are divorced so I visited my mom on the weekends. Both parents hit me for any reason. Bullies stole my stuff and punched me after school. Was doomed from the start.
not really, just lots of fighting in family and I was smallest and youngest.

lots of "psychological" stuff though due to being constant outsiders

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>mfw normies actually think "reeing" is just saying/shouting the word "reee"
>mfw normies will pretend to be robots and say b-b-b-b-but that is what r-r-r-r-r-reeing is
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It's literally the sound a frog makes when it screams you poser.
very cringey when I here some 13 year old yell "reee" into his microphone.
b-b-b-b-but that is what r-r-r-r-r-reeing is

Why did normalfags invent this?
Why do they use it?
Why does it exist?
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It's called writing, it's used to keep information down on a real place.
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Because normies fuck up everything, why did they invent agriculture?
Why weren't these ones good enough?

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Stop posting this here.
It's literally a meetup thread.
Back to your containment.
link to old?
I added my marker to Randolph, WI. If any of you robots from WI are around.

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>Open your door to go outside
>See this
Wat do?
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>go inside
>grab blanket
>place ontop of her so she doesn't get cold
Go ask her if she's ok.
nani suru no?

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Would you have sex with an older women?
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It would be extremely hot
No. I'm committed to my friend.
No I'm old.
My wife is old.
I want 20 year old pussy even if its fat and ugly.

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>The Simpsons Movie was 10 years ago
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TES Oblivion was 15 years ago

Ever play the simpsons game on ps3/xbone? It's great.

Even better with co-op.

>inb4 normalfag

I didn't play with friends I played with my sister before she grew into a slut
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>9/11 was 21 years ago

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join my comfy server, we play vidya and do vcs sometimes we have GIRLS too
invite is:
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How comfy is your server?
super comfy pls join

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>tfw just ordered everything i need to kill myself bottle of nitrogen, compressed air breathing apparatus, gas mask

also, general suicide thread maybe? how would you kill yourself?
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You're sure you wanna go through with this?
don't do it, your future lover will be sad
No one cares.

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our guy.jpg
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Was Dead dare i say it /our guy/ ?
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no he wasn't now fuck off
Black metal fags have nothing to do with robots. They're Chads in Norway.
>they are chads in Norway
are they ??

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low iq anons please report in
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do i have bad music taste if i listen to death grips?
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helllo anons
I'm definitely pretty dumb. I work in a high tech job that I can barely do but I haven't been fired yet.

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