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How did you discover this website and did it change your Iife?

What did all of these hours spent browsing it taught you?

Was it all a waste of time?

Do you think you'll still be here in 10 years?
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You posted this thread yesterday, and I'm pretty sure it's just an excuse to post BLACKED.
If I do, will you stop posting this thread and BLACKED stuff?
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Just answer the questions, bro.

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If you don't watch Alex Jones yet you are a normie and you need to leave!
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Considering he's a massive jew cuck
I think you should leave.
He's fun to watch.
Yeah i love Alex Jones. His show is my favorite comedy.

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Take the poII; if your answer is "no" explain why; if "yes", what are your favorites and what do you love about them?

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Are you stupid? This is 4chan. Every fucking person here is a beta weeb anime watcher, including myself. Its like making a poll on BET forums about whether people like hip hop.
>all those votes in 10 minutes
Yes I like anime.
My favourites are yuru yuri, yama no susume, new game, madoka, hourou musuko and nodame cantabile.

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I'm feeling pretty bad tonight. Tell me a joke.
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What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?
3rd wave feminism
I don't know, anon. What do you get when you cross an owl and a bungee cord?

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>tfw too autistic to pass the driving test

any other autist robots that can't drive
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i cant do basic math in my head

should i kms?
i failed at the test once and i give up, i dont have anywhere to go tho,
im too scared to take it

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I just fucked my best chance for a date in my entire life.

>bought hentai shirt online because my friend said I wouldn't
>Told girl I had met at school about it and showed her what is looked like
>Told her I was going to wear it to the volleyball game that night and try and piss of the other team as they were our schools biggest rivals
>Later that day she tells me to pick her up on they way there because she wants to see me embarrass myself
>Make my friend go out of his way so we can get her
>she is 7.5-8/10 btw
>We get her
>Have a good time at the game, I get in our teams line after we 3-0 them because I have friends on our team and I shake hands with our rival school making them pissed as fuck
>Girl was doing all the normal flirty things like taking my phone and my sunglasses type shit
>We are driving her home and she won't let us use google maps and she keeps giving shitty directions, seems like she doesn't want to go home
>Friend gets pissed so we eventually use google maps and get her home
>Next day after going to beach with same friend start snapchatting her
>It's like 9:30pm
>She is one of the people who doesn't send pictures of themselves and only send pics of like the floor or something else in the room
>I ask "why do people not send pictures of their faces, is it because of makeup or something"
>"It's easier and faster"
>"Why not just text then"
>Then I get this bombshell
>"Bet you wouldn't complain if there was no face in an ass pick"
>"as far as I know you aren't sending any ass picks"
He is where it gets bad anons
>"as far as I know you aren't sending any ass picks"
>"you wish"
>All I had to say was ya I do I was about to get ass picks me and my autistic self
>I had been reading all this too my friend
He suddenly tells me
>Make an Aladdin reference pussy, you won't
>I have a persona to keep up with
>Plus thot it was a good meme at the time
>Biggest mistake of my life
>"Then call me Aladdin"
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>she replies with "??????"
>I find out later that she actually knew what Aladdin was I just got curved

Don't be like me anons. If you get the chance to not be a faggot, don't ruin it for a meme.
What the shit am I reading? Are you 15?
If this makes no sense to me who's the autist, me or OP?

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High functioning alcoholics of /r9/, how do you do it?

How do you mask the smell of your breath?
How to you manage to act normal?
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I'm a school bus driver, kids usually can't tell if your drunk
Only drink at night.
Brush/mouthwash teeth.
Only drink at night
Manage how many drinks I have a week.
Basically only drink 30 drinks a week a week you will be fine.
Holy shit
how the fuck are you getting away with this?

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>Pretend to care about sports to fit in with normies
>What'd you think of that game last night, anon?
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say "I was busy and I did not catch the game, what was the score again?"

It took YEARS of practice.
I tell them I didn't watch it.
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They didn't get puck deep, didn't get pucks in the net


They got pucks deep, got pucks in the net

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NATURAL SELECTION. KILL all retards, people with brain fuck ups, drug addicts, people who can't figure out how to use a fucking lighter. GEEEAWD! People spend millions of dollars on saving the lives of retards, and why. I don't buy that shit like "oh hes my son though!" so the fuck what, he ain't normal, kill him, put him out his misery. He is only a waste of time and money, then people say "But he is worth the time, he is human too" no he isn't, if he was then he would swallow a bullet cause he would realize what a fucking waste and burden he was.

Was Eric Harris the edgiest kid that ever lived?
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>everything I dont like is edgy!

off yourself OP
Economically It would be a large chunk of change being put to a better use.
It's morally reprehensible but also morally justifiable act why sacrifice those who are capable in favor of those who are not why not do those who do not enjoy this gift of life the gift of death? it's a win win situation.
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Yes, Eric was an edgy cunt. But, he was also a revolutionary.
RIP Eric & Dylan ;(

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Does anyone still use this? How does it compare to Chanel? Also have any boyfriends here tried them on their girls (females)? Yay or nay?
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>boyfriends here tried them on their girls
None of us are ever in a relationship.
well maybe you tasted and smelled flavors on your ex? or do you only work with dolls and pillows.?
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i'm so tempted to try them again but i don't want to splurge, i'm not sure if i'm remembering correctly but i hope they last and aren't flimsy ish or weird textures? so cuuuuuuuuute <3 i miss them

i think im going to try in the near future

but jw!

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>tfw starting to self insert as the girl in porn lately
Why is this happening? And how do I stop it?
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just get fucked in your ass you dumb queer
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fuck him 76.jpg
70KB, 402x586px

Because OP is a faggot (amazed nobody said it yet)
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>Wanting to stop it
No, embrace it!

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What was your college experience like?
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lonely. high school was a lot better surprisingly.
Did you dorm?
In a word: drifting. I went to my classes and went home. I talked to people and was sociable but my lack of extracurricular activities has left me with regrets.

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You hate trannies, don't you anon? Don't you want them to go away forever? Don't you want them all to kill themselves?

I'm a tranny, tell me why you hate me, shower me with hate. Don't hold anything back ok?

Why did I make this thread? Because I'm a putrid subhuman attention whore, I have no one in my life and I crave interaction with other humans, and I want people to give me the push I need to end it all. it's a win win.

I expect this thread to be deleted by mods though because of it's inflammatory attention whore nature, or to just be ignored and 404. But I can hope
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kill yourself tranny

t. other tranny
an anus is not a vagina
Are you embarrassed to be a tranny when you see other trannies act in such pathetic ways? More and more people start to see us as no different from people like chris chan or any of the other freakshow examples. Do you dislike me for being part of that problem?

It's pretty disgusting how we use our literal shit holes as a surrogate vagina to somehow feel validated as a woman through sex, isn't it?

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Is there a Chaddier Chad than Connor Murphy
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>Connor Murphy
Ha. Dude's a beta trapped in a Chad's body.
But he's gotten more push than everyone on this board combined

Literally just goes shirtless and it's Niagra Falls wherever he is
Steroids are illegal because they'd upset the natural order of things. Imagine if everyone was this Chad -- women would be crawling the street like cats in heat.

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>tfw humans are not meant to be monogamous
>still want to be a in a monogamous relationship
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wojaks wonder.jpg
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>tfw too intelligent to fall for obvious jewish lies about monogamy being unnatural which are obviously engineered to undermine the family
men are mentally polygamous and women are hypergamous

do you deny this?
Human beings aren't "meant" to have cars and spaceships and phones and computers but we still have all of those.

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