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6'1 here, thinking about wearing lifts to seem even taller. Do you guys think all us tallfags should start wearing lifts so the average height is raised even further?
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>us tallfags

5'8 manlet here and sorry to burst your bubble but>>37697499 is right.

Congrats on being "not short" though, sport.
What counts as tall? I'm 6'2. Is that tall?

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>tfw to masculine to be a cute passable trap
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tfw, i just wanna be cute and girly
>tfw hate the idea of having a beard
>people say it's just le sour grapes meme because I barely grow any hairs
>I hate the four fucking hairs I do grow
I don't even want to be a whore, just to have a nice feminine body
fuck male traits, I hate boasting and competing just because
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DW see here nigger.jpg
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why does the cuck moderation here allow this faggot indoctrination autism to run rampant?

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>aquiline nose
>moles on face and body
>keratosis pilaris
>under 6'0
>underweight and no muscle mass whatsoever
>dress like autist and have no social skills
Is there even a point in going on?
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>aquiline nose
how is that an issue?
makes me look like a goy
mate, another term for aquiline nose is roman nose

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Why people on this board hate wagecucks? We already have it bad as it is. Society runs on wageslaves. I demand respect!
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Me and you both anon.

>Anon, fix my mac!
Ok, first of all that's a PC and second what's wrong?
>it's broken
Makes neets feel just a little better about their meaningless lives.

Also just people trolling
but your the cogs in the bad system keeping the good down

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Who is r9k player here?
Wanna boost/coach me?
d4 mid
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>asking for choaching/boosting
>tfw i'm gold5
Stop fucking reminding me i'm shit.at the game. FUCK
Hey you're not shit, you're technically better than over half of na's players
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add me, i got like 4 accounts. no bread, skooma1, vitaex, i got more i just dont remember the logins. i peaked diamond 3 in season 3 and 4, and stopped trying and decayed cos the game changed too much. add me pls. rn im on "no bread

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farmer pepe.jpg
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>tfw just spent 2 days on a farm
>tfw I am now a country boy

You jelly, citycucks?
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How solitary is it?
How much work is it?
You work to survive...
kek, I spent close to 8 months but I didn't do shit.

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Surprisingly enough, I did. For some reason they liked me enough to be acquaintances, but not friends.
I got maybe 10 signatures each year of highschool
Had one strange foreign kid closest to me sign it first. Next people i asked refused or something so i gave up. so my yearbook had just the name of some other nobody.

I always tried to hide on yearbook signing day.

>"Daddy, what does 'colonized' mean? I heard mommy tell her friend you 'colonized' her all night!"
Uh oh. What do you tell her?
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race mixing either creates extravagant beauties or disgusting meshes, there doesn't seem to be an inbetween
that's on the fucking wife is there a fire? daddy does not have to deal with everything this does not appear to be an emergency honestly just forget about it kid's don't have very good memories
It means you're gonna have a little brother or sister in 9 months, sweetheart!

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I just finished fucking my qt3.14 escort from my last 1 reply thread >>37694613 and her black person makeup got all over my face and now it looks like I have black face!

I have to take another shower now reeeeeeeeeeeee
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You should always shower after prostitute sex anon. And pee too.

And don't fuck niggers you fucking animal.
>howd you get the price down
>why the fuck would you kiss a prostitute
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She's qt3.14 white washed. Looks very similar to this webm., no bullshit. She even has a white voice lol

pls no bully

She's not really a traditional hooker/escort. I met her through craigslist. I used to have a scheme:
>post an ad for an "odd job"
>only answer the female replies and make up a story about how I'm an awkward guy that wants to learn how to/practice kissing to gain confidence with women and will pay for it
>meet up and slowly push them to more sexual things, "how do girls like to be kissed on the neck" "how do they like their breasts sucked", etc
>Eventually got squad of 3-4 regular women that would meet up with, I used to pay them $60 each and slowly brought it down to $40, one even let me do $20 a visit
>I eventually got ghosted by all of them except the black girl when they realized I was using them for sexual relief
>me and her meet up at least once a month

I really like kissing desu, and doing it helps stave off that feeling of loneliness and lack of intimacy. It's just nice to get that close to another human being, ya know having nothing else matter in the world but connecting with each other. I can't explain it.

Maybe one day I'll get tfwgf and experience it authentically.

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>discover how cheap it is to set up smartphone VR porn
>all roasties on suicide watch

How can they compete? Where is your power now femshits? All these feminist movements will be for nothing when the VR industry inevitably booms.
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bumping for the inevitable shitstorm of femanons that come crawling out of the woodwork
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>mfw VR wymmyn laugh at me like they do irl

do men really believe this? sounds like a pitiful refuge for those of us who don't want to touch you. my bf begs for my touch.

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>Has social anxiety
>Probably a 6/10 if I'm being honest
>Probably has some mental disorders, too
>Depression, depersonalization, etc.
>I hate myself
>However, I'm not a virgin
C-can I still be a robot? Gaiz?
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Gaiz, pls. I even posted pepe the frog! See? Get it? I'm one of you guys!
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Everyone thinks they're a 6 until life tells you, you're a 3-4
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bearded wojak.jpg
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You're probably just a special snowflake. If you were a virgin, maybe you'd be a robot.

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It's pretty available in my city and I've been thinking it would be a good way to end things. I've been under the impression that it would be completely painless but I'm not so sure. I don't want to spend my last moments feeling myself choking to death on vomit but I've read that you're not even conscious or aware when that's happening.

I just want to hike up into the woods, find a comfy spot to shoot up and fade away in a nice quiet place away from all this shit so that maybe my last moments might be somewhat pleasant and there will be no chance of being saved.
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never tried heroine but i want to because everyone says its good.
which city?
Give Jesus a call.
i wouldn't advise killing yourself, but if youre determined to do it, why dont you shoot up a place and take some normies with you?

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Ask a guy with giantism anything?

>tfw 8'3
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Do you like Andre the giant?
also do you work as a wrestler?
you could be in movies man
How gigantic is dick?
hows it goin my origami

I'm going to spend a week in the Philippines with an 8/10 Filipina trap I've only talked to online

Will I regret this?
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im in the same boat OP except change trap to grill and destination to Thailand. Tbh pal I would advise against the Phillipines. Duterte isn't keen on sex tourism and there's also ISIS faggots running around right now.

Go to Thailand instead. They specialize in ladyboys. Furthermore, if you're looking for asian-esque traps/girls Thailand has plenty. Its outfitted for tourism and probably safer.

P.S Do they speak good english in the phillipines?
why don't you go ask /lgbt/ you giant waste of space normalfag?
>ISIS faggots running around right now.
The terrorist threat in the country is exaggerated, as long as you steer clear of the southern islands you'll be fine

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how do i deal with people asking me how am i doing ,and i say i'm good ,then they say you don't sound like it.
it keeps happening recently and its really bothering me.
its just like random people i encounter or people that work at stores when i buy something.
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Just tell them straight up that you don't sound like you're good because you were lying about feeling good to avoid talking about feeling like shit.

It will shut then up. They are just strangers who you'll never see again anyway, even if you do see them again they won't remember you. No need to lie to them.

If they do remember you they'll remember not to ask stupid questions next time.
no matter how you feel just say "doing pretty god how about you" and carry on its just not worth it no one cares and im not saying that like "oh you need to man up and stop feeling bad blah balh ba" seriously though i dont get why people ask it if you dont know them at all ill ask it to people just to be nice but honestly its not worth it no one would give good advice or be like "hey man youre not a pussy and youre not pathetic"

and people always talk like "hey man live every day like its your last" but mention actually wanting to kill yourself and theyd call you an idiot nd say "life gets better" even though nothing is "bad" i just dont really enjoy anything
it happened to me 3 times by the same lady at the bank when i cash my paycheck. she says really loud in front of the other people .. how are you and i say im alright and she says ooohhh you dont sound like it. then i say nothing.
then at the dollar store the cashier says to me "how are you doing" i say good she says it doesnt sound like it... i just stare at her and she says " one of those days huh"? and i look out the window and i say "no" its a nice day. and she just like puts her head down and she gets kind of mad. then at my job we had a delivery and the same question.. same answer. then i just stay at the guy and say nothing. and he says oh its hot your probably hot and i just said hmm yea im kind of tired.

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