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richfags need to die
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Femanon here, if you buy me a vive I'll make it worth your while
Richfag here. Let's work out a deal. I'll bring you a vive, and in exchange you're my cumdumpster fucktoy for a weekend. How about it?
>can't even afford 600$
Being a NEET suddently ain't so great anymore, huh?

Does anyone have any porn where a guy and a girl survive an arctic plane crash and they try to conserve body heat by sleeping in the same sleeping bag and then the guy gets a boner and then they fuck?

If not could you make some pls
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Bump for curiosity. That seems like a typical porn plot but I'm interested
>if not could you make some pls
if there isn't porn already out there it's definitely not going to be made by /r9k/

Not a porn, but I remember a certain James Bond film (View to a Kill I think?) in which he and some Bond girl are hiding from some assassins in this snowy, cold AF location where they wind up fucking to keep warm.

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>tfw 7 inches micropenis
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>7 inches
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>tfw 11 inch micropenis
>tfw girls only like 16+
>3 inch megapenis
It's hard to have sex when your dick keeps getting stuck in your partner's liver. What's it like going balls deep, guys with micro benises?

This is the leader of America guys
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I would like to inform you since you seem like an angry non american that is obsessed with america, the president doesn't have as much power as you think he does, congress does
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Nice try cuck, brand newww cauntent
Those glasses were nothing but a scam.

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What're the dumbest and smartest boards?

I'd say /sci/ and /biz/ are the smartest

Dumbest boards are /x/ and /pol/
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This is how you can tell someone is new. /sci/ is a circle jerk of NEETs and undergrads frantically searching wikipedia articles to support the lie they tell about being some PhD etc. I went there for a few days and was amazed at how dumb they are for a "smart" board. Also computer science isn't a true science.
t. actual microbiology post doc
\b| is clearly the smartest boardad they know what we want. Ylyl and nudes.
And yeah /x/ is the dumbest but than again \pol is pretty fucking stupid as well

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do they call you back anon?
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If I told you once, I've told ya a million times: You've gotta crawl outta that shell of yours and make the first move, Champ. Walk in there, give the manager a firm handshake, and tell him you're the right man for the job. Can't get any simpler than that, Champ.
No. They do not... But thanks for asking, I guess

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>browses r9k
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don't insult me, i am at the very least 9.9
his beauty ends where his jaw begins
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That photo has been photoshopped at least show stan in all his beauty

I've had multiple women tell me I look like pic related from clockwork orange. I have no confidence now because I resemble a maniac even when I look at my best.

Is there any girls who wouldn't mind this?
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serial killers get hundreds of love letters, what do you think?
Alex was a good boy. He didn't do anything.
alex is one of the coolest dudes around

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>literally no friends
how do I deal with this feel
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its just something that happens for some people

i dont have any either and i would like some but i would rather have no friends than generic friends that dont care about me
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do you do anything that requires friends?
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Yeah I had a group of friends all through high school and they dropped contact with me the minute we graduated, goes to show how real of friends they were

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images (14).png
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It would literally solve 80% of my problems.
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I-I-I'll be you friend

NOT!!!!!!!!!. loser
Get a hooker and a therapist. Therapists are basically emotional hookers. Then you've got all your bases covered.

how would it solve your problems?

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>autumn weather finally here
>cozy shitposting season
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I like summer. Comfy memories from when I was a kid
I wish I could be a kid again
To enjoy those summers
To enjoy
>ywn watch Rosie and Jim on a Saturday morning while eating frosties
>tfw live in Texas
>90+ degree weather every day

So why don't you be productive and learn Japanese? It's not like you have anything better to do.
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Because I'm not a fucking weeaboo.
>So why don't you be productive and learn Japanese? It's not like you have anything better to do.
I want to do this
I'm too stupid. took me about 17 years to get a grasp of basic english

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me irl.jpg
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No matter what I say no girl will ever give me the slightest attention. Honestly is it my face? Am I really that ugly that girls literally flinch if i try to have any contact with them? My first kiss the girl pulled away and said "what the fuck is wrong with your lip" Im fucking done
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Get hookers.

Problem solved.
I had a hooker over once but she said her #1 rule for "me" was no kissing so I asked if I could cum in her at the end and she just said no
>tfw people like this exist
Nigga, I had my first child at 15. What hell hommie? Just like, fuck a bitch.. Are they not thirsty where you live, big dawg?

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How long does it take for your prescription to be mailed to your house?
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Dark web, canadian, or legit?
A legit doctor's prescription.
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Probably like 2 days or 3

Why don't they make giant Lego bricks, so you could build a real house with them?
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I think there might be some safety issues with that senpai
Are you sure? Lego is quite strong. Imagine it at large scale
Because it would be plastic and rainbow and shit. Also legos are so expensive, imagine how much large ones would be and them custom making you enough to build a house out of. Might as well just use cinder blocks then.

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