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get fucked.gif
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I just made some roasties extremely fucking toastie. This is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and probably the crowning achievement of my life so far.
>sitting at an intersection waiting to make a left turn
>the light is red
>a group of drunk roasties pull up behind me (I live in a college town)
>one of them is clearly plastered as she is leaning half her body out the window to shout at the people behind them
>as soon as the light turns green for the left turn this cunt honks her horn at me
>so I give them the finger for a solid 5-10 seconds and drive really slow
>the entire time they are screaming at me fuck you
>feels good man
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Meh. You should have called the cops.
I find it amusing how they were rude and aggressive to me, and then they get mad that I treat them with the same kind of respect. It feels good to break a sluts pretty princess attitude. I almost wish I had gotten out of my car, grabbed the skateboard in my trunk, and walked up to their car to smash it with my skateboard. It would've been hilarious to see their frightened reaction and faces. But I know that's not right to do and would get me in big trouble.
>But I know that's not right to do

It is, arguably.

> would get me in big trouble.

Here's the rub.

Wish you could shoot oil and banana peels from the back of your car like in MarioCart.

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Whats the most painful way to kill myself?
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OP, have you considered getting the surgery that makes you taller? Normally I wouldn't recommend it, but 5'4 is pretty shitty and if you're going to kill yourself, what do you really have to lose?
by becoming a trap and letting numerous guys bareback you, you'll eventually get some kind of STD and die a slow painful death
That surgery is like 600grand and your legs are basically broken for 2 years. It's also only performed in russia

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>tfw left the furry folder open and when i came home door was open
wooo boys what the no

is this what i get for being a dogfucker
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wooo boys what the no
>tfw mom saw the loli hip and kicked me out the house thinking i was some kind of pedophile

wooo boys
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jared leto.jpg
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>mum found the handholding folder
woo boys

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My gf kissed another guy, 3 years together for nothing. If youre thinking

>"hehe cuck, won't happen to me"

Stop right there because I am a good looking guy, I treated her well, I was dating below my league, yet, she still did it

Thankfully it wasn't a chunk or nigger, I made damn sure of that. Now I'm moving back to New Zealand to the place I was born, with no job, home or friends
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Coming back from Canada, eh? At least your acne cleared up.

This is what happens when you don't take the redpill anon

Women these days are whores.
>I treated her well

lol amateur

Y-Yuru Yuri,hajimaruuuuyo~!
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I want to fuck akari

begins cctv
>heart censor
why bother

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If you're all virgins and lonely why don't you just meet up with eachother and fuck?
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Well that would explain all the trap threads.
Calling all traps: post a headshot in this thread and we'll audition to be your bf. NO ROASTIES.
I would do that, but nobody here is man enough to make me his slave submissive boy, so I don't want it.

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>tfw the sunshine girl is sleeping
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whats the susnhine girl
The s/t sucked. MBV forever
I can't even listen to shoegaze anymore. All of it sounds fucking terrible except MBV.

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>tfw 5'4 beta weakling

Nobody wants to be my gf, feels bad
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former chad here, having gf is overrated anon
Why do you say that?


because i have $$ and not interested in gf's anymore anon

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>finally booked an escort

So long virgins, I hardly knew ya
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how did you do it? i've been wanting to for a few years but the verification process freaks me out
you won't be able to get an erection and she'll laugh at you
Faggot, it doesn't count. Sure, you physically got your dick wet, congrats, but you didn't actually pull any of the social skill needed, you didn't earn it.

What's even more funny is that you'll lose your virginity to some used-up whore that could not give any less of a shit about you.

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Dubs for good grades. Bless up.
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reroll please god pleaaaaaase
>STILL no bitcoin options contracts

why do people waste their money on this pump and dump meme coin
Can i at least have a job and a place to stay when I fuck up? Can I please go back to school afterward? Please?

I've realized this is basically containment board for teenagers. I've gotten over tfw no gf phase. In short, I won't be browsing this board anymore and wanted to formally say goodbye. I've enjoyed some of the wojak, wagelord, and tomoko threads. Thanks for being there and the occasional laughs. I'll be on /sci/, /lit/, /his/, and /int/ if you ever want to talk. Later.
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>/sci/, /lit/, /his/, and /int/

good riddance.
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OP is a supreme faggot
Slipknot get out and stay out nu-metal loving faggot.

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I just realized after 20 years that me being molested as a kid by a teacher at school fucked up my life. Nobody knows it happened to me, I've never sought help from mental health services.

Turning 30 soon and I'm still a shut-in NEET because of it, dropped out of high-school, never held a job, don't drive, never been able to make friends for 20+ years, never been able to get a GF since can't even fathom sexual stuff.

Parents keep telling me I need to go see a psychologist because there's obviously something wrong with me. I think I'm ready to go now, I've accepted the fact I literally cannot function in society because of this shit.

What can I expect a psychologist to help with? Should I just tell them from the start? I've self-diagnosed myself with severe depression, anxiety and AvPD.
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sometimes it's nice just to have an unbiased ear listen. Yes, tell them from the start anything and everything you want to say. They will guide you in conversation, so don't stress about it too much. This is an important first step

Proud of you, anon.
>What can I expect a psychologist to help with?
Unfortunately, psychologists are just like everyone else, some of them are useless and some of them have firm and stupid beliefs that are covering up their own problems.

You should definitely tell them straight away. If it's something you think you might chicken out on, just literally tell them straight away and say that you were worried you'd never tell them otherwise. They'll get it.
Woah woah woah was it a girl teacher?

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There are people out there right now that have no friends AND no internet.

It can always be worse.
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it's easy as fuck to make friends, but what's the point in having them?
That episode was so sad. Poor polnareffu
Gasp I never thought of that.

Books must have been their friends.

What would life be without internet?

I don't want to even imagine.

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>Comrade Anon, care for a cigar?

How do you respond?
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This communist faggot is a distant relative of mine. Feels bad man
this is what i would do, too bee honest
*teleports behind him*

Sorry, but I'm too busy making America great again!

*slices both guys in half with one lightning fast movement that is so fast you cant even see it*

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hewwo r9k ;3 ;3

mai name ish dakotuh, i am looking for fwiends

add me on discord pwease


thank yew
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How you doing bro. You look pretty damn handsome

add me
Eh fuck it. I'll bite.

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