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>Bye Anon
>o-oh h-hello
what the fuck is wrong with me?
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>boyfriend's entire paycheck is going to bills, groceries and driving lessons
>only have $20 worth of entertainment budget each month
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ayy girl leave that pussy for a real man
>impIying OP is a girl
I want this frog girl to massage my prostate with her tongue

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>tinder threads
>threads about meeting up with people
>threads about fuckall

this is not /r9k/

go away
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Have you ever REEEEEe'd your opponent into submission?
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>tfw hungry skeleton and desperately want to become skinny fat
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your picture made me crave some BK
black kock?
>black kock?

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Hybrid vigor is a myth. Mixed race people are actually more likely to have autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis due to a phenomenon known as outbreeding depression. Simply put, the greater the genetic distance between two individuals, the greater the incompatibility of their alleles.

Anti-whites have argued that people of mixed race are in some ways superior to people of unmixed race, and therefore race-mixing is desirable. This seems inconsistent with their position that there are no significant genetic differences between races, but anti-whites are not strongly committed to consistency.

Here is the reality. The greater the genetic distance between two individuals, the greater is the incompatibility of their alleles.

The mating of people with dissimilar genes often results in health problems in the offspring due to the failure of genetically-programmed incompatible biochemical or physiological pathways, a phenomenon known as "outbreeding depression."

Mismatched alleles in mongrels often leads to autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis, where the immune system inherited from one parent attacks the proteins made from the other parent's DNA.

There are rearrangements, inversions, and duplications in the human genome that differ among the races and may cause incompatibility. There are also some non-genetic costs of race-mixing, such as cultural incompatibility and the spread of a disease that one of the parent populations is immune to but the other is not.

tl;dr Race mixing results in ugly, diseased offspring.
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The sky is also blue.
Yes this is simply put in the Torah from the beginning, if anyone chose to read it.
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Truth does not have an ideology, it just is. Not believing in lies does not make you a Nazi.

The Nuremberg witch hunt, is where all but two of the Germans who provided confessions in support had their testicles damaged beyond repair. Where signed affidavit were acquired by torture: Pulling nails out, breaking bones, kicking testicles, burning and so on and so forth. And if they still didn't cooperate, they threatened their family. And if that wasn't enough, they also had paid witnesses.

If this is Justice, JUDAS, to hell with your **Satanic** justice.

Some of the claims by Juda included, Human Soap (Lie), Execution by Electrocution (lie), Shrunk Heads (lie), Lampshade made from Human Skin (lie), Shrunk Heads (lie), Death Camps were all across Europe (Lie - Later conveniently changed to only Communist Controlled areas were the "West" had no control over), Fire Pits (Lie), 6 Million (Lie - dropped to 4million, then 2 something million and now the "official" fake number is around 1 million I think). And how did they get rid of all these bodies, they cremated them. So they transported Jews to Eastern Europe, so they can kill them in the least efficient way (Diesel Engine and Zyklon B) and then cremated them.

It takes almost 2 hours to cremate one (SIC!) body in a modern advance furnace and no you cannot stack bodies as the time will exponentially increase, but those who made up these stories do not care for facts or truth. It is a constant changing narrative. The fact is has been proven that most of their initial claims are lies, and thus making them liars, but it does not hinder the Holocaustines and their new found Religion.

The Holocaust fabricated story cannot stand on it's own merits. So they demonise and outlaw any alternative view that is based on reason, so you throw the Nazi label. You get a less of Jail sentence in some of these countries if you rape.

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Have any of you guys ever embarrassed yourselves in front of your neighbors?
>be me
>thought I heard neighbors yell something at me
>screamed "huh" out
>they look at my like I'm some sort of autist
>pretty sure I heard them making fun of me as I walked away
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thanks OP this cheered my night up
>work unsociable hours
>been losing lots of weight over last few months
>don't leave house very much
>also like late evening gym sessions
>wonder if my neighbours think I'm a drug dealer
>leaving for work
>neighbour "wow you've lost some weight, you on the crystal meth now or what?"
>heh no just clean eating and gym"

>cute neighbor girl pulls into her drive way as i'm taking out the trash
>she says hey as she gets out of car
>i say h-hi back
>she was talking to her mom

>tfw no gf to call your property
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How come only old people are bikers?
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This is why the US lost the vietnam war
Move to Australia.


>want gf for long time
>reflect why
>realize interactions with female friends is me making them laugh or me laughing at stupid things they say
>realize I hate being bothered by their mood swings
>realize they never thought provoking
>realize I just want sex
>dont want gf anymore

I would like kids one day but I want a maid to care of them while working. I don't want to live or deal with woman. It like marrying big dumb miserable child.

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>I hate being 5'9

Try being 5'6 and having lordosis, yes im around the age of 18 and I kinda like my face but I just look stupid. I doubt I'll grow since I basically never ate fruits or vegetables when I was getting into puberty. I can pass it off at my age but when I get older I will be a laughing stock. When I say I'm around the age of 18 I'm also not older than twenty either.
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Do you consider 6' to be tall?

t. 6'
It is, compared to average heights. People say that is average and not tall because it makes people that are tall feel better/superior, women say it because height doesn't matter for them because they're only considered short if they are 5ft or below and too tall if they are 6ft.

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that make you ask
>why was this allowed?
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>want to be a good employee, but struggling with working fast enough to multi-task
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>not running the line with your superior culinary knowledge

comical. step to me, slut.

t. fembot chef
Pick one and only one.

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no friends.jpg
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Sure, i'll be your mate. Wanna play l4d2 or something?
What do you like to do for fun, anon? Besides shitpost. I'll be your "dickhead" friend.
Hey its you again
Consider that this approach is more likely to drive people away than attract them.

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>that kid who looked up to you and thought you were the coolest guy ever
>that look of pity and realization as the years go by and he realizes what a fucking loser you are

Anyone else know this feeling?
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What changed? Why are you a loser now?
I'm a security guard so kids still think I am awesome when they see me. If only they knew how miserable I am... I guess some of them will know some day.

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>You what?
>C'mon, anon. You know the rules.
>No job, no car, no gf!
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