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Rate this girl, robots.
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Vietnamese Filipino Mongol


I kid you not, that's a Filipino boy.
But she's a spic.
Will not age well/10. Wait 3-4 years and she'll morph into a goblin, you can already see the beginnings of one.

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>come out of bathroom
>coworkers are all crowded around door and start snickering and checking their watches when I come out

Why wont normies just STOPPP
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>no chairs in the workplace, improves productivity
>eat lunch in my car to sit and rest my sore feet
>put the heater on, get comfy and listen to the radio
>finish and go back inside to continue working
>coworkers all joke about eating in the winter cold
>"anon why are you so cold? don't you like us?"
>"he must think he's HOT STUFF ahahahahaha!!"
>"anon what's wrong why aren't you saying anything?"
>"guys anon is giving me the cold shoulder :("
>cackling normies continue even as i'm leaving

i'm going to bring a gun to work some day
and that will be a very nice day for me
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>coworkers spit in my drink if I leave it unattended at my desk
>happens without fail
>if I don't lock my PC they'll get on there and start deleting my shit
>fuck up the adjustments on my chair every time I leave the building

I should've stayed homeless.
next time jerk off

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>tfw the 90s aren't coming back

>You no longer go into a game store and find something brand new and innovative.

>You can no longer go down to the arcade and find a new and awesome machine with mind blowing 3D graphics. Or find a new 2D game with the best smoothest sprite animation yet.

How do you deal with the fact that the 90s have passed and won't return. It's really difficult for me.
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>you will never again have an internet that's not choked to death with normie shit
that's what it really all boils down to for me
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>mfw OP's life and "nostalgia" is defined by consumerism and what he can buy from the jews
>ywn be able to log onto an aol chat room and cyber with 9 year old girls
Why even wake up tomorrow

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Any robots wanna become tripfags, so we identify each other?

In the name field put: name ##password

Normalfags begone
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What do we do now fellow who i can identify?
Live, friend

Tripcodes come to great use if you're the OP of a thread, or magicly become famous
Oh wait, you intended me to keep doing this in other threads? I dont think thats much useful. It would be, possibly, 1 tripcode 1 thread.
I feel that once you give something a name, a face or any sort of identity it is immediately judged, By having none of this you are sort of eluding past judgement, each time you are a new person much like in reality. Sometimes you can grow 10 years older in a day and sometimes you do not. But not one time during the day are you the same person and if you are, youre doing something wrong. For these reasons i dont think letting others identify you on your past is a good thing.

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i am 19 years old and my hairline is like pic releated

am i fucked or is it normal?
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considering there are endless threads about it, I think it's pretty normal.
Whats normal is relative.
You are talking about a dead bunch of keratin on your head, its good if you think its good.
it's a healthy head of hair

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Get on Omegle fags. video.
Tags: r9k, robot9001, r9komegle, omegler9k
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this place....you...."people"....how? i just.... cant. how are you LIKE this? is this a joke? are you "people" really this autistic and...childish? i just...i cant. i usually just browse /pol/ for funny meme pictures but...how?? is this place?? like this??
thanks for the bump, here's a (you)
i actually wanted to help ur thread

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How come the hot ones only want black dudes lads?
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>Covering up 20% of her face
Because you have really shit taste.
>tats on hands
>tats on neck

She's got a decent frame, but she's obviously a terrible person with shit for brains.

Old phone died on me
I never got around to transferring my phone pepes
Lost at least 40

Brother, can you spare a Pepe?
Anything helps, god bless
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Shoddy lay
Praise cake
Deuce volt
File: 1477451720539.png (132KB, 396x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Deuce volt, OP!
shoddy lay!
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For your anti-normie purposes

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Tfw I kind of feel bad that Hitler lost
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OP's age is definitely under the age of 18. where are the mods?
Damn, beaten by dubs again
fucking cunt you beat me with trips

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lol how can anyone can be against abortion besides raging mra mgtow virgins jealous of everyone and kike worshippers?
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Anyone who wants people who make bad life choices to start popping out babies, needs to be aborted themselves.
What's next? Post birth abortions because "my resources my choice"?
because people with the brainpower of OP could be forced to make a decision regarding the life or death of an unborn child

it may be bait but this needs to be said

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>the means of production in modern society is just to make the rich people of society richer, they're getting tax cuts, meanwhile the costs of living, cost of healthcare etc is absurdly high for the rest of us

How the fuck is this ok
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>implies anyone deserves anything
It's a capitalist free market. Quit bitching and beat the rat race if you think you're so hot, OP.
stop shilling for socialism on /r9k/
if someone here cares about socialism he's aligned with the other famous WW2 era socialism, and that's still like 12 people

do you think aliens exist? maybe they are like us? do you think they feel lonely? dunno dunno
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i love you fateanon
ah see here's the thing, we're not ever meant to meet each other. that's not how this works.

right now, this life, this existence is all about growth. personal individual growth and the growth of the individual people. we aren't supposed to interact with aliens yet. they're still growing and so are we.

the idea is that after a lifetime you're finally ready to move onto the next stage of growth. meeting with alien people and places is something that comes in the next life.

they definitely exist and they definitely feel lonely and they're definitely at least a little bit like us.
The universe is so big that not believing in aliens is dumb

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What are the pros and cons of raping traps?
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File: CktaLCdUoAAHGi1.jpg (75KB, 750x862px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pros: you wont get caught because they like it and fantasize about being raped because their have mental illness. they would value the attention

cons: your fucking a dude
I hate everything about this overused picture of non-passing trap I see it every fucking day just use a different one it doesn't even have to be good looking but there's nothing special about this one at all
>cons: your fucking a dude
Is that really a con, though?

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> Does this make me look fat?
wat say
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no, but can i put my penis into your asshole?
>she says no
rape her
File: -___-57.png (191KB, 676x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no but yer face makes you look stupid
"no, but your ass does!"

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I wanna be a private military contractor so goddamn bad. Kill rampaging shitskins and get paid ass loads of money for it. I've already been training my ass off for the marines so I can get military experience before I join a company. I CANT, FUCKING, WAIT.
Anyone else have a dream job they want?
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Good on you for trying m8.
I joined AF and got fucked.But I learned what I wanted. On my way to being a comfy mechanic.
Respect to mechanics. How was your time in the AF? Alot of my vet buddies call you guys the chairforce but im sure it's just playful bants
I would love to be a barrister

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