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Reminder that you can not be a robot if you are a
>White supremacist
>Drumpf supporter
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>T. ass blasted bernie bot
T. Racist

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this film fucked me up
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Sauce please (it's for a firendd)

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I really don't want there to be an afterlife or reincarnation or anything at all, really. Once is enough. More than enough.

The fact that this reality can exist in the form of a lifetime is horrifying enough. What else is waiting for us out there?
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were you bullied in school

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Nah, they didn't even bother bullying me, I was just ignored.

Yeah. Not sure why. Maybe because the somewhat popular kids needed someone to pick on and that someone was me. I've noticed that the real popular kids at my schools never picked on me, most of them liked me and they're my friends to this day, but the ones who got made fun of behind their backs hated me.

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are we all just a bunch of insane sociopaths that think were normal because we only associate with insane sociopaths?
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Sociopaths are the only ones that are sane though, because they think for themselves of which makes it harder to take advantage of them. You may think that creates disorder, but that's only because no one else is a sociopath and they are the one percent. Despite that, they can fit in pretty well for being more evolved then everyone else.
Normies can tell you're a bad person.

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have you ever eaten your roommate's food without their consent?
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I've eaten his ass without my consent
Never had a roommate because I am not a normalfag.
I ate my niece's steak once. Bit juicy for my tastes, but hey.

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Why does my older sister always crawl into bed with me at night and cuddle me and kiss my face until we fall asleep?
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i do not know, really, I have no idea
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>tfw you have read almost every worthwhile brother sister incest story on the internet
Because anything's possible when you're making shit up

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Is she a man hating feminazi?

What is her personality like?
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I cum to the right pic every wednesday
Look at the smug cunty face, what do you think her personality is like?
Haughty and arrogantly superior?

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Scared of the world outside
You should go explore.
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who here //getting drunk//
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I've put back 3/4 a bottle of Jaeger already and it don't seem like im stopping
Started antabuse two medications that kill sugar and alcohol cravings a few weeks ago. I don't even feel like drinking. Feels good.
*antabuse and two medications

And they wonder why I only talk to eastern women. Makes you think.
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Maybe the movie was so good he didn't want to miss a moment of it.
Fucking roasties man, never appreciate the arts or anything.

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What does /r9k/ think of Rick and Morty?
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I wish I could like it again
It was a fun show,but now reddit has turned it into nihilistic philosophy...and take it seriously
It's a good, dumb show. Anytime people tell me about how smart it is my blood pressure doubles. I do like the show though.

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>100% (one hundred percent) turbulent
Someone save me
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Just give me one (You) and I'll let the thread die.


what does turbulent mean

There are few real reasons to want a gf

One of those reasons is having the ability to eat sweaty ass whenever you want
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a hairy ass fag does that job 100x times better than a woman
Are girls into this?
I live in AZ and it's hot as shit here year round, and the thought of just feasting on a cute girl's stinky sweaty asshole drives me crazy. I have a sustained erection throughout most of the day
>wanting that stubble grinding against your asshole
wow what a fag

post em here niggers
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More or less implied that she's crying
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You need to actually post pictures to dump OP

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