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How do we get rid of them? Literally dozens of threads are posted every hour and somehow it's not considered spam? I wish they would fuck off to some backwater board like >>>/po/ and leave us alone.
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How do we get rid of them? Literally dozens of threads are posted every hour and somehow it's not considered spam? I wish they would fuck off to >>>/pol/ and leave us alone.
I hate you and you don't belong here

we love traps tho

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What is the ACTUAL common denominator among robots? Everybody doesn't have autism, everybody isn't a NEET. Is it their parents? In that case, what specific issues do they have? I'm thinking that the mom has bipolar disorder, and the dad is low test beta/absent? Are there any studies done on this?
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I'm short ugly Indian and have health problems.

The common denominator is we suck at life.
How was your relationship with your mother? Did she have mental issues? How was your father?
That's a pretty decent description of my parents, so you can throw me into the mix

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>tfw no sleeveless turtleneck gf

any~ femanon want to be my sleeveless turtleneck gf?
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sleeveless turtleneck get over yourself
sleeveless turtleneck no u
I used to wear sleeveless turtle necks but stopped for some reason

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>just realized I'm beginning to talk to myself

The ride is just getting started boys
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i talk to myself but only for the benefit of the aliens who listen to me in order to mislead them
even this post may be a clever ruse
i used to do that all the time. doesn't mean you're going crazy, just means you're lonely.
I've been talking to myself for years and i haven't gone off the deep end

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black hole.jpg
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Who /astronomy/ here? Shit's fucking cool
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The CMB proves the universe is about 15 billion years old, checkmate christfags
why is it cool?
>Who /astronomy/ here? Shit's fucking cool
Not that cool

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>some type of loser joins my discord
>I ask to know his identity
>he beats around the bush and spergs out
>I ban him
talk about autism you experience
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link the doujin nerd
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also interested in sauce
that better be a male in your picture

Share your yearbook pictures robots. Can you guess which kids from my pic grew up to be chads/stacys/robots?
Spot the blacksheep
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The kid with the blonde hair standing right under the sign looks like a huge Chad.
And you wouldn't be wrong anon. Literally the smartest kid in the class, great at sports and somehow went from being one of the shorter boys to growing to 6'2.
Also he's in med school probably banging every stacy that exists.
Are you brazilian ? The stuff on the board is written in portuguese

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If you are not White, or at least a Westerner, for the sake of your mental health you should stay the fuck out of 4chan. Not only because what is discussed here has no relevance to your culture, but also because you will be hated and no one will sympathize with you. Try and get this into your head, these people are not the redpilled heroes of the world. They're just degenerates. And this is a website ONLY for Westerners. So stop taking what they say seriously. Irl no one is going to want to kill you if you walked in a street in a Western country. Stop getting offended and cucked by narrow-minded racism.
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try make me fuck off lil white boi
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Yeah no shit OP you got any more truth bombs you wanna drop on me?
Wrong indeed. Whites can't be robots, in a culture made by whites, it's literally pathetic

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At what age did you realize you were different from everyone around you?
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5 when my parents decided to homeschool me
At what age did you realise you really aren't? 23 for me
When I was 3-4 years old.

You faggots think that being beta is hard? You couldn't be any more wrong

>Be me in college
>An athletic typical alpha male
>Everyone expects me to do best in sports
>Getting chased by chicks everywhere when I just wanna relax and be alone
>People always count on me and expects me to be the best
>Everyone doesn't stop bothering me
>"Hey Anon could you let me borrow this?" "Hey Anon, could you take me to the dance?"
"Hey Anon, add me on Normiebook"
>I have to say yes to everything or else people will think I'm an asshole

You faggots should be glad you don't have to deal with all this shit. You could just go around say whatever you want and not give a fuck. You people have so low expectations that no one bothers you and you can just be alone and relax which is something that I want.
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ok? just stop talking to people then if you want to be beta? just everyone who asks you to do something or wants to talk to you just say I dont want to talk right now and walk away.
Hahahahahaaha kys
Yeah I hate it too. When I go to the bathroom to take a piss, as soon as I unzip my pants a girl is already on her knees sucking my dick. The worst is when they drink my pee afterwards.

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Why do I always feel like I want to do *something* but I have no idea what that something is and I'd be too lazy to do it anyway even if I did know?
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I dont kno u
It is how your brain is wired. It looks for tasks to undertake.
I'm the same OP. I feel like I wanna do a university course or something, but then I'll be bored in a month so why bother. Thats my current "Thing" anyway

You wouldnt fuck your little brother.
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Probably not, you're right.
Nope. Besides being my brother he is
>>brown hair
>>blue eyes
>>taller than me
>>uglier than me
>little brother is dead
op's statement checks out this time

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Well i made my tinder profile

About 20 minutes ago. I think my pics are alright but i need help on the bio. It's stupid. It reads:

>all lives matter, including spiders
>outdoor enthusiast, lover of all animals, adrenaline junkie

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are you looking for the love of your life or to smash some roastie sluts?
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>all lives matter, including spiders
>Ooga booga where da white women at

That's how you do it nigger

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ITT: post the most retarded thing you've ever done

>be me
>bought some eggs to make some breaky
>one of the eggs was stuck in the carton
>try prying it out but nothing worked
>decide to flip carton over and shake it out
>a literal dozen of eggs instantly smash against the ground
>mfw the stuck egg was still in the carton
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>Be me
>Read this thread
Definitely the most retarded thing I've done
>switch from /fit/ to /tv/
>be me
>driving to cabin four hours away
>decide to leave early to get there in the afternoon
>forgot to take morning shit but whatever
>two hours in I'm driving down gravel roads
>have to shit really bad
>decide to pull over and shit on side of road
>guy drives past me while I'm squatted behind car
>he stops and pulls over
>start looking for toilet paper in trunk
>he gets out and starts approaching car still not seeing me
>yells "hello?"
>pull up pants quickly
>we talk and I explain I had to piss
>had to throw out underwear covered in shit
>shit got everywhere
>used almost the whole roll yet still smelt like shit the rest of the ride there
>jumped in lake the second I got there and washed all the shit off

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Hey, guys. Just thought I'd share pic related with you all... It's what I've learned from being on /r9k/ for many years now.

Thank you so much.
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>Thank you so much

Aaaand back you go, Mr.Reddit
As a beta kid (at around 13-14 years old before discovering 4chan and going full omega) I knew some girls personally. Saw them laugh and cry and knew all about them.
Never saw them naked though and it only lead to frustration. So as I was in the pit of despair I managed to take a bitch to my room. I'm not even sure of her name. But I saw her naked. Since then I've felt completely awesome. It's like I don't even belong here anymore. To top things off, she's been messaging and calling me and I just reply with poorly thought one liners, if I can be bothered to reply. Yet she still wants me to see her naked again.

Anyways long story short that picture is bullshit.
Go the fuck back to normiebook

What the fuck has this to do with robots?

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