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This fucking slut is shut a typical girl. She fucks everyone but me. Fucking whore riding the cock carousel. Out drinking and fucking Chads.
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I can smell that disgusting pussy.
>women have no foresight and live life day to day with their hedonistic parasitic lifestyles
I can't wait until the late 30s when there's an epidemic of depressed single women in their 40s
> She fucks everyone but me
Im guessing you wouldnt care that much if she fucked you too, anon.

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>When something is funny/I like something I will sometimes squeak and rapidly clap my hands right in front of my face while

>When I see something I don't like on the computer I'll audibly REEE and repeatedly slam both hands on the desk for several seconds

>Used to chew gum all the time and use it to greet people by stretching it out of my mouth and bowing
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Loudly bang my fists on the table when I get stupidly killed in CS GO
Bang my fists on the bed when I want to do something and I can't
Struggle to contain my rage and not hurt myself or my environment when small things anger me
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>curl up in a ball on my chair and say "GAS ZEM! GAS ZEM ALL!!!" when I read a newspaper article about a group of people I don't like
>Being on this board

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I have a 122 IQ. ama
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if you are so smart why do you smoke?
Mine is 155 according to a test I took on the internet. There was no time limit on it though. I usually score lower when timed.
Because life isn't a contest to see who can live the longest. It's a contest to see who can become the most powerful.

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Why can't some white men admit that this would feel amazing?
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As a half niggaboo I gotta say nigreses are disgusting, I hate the black skin more than you white people on a bitch

Because I do the same thing to white women and I don't have to pretend they are white.
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as a white girl I agree, everyone should try interracial sex

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>had sex when I was 16 with other girls my age and nobody cared
>If I have sex with a 16 year old now I will go to prison and get raped to death
Fucking why? It's not like you can trick a 16 year into sex like you can a 10 year old. These 16 year olds know what they are getting into. Hell they probably aren't virgins anyways so why does it matter?
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Is that Celestia from My Little Pony?
Let's be honest, if you fuck a 15/16 y/o most people won't give a shit.
Idk. I thought it was a naked girl with blue hair.

>have very emotional argument with girlfriend
>get sentenced to life in prison because "she wouldn't feel safe if you were free"

American women are invincible by law.
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And this is why feminism is retarded.
What is this trial? I really doubt he got life if he didn't deserve it.
i don't like her face

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I really can't stand it anymore.

I'm going to buy a gun as soon as,my next paycheck comes in and I'm going to shoot myself in the High school quad, so they can all know what they did to me. I'm going to do it right before the lunch bell rings, so they'll all be there to see it before any staff block the area. Just as soon as that money comes. If I continue living like this, not only am I giving those who permanently wronged me my consent, I will prove myself a fucking coward to continue living as I am.
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Can you threaten students or something so it gets on the news?

Just go on a rampage and kill Soros or something
>unplanned rampage
>capable of killing Soros
m8 pls.
If you want any realistic chance, you'd have to get your hands on his schedule. Otherwise you'd need at least a squad-sized, professional unit with explosives to breach and murder the fucker in his own home. There's no fucking way he doesn't have bodyguards and his yard's way too large and open to sneak in through.

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>Only 4 months until 2017 is over
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Why stop it? With the salt I've mined this year I can make a car fuelled by it.
delete this right now fucker
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>told myself 2017 would be the year I "fix myself"
>9 months in, no progress
>only myself to blame

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Why are male feminists always so self-righteous and condescending?
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I'm pretty sure most people only take up causes like that to have an outlet for their self-righteousness and condescension in the first place.
>identifying with any movement
Because that's the whole point of being a feminist in this day and age.

There is nothing left to fight for in terms of equality for women because they have everything they could want and then some.

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When did cheating become acceptable? Excluding people I know from church, I have 5 friends under 30 in relationships that have lasted 3+ years. I know for a fact that 4 of those relationships have had at least one person cheat at least once during the relationship and there is a strong suspicion that the 5th relationship also has an instance of infidelity. Both parties in the 4 confirmed instances know about the cheating. Two of the relationships are marriages. One of the marriages, the guy has cheated many times before and after the marriage, with the girl finding out about all of them in short order.

I don't understand this. All of them are intelligent, successful people making plenty of money to live comfortably on. Do I just have a terribly small sample size or is this really common?
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its instinct. no other species are monogamous. animals that appear to be are also cheating to ensure survival of genes if the other one is infertile.
humans are the first to punish adultery and now we stopped. there are no legal negative repercussions. its only formally frowned upon.
>All of them are intelligent, successful people
Thus these people are most likely attractive to the other sex and get opportunities to have sex.
While you can resist for a while, depending on who you are, most people will always eventually give in one way or another.
Being in a comfy long term relationship is cute, but it takes the edge out of the sexual thrill people actually seek. You make love to your wifey, and you feel whole ; but when you ragefuck some submissive slut in secrecy, you feel alive and way more desirable.
I don't get it either. I'm far too proud of a person today to let somebody walk all over me that way. When I was a kid, and very insecure and beta, I still probably wouldn't have.

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>tfw i look like elliot rodger in his 18th birthday
really makes me think
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You are probably going to be as handsome as he was, so do not worry. Girls will like, unless they are complete idiots.
he looks nothing like his dad kek

the wonders of racemixing
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>tfw uglier than roger, dont have a fancy car, wealth or connections to hollywood

How can i ever make it if he couldnt?

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>2017 and Pokemon still aren't real
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i remeber when i was a kid all i ever wanted was a real pokemon
My barber used to tell me he had a charizard in his basement and that all Pokemon lived in Europe, I believed him because I was retarded

Did you follow him into the basement and get molested?

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What does /r9k/ think about r/Incels?
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They're delusional, entitled, and as batshit insane and about as bitter as the average feminist redditor
I like them, but the thing that ruins it is that it automatically sorts the threads by new and moderation is too lax. Wizchan is the superior version of incels.

Kill yourself.
I lurk /r/Incels daily. It's like r9k without all the shitty bait threads.

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>girls expect you to be experienced
>you have to have a gf to get experience
>but you can only get a gf if you are experienced
It all becomes a vicious circle if you don't have sex as a teenager, doesn't it?
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Or a preteen, yes.
Yes op. Lose it before 18, or else.
Pro-tip: you don't have to say you're a virgin to every girl.

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You know what I figured out fellow robots? The difference between us and the normies is how we cope with failure. When a normie does something stupid / gets rejected he brushes it off as no big deal. Meanwhile a robot lets that shame of failure get to him and further destroy his pride. So when you want to have a gf you just have to accept that you're going to do stupid shit in the process and not wallow in your stupidity. Simply learn from the stupid shit you did, and move on. If you embarrassed yourself in front of a girl, I can assure you that she will stop caring after a day or two. If there's a girl you like, just approach her. Don't be afraid that "you might embarrass yourself" because normies embarrass themselves all the time. But the difference between them and you is that they can move on.
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What you're describing is a skill that needs to be developed a little. See, this is why normies often put themselves in unfamiliar situations earlier in life, and they probably received advice similar to this.

I'm guessing most robots were never taught this, so any mistakes they made early in life affected them gravely, to the point where it could still haunt them.

My point being is, I don't think many of us were taught HOW to move on. And as adults, our mistakes mean a lot more than they did as kids.
>My point being is, I don't think many of us were taught HOW to move on. And as adults, our mistakes mean a lot more than they did as kids.
True that. My Dad was never around and my mom was battling alcohilsm and mental disorders when i was younger so i didnt get taught shit like that.
>posting the party rock pepe

get the fuck out

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