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I can feel it bros, my entire life has been building up to this. I think it's gonna happen soon, I'm finally about to go berserk and kill this fucking bitch
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Oh fuck ya, story time anon. Tell us what she did to you.
If your reason is worthy, please do

And live stream it so the mainstream media can be flooded with Beta uprising bringing more attention to our cause.
BTFO that thot.

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>Wasn't born in the comfy countryside where women don't suck 7 dicks a week
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They do that here. Except they also do lots of meth now too.
I lived in a town of 1k people in highschool. All the Stacie's chug Chad cock even more because there is literally nothing else to do.
>ywn live in Salem, in the USA.

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My sister is going to marry a pajeet and move to India.

How can i stop this

Help me bro's
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Shit in her driveway. Prepare her for the future
I want to stop it not prepare her for the future

What you are saying is counter productive
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>not having him hook you up with a qt

ur dumb

Mom got me a birthday gift when I told her numerous times that I don't want gifts in general, ever. What do I say so that I don't come off as too unappreciative?
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why don't you want a gift?
I just simply don't want people to give me things for free like that, it feels wrong to me in a way. Can't really describe the feeling
Just take the gift retard, stop making this a huge personal or philosophical thing. It's not.

Giving gifts is just normal tradition

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poo poo pepe.jpg
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One, two, suckle my poo.
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3 4 everyone walk the dinosaur
Five, six, let's suck some dicks.
seven, eight, get the fuck out m8.

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Do immensely ugly women have a chance at a happy life?
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Yes, if they aren't stupid
Makeup and hair do wonders
No. Attractiveness is everything, it's the only thing, when it comes to attracting a mate as a female.

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How do I get rid of my sex drive without mutilating or poisoning myself?
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>develop crippling depression
>get diagnosed
>take sertraline/Zoloft

worked for me
He said without poisoning himself
>develop crippling depression
This was enough for me

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plastic surgery.jpg
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If I got a chin implant I could raise my looks from maybe 4/10 to 7/10 or at least. Should I go through with it?
In the past I was already somewhat insecure about my appearance since by chin is a bit on the weak side, however with my fuckboy hair i didn't look all bad. But now that I'm noticeably balding it definitely ruins my look because the only look a bald guy can go for is a super masculine one. And I can't grow any facial hair at all so that option isn't there.
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Highly doubt a chin implant makes you go up 3 points. It usually maxes at 1.5 point upgrade or neutral. Sometimes it makes you worse.

BTW guy in pic had double jaw surgery, chin advancement, and a nose job.
If a weak chin is your main flaw it can easily improve your appearance a whole lot. Its a really prominent feature, basically you cannot look masculine without a large chin. Balding can really make your appearance drop down a lot because it changes the balance of your face, especially if your chin is small - it makes your forehead a lot more prominent and makes you look like an egghead if you used to look ok before. A bald guy can still look good but for that a strong chin is extremely important.
No it's usually only a minor improvement. 1-1.5 points. The difference between a 4 and 5.5 is enough to get it though.

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I had a realization last night at the club. As I observed everyone, the interactions between groups of men and groups of women, how they all treated each other, I realized that I don't want to play this game.
I don't want to have to watch my body language every second I'm outside. I don't want to have to be careful not to text back too soon, or to try and conceal my feelings for fear of driving someone away. I don't want to play the whole game of seduction. The timing, the eye contact, the subliminal pheromones, the people you surround yourself with, the math... I don't want to compete.
Why can't I just be loved for what I am without having all the extra? If I committed to this whole game, I know I could come out with a wonderful woman. But she wouldn't be loving me. She would be loving an abstraction of myself that I've carefully calculated to attract her. I wouldn't want that. I don't want to wear a mask my whole life.
I just want to love a woman who also loves me. That's it. I've reached a point where I'm truly comfortable with myself and have accepted who I am, now why won't anyone else?
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I'm too lazy and apathetic to actually try to pursue relationships. Even if I did care, I have more important things like university to worry about and I don't want to waste my money on dates and other shit like that.
just wait til your 30s when Stacey is done riding the cock carousel and you'll have your unconditional love
oh, and she's not interested in sex anymore, cus she's "just not feeling it"
if you can stay somewhat positive you're on a good path here. if you're truly candid about things and just live life, as contradictory as it sounds, you will actually play the 'game' you mentioned pretty well.

This faggot listed his striped shirt on ebay for 12 grand. You've got to be kidding me. The whole trans thing is a ploy to get pussy. At least he's committed
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The even crazier thing is that someone will buy it.
link me! Yaaaaaaaaaas daddy, I wanna see dat shit mang.
Looks like he's lost some weight at least.

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How do girls react when you compliment them?
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If you have the courage to compliment a girl you are a normie
>inflating women's egos even further

Why would anyone do this
They like it. I feel uncomfortable when I get compliments.

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Hey Germanbots and fellow autist who want to translate it

A 15y old girl just wrote this to my niece. How do you feel about it and why don't you try your luck with kids?
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>haha just fuck kids bro, what's a law anyway
tl;dr "Stay away from me you pervert or else my refugee husband Muhammad will blow you up".
That's pretty much a false translation

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Sick of coming to this place and there's a dozen trap threads or racist idiots making Blacked threads.

Isn't there anything we can do about this?
I don't care if it means /r9k/ will have to become a SFW board, I just want all this stupid porn to disappear.
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We should be directing our hate toward normies not each other.

Also, I want her to snap my neck with her thighs.
Real robots and wizards left long ago
We're at wizchan, come be with actual robots
/r9k/ would be much better off as a blue board. also every trace of /lgbt/ should just disappear from 4chan, it hasn't even got a place here.

How does this make you feel /r9k/ ?
orange juice
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>girls do this and torment mentally ill people
>they are then surprised when he snaps and kills her
not saying I condone it but really doe
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it makes me glad i turned gay

glad i never have to deal with women again

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Shouldnt be allow
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You speak the truth OP
Women should be taken as wives without their consent and once married they are to stay loyal to that person forever.
Being against racemixing is not supporting hate, but loving yourself. People that date outside of their race have self hatred. They are broken.

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