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>oneitis and I happen to be walking next to eachother
>shit shit shit
>glancing at me, clearly wants to talk
>just stare straight ahead
>awkward as hell
>turn 360 degrees and virgin walk away

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Nobody cares about your highschool problems
I wrote an ode to Hitler in the priest's bible
I'll make you care, bitch boy. *unzips monster cokk*

say fuck mah white ass bitch.

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>Go to class
>Designated cumdumpster slave called in sick
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But doctor, I am the designated cum dumpster!
Fuck it's not just me? God dammit what is happening

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I Have;
>11 GCSE's
>3 A-Level's
>1 Bachelor of Engineering degree with honours
But I still can't get a fucking job, what's wrong with me?
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find aspirations
way better than qualifications
>he fell for the STEM meme

Let me guess, it was a 3rd degree from Leeds Metropolitan and you had no work experience/internships to go along with it.
Derby, and I got a year placement with the 4 year course.

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New normie filter. No normies can open images now
the think switched image servers
the address is different

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The Official 4/20 thread.
Let us talk about the true Shooters that started it all and gave birth to Cho, Lanza, and Pekka.

Fuck Elliot though cause he failed his overall objective which was the sorority girls.
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No posts?
Where is the love?
>anniversary of Columbine
>literally only this thread up on /r9k
what the fuck happened to this board?
Jesus Christ, these lads are our fucking saviors and you cant even show them the tiniest amount of respect.
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How can you look at that picture and not realize they are the creators of South Park.

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If you had a magic lamp, and you could start over at any point you like, where would you start over your life again? What problems would you try to fix? I would go back to 9th grade. If I knew what I did now in 9th grade, I'd be a rocket scientist by now.
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I don't have the energy to go through everything that happens for years, and the eventual change it will bring. I'll be constantly comparing both realities, and will forever wonder about what would've happened if I hadnt gone back.

I don't think that thought will leave me, so I'd rather not have it.

Maybe just an hour ago, to have some fun
Right after high school graduation. Like literally that night. I sat binging on netflix and junk food and then porn when everyone went to sleep. That set a dangerously lazy precedent. I'd know just how petty my fears and preconceived notions about the world were and confront them fucking immediately. Fuck.
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Too late to start over, I'd just wish for a couple million dollars so I could live without having to leave the house.

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So wage cucks work 8 hours every day except for two.
On a weekday they work 8 hours. 8 - 24 = 16 which means that after sleep the wagie only gets 4 hours for eating traveling and chilling.

And on a weekend only actually get 24 hours off.
What the fuck?? How is this not slavery?
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How much do you make? When I worked hours like that I got 250 usd a month, but then they fired me for not making enough profit...
are you in a developing country?
working 40 hours a week at minimum wage you'll earn $1000-1100 after taxes.
I abstain from slavery and give my parents a cut of my wealth as compensation for their hospitibal living conditions that they supply me with

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>tfw probably bisexual but not gay enough to go fuck guys

its a weird feel
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Same, my dude

Fuck of I don't want to make it original
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Yee yee brother
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>tfw sexual but not cool enough to fuck anyone at all

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Ever realized that a lot of people on 4chan are just fucking stupid?
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yes all of the time

now I feel stupid for not being able to robot unique message i don't want to solve more vehicle ai recognition just fuck my future up senpai fucking botnet reee
Just in general dude. 4chan isn't exceptional in that regard.

It's worth noting that this isn't a reason to dislike someone though.
this post is too much encrypt with power for us
now it is i the stupid one at alast

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chanell heart.jpg
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Who is your favorite nigress pornstar?
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Honestly OK, I feel like the majority of the answers you'd get would be
>pic related

And rightfully so,but i have to throw in an honorable mention to Tia Sweets, and Bambi Bliss. Alot of baby better has been spilt at the hands of those two nigger whores. But, the the amount of cum I've blasted at the hands of Skin Diamond really puts almost ALL pornstars of every color to shame.
Tila Flame

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>work at starbucks
>new unicorn drink went live yesterday
>out store sold 417 of the fuckers in a day
>had a college class of 20 people come in and each order one all with modifications while every car in the drive-thru was ordering at least 2 all while we only had 3 people working
>5 minutes before closing a woman came in and ordered 42. Forty-fucking-two.
>half the store covered in fine pink dust
>fingers stained purple

I had the day off today but have to go back in tomorrow. How do you guys keep the will the go on? Also, don't any of you fuckers dare order one of these drinks.
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That looks unhealthy as fuck. Who would touch that disgusting crap
That looks like fresh unicorn jizz.
It's such a weird looking drnk that I'm gonna at least try it once.
What's in it? orignal coffee

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Good job Gordon
You're an asshole, Gordon
was she cute?


Hey guys,
should i watch the series "13 reasons why" ?
i've heard that its about a roastie killing herself, because of "muh teen girl problems" ,sounds
do you recommend it? or is it just overrated?
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The only people who fully understand why suicide is an option are those who have succeeded, and those who have failed and regret not trying harder.
Unrealistic story, she kills herself because she is raped by chad. We know women love being raped by chad
the worst part about the show is the girl who killed herself, she's pretentious

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>unexpected guests at home
>lock yourself in bathroom
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>unexpected guests at home
>xtreme anxiety and stress fulfill my body
I locked myself in the bathroom on my graduation night, good times
I'm glad other people do this. Once i locked myself in there for several hours

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So I'm making a six layer sphere out of gores like in pic. Each layer has to be a bit larger than the last because of the thickness of each layer(2mm). How can I figure out how much larger each layer needs to be? I'm sure it's an easy thing figure out, but I'm mathtarded. If I'm not explaining the question clearly, ask me what I'm trying to say.
Simply, If I make a 1000mm circumference sphere, how much larger would I need to make a layer to cover it in 2mm material? 1002mm? 1004mm? I don't know.
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>>>/diy/ , this way sir.
Good bye.
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Well thanks. I thought maybe you folks would like to take a break from questioning your sexuality, and use your mercury derived savant skills for something healthy. I'll post on DIY as well. Sorry to slide any important trap thread.
/r9k/ is not smart nor intelligent in general.<<<

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