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Just inherited $4500USD. Can I get a good car for that?
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You can get a perfectly reliable used car for that.

You could, but you should buy a lifetime supply of little debbie snacks instead.
Yeah, 3.5k is about the cutoff point for non-shitboxes in my experience.
4.5k will get you a pretty good used Car so long as you're not retarded and stay away from old BMW's and other expensive-as-fuck cars to insure, tax, petrol costs and part replacement.

>looking through family photo albums
>see photo of my dad holding baby me
>realize that's the happiest i've ever seen him
Do you guys think your parents are disappointed in how you've grown?
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You can't disappoint your father if he's dead
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pink panther.jpg
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i am going to tell you something

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>see old pictures of family
>me as a kid. happy, smiling
>not a care in the world
>didnt worry about life or the future
>parents and siblings happy as well

What happened? I always feel bad when I see happy children because I dont want them to grow up and feel like shit like I did.

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anyone else feel like they have autism on a switch?

>can be a normie who sets the pace for a social gathering
>can be a r9k beta retard that cant understand people
>all depending on my mood which i cannot control

is there a name for a mental disorder like this? can autism be like this, or is it something else? im honestly asking, im not trying to be a special snowflake but theres legitimately something fucking weird about me.

>inb4 ree normie get out
im still a virgin and shut-in at the end of the day
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Holy fuck this is exactly me. Irl I look like a Chad but i'm too much of a Beta to get a gf.
Do you have friends/acquaintances? And if you do, do you notice how much more relaxed and social you are around them than when you're alone with new people? If so, you're no different than any other shy person.
holy shit me too. I feel ya

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>forgot i dont own a table
>go outside and find a chair
>nice two milk crates too
rate my tendies
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I came.jpg
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You're gonna make it friend!
i wouldn't mind living like this as long as my internet was fast
send money please.... like 5 bucks

>"Hey anon! Watchu doing in here all by yourself? You should come over to my place for dinner!"
What do you do?
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Please don't eat me
You have been mooted
Bring over a bottle of MD20/20 and eat the shit out of some fried catfish.

End up growing old together surrounded by our loving children and grandchildren, having made the best decision of my life


>Anon for the last fucking time im a virgin, now LICK!
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I bet they taste like vinegar... Lmao


original comment
*loud slurping noises*

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Rate my duck liver pate avec du wine.
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Am i not a sophisticated gentleman?
Looks like dank hash
why are you eating that?

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Tell us about you weed expertise. How do you recommend someone finding a new hookup in a new town?

Also, any botanical fags around? I've tried planting about 100 old seeds in that last two week and have seen nothing. Do seeds have a shelf life? I've had them sealed, but no luck. any pointers? i've been planting them in a pot with miracle grow soil, but still haven't seen anything
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>tfw my weed dealer is my mom
is that cool or is it pathetic?
Kinda cool but in your case probably pathetic

Any family or colleagues smoke? You could try going to the head shop the owner of the one here tried selling us spice and weed but it's out in the boonies.

He was pretty cool though let people light right up in his shop.

I guess just walk around a campus at night if that fails maybe post on Craigslist no one gives a shit if you buy $25 bucks worth of weed
I've got a rum and coke and my lights are off so this would be a good thread for the boys to crowd around and share weed stories.
first time i got high was in a jaccuzi with my friends joel and konner. it was my first time so i was a lightweight. three hits off a bowl and i was dumb baked.
i sunk halfway into the water and started saying random shit. colors, verbs and adjectives; my mind was racing and my mouth couldn't keep up with what i was saying.
we ate 24 tacos and cinnabon delights from t-bell. after that we went inside, dried off and fell asleep in konner's basement.
i have a few more stories. anyone wanna hear?

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I want to cum inside a girl so badly right now. I want to feel her warm vagina around my cock, and I want to pump my semen inside her until she can't take any more.
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same here, OP. This is the most tormenting feeling ever, I can't do this anymore. I'm seriously contemplating just fucking an escort
There there, anon.

Try not to think about it too much.
Sucks to be you innit

t. roastie

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I have what most of you want. A fembot girlfriend.

Just AMA.
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Why can't I hold ALL the melons? :(
"fembots" don't exist and it especially doesn't make sense here because anybody who has a significant other is not a robot by definition.

Wasn't it kiwi's though ?

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Why aren't you learning to be a carpenter, robots? Ladies love them
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bumping for self improvement via carpentry

also, contruction general i guess
Yes. Learn how to make rabbit hutches, garden planter boxes, and shelves. Women love that.
this guy gets it, bitches love rabbits

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one of these threads my lads
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heres the template if someones too lazzy
is this a joke post

anon you cannot be that incompetent

lmao you dumb fucko

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Robots im curious, whats stopping you from going to backpage and getting a hooker?

>no dating bullshit
>no longer a KHHV
>experience something new
>gain confidence
>you get to choose your girl
>fetish central

>may be a cop
>aint free
>slight risk of std

Why not use those neetbucks the wagies worked so hard for to get yourself sum pussy?
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Backpage is trash, join a review site & screening service to find girls who really do the kinky shit

FYI most girls on backpage only offer CBJ/CFS
Also there are alot more crazies, scammers, pimps and thugs
I'm black

wasn't there just an anon in another thread who got busted at a massage parlor? kek

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rip me
6/6/1991 - 5/30/2017
I loved you all
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May as well wait for your birthday to roll around first
whats an old guy like you doing on here
Why'd you choose that of all pictures to be that last one you post? Not cracking wise here just curious. Also can you at least greentext the story of how you got to this point?

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please reply uniquely to this thread
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a regiment of headless mannequins swaddled in the height of fashion
is all you need to know about western culture
please reply uniqueIy to this thread
I found happiness at last.

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