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Share your best Pepe's friends
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Not sure how rare these are
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Green crystal Pepe
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Basic robot pepe

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carrie cummings.jpg
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>sunday evening
>all my coworkers start posting "tomorrow is monday waaah" on Facebook and Viber
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What the fuck is Viber?
Why the fuck do you have Facebook?

sauce on this specimen? does she do porn?
>does she do porn?
oh yea

>Haha just be confident, bro!
>Girls love confident guys!
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They are gay anon
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Hey bro, you know girls like? Athletes, why don't you join the football team
>pyjamas outside
>all primped and well manicured

Yeah I also though this.

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Is it possible to browse r9k regularly without becoming a huge autist?
...I'm asking for a friend
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No, after about a month you will start fapping to traps nust letting you know
If you're not already, why the fuck are you here?

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Has anyone ever cold-approached a girl?

What happened?

>tfw thinking about playing the numbers game and just go out and talk to approachable girls
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Picked up a hotel receptionist last week. It's really easy if you're attractive. Just chat them up, be vaguely sexual but not aggressive, then ask about meeting up. Simple simple.
Anyone have the pic where the dude approaches 300 women and becomes the laughing stock of the whole campus?
you dint belong here

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Anybody interested in reading a bunch of quotations from Edouard Leve's novella "Suicide Note"?

The author submitted it to his publishers in 2007 at the age of 42 before committing suicide ten days later.

If this thread interests you please bump to keep it alive.
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just fucking post them you mong
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OP here. The book is written in second-person and is addressed to a fictional friend who committed suicide at the age of 25.


On suicide and silence

>"Since you seldom spoke, you were rarely wrong. You seldom spoke because you seldom went out. If you did go out, you listened and watched. Now, since you no longer speak, you will always be right. In truth, you do still speak: through those, like me, who bring you back to life and interrogate you. We hear your responses and admire their wisdom. If the facts turn out to contradict your counsel, we blame ourselves for having misinterpreted you. Yours are the truths, ours are the errors."

On the suicide's life as a form of ruin

>"A ruin is an accidental aesthetic object. If it becomes beautiful, this was certainly not the intention. A ruin is not constructed or maintained. The tendency of a ruin is to crumble down into a heap. The most beautiful parts remain standing despite their wear and tear. The memory of you is what stays up, your body what subsides."


On the suicide's life as a hypothesis

>"Your life was a hypothesis. Those who die old are made of the past. Thinking of them, one thinks of what they have done. Thinking of you, one thinks of what you could have become. You were, and will remain, made up of possibilities."


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>senior in HS
>never had a girlfriend, never been on a date, kissless virgin
>made a tinder and got quite a few matches, /fa/ tells me I have a handsome face, over 6ft, basically just not ugly
>never been to a dance, not even senior prom
>have a dream last night
>its about a girl from one of my classes who I've never talked to
>somehow I ask her to prom and she says yes
>she seems as excited as I do
>time goes by until prom, forget about it because thats how dreams work
>prom night comes around and I don't even think about it, go and get drunk with the same friend group I have shadowed for 5 years like a normal saturday night, feel alone but happy because I'm drunk
>next morning see girl crying in a vision because thats how dreams work
>I ditched her on prom
>She blocked my number
>She seems sad all the time
>see her at the store with her friends
>she sees me and starts crying softly
>go behind her friend group, and apologize, tell her I am so sorry, feel genuinely bad, just really fucking bad
>tell her we need to talk and she says "I know"
>feel hope that we can make this better, feel loved because she is willing to work through problems in a relationship, but also feel bad because I made someone feel as lonely and horrible as I've felt all these years
>wake up
>realize I've never experienced love in real life
>heart actually hurts
>can't drown it in apathy this time
>getting matched with tinder sluts doesn't help my confidence anymore, realize I just want to feel love once in my life
>don't know if that is possible
FUCK. Anyone else here only felt love in dreams? It is fucking wonderful, I understand why so many works of art are dedicated to the artist's love for someone else. I just wish I could experience it in real life, but I am scared I may be destined to never have another person love me.
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>senior in high school
>all this bitching

You've got time kid. Quit wasting your life on the internet and talk to people in real life.
I do. I get invited and go to parties full of normies, girls know my name, I can easily talk to girls, girls get my number first, etc. I've just never had a girl actually have a crush on me, never had a girl who actually liked me first. Its like I just blend in. I don't think you can make anyone else like you, it just happens, and it just never happened for me. I just blend in during social scenarios, I will be at a party and the next day people will be like "oh, anon, you where there?". It fucking sucks, I feel invisible, but I think that is just how I am, I don't know if I can change it, and I used to be able to be apathetic towards the loneliness, but now I deeply desire some sort of romantic relationship, I am even becoming a little prison gay just in hopes that I find someone to love me.
At least you are getting some action with those tinder girls. I also have the same problems ( girls never showed any kind of sexual or romantic interest towards me) and I'm a KHHV. Unfortunately for us, these problems don't have a solution, so we are fucked. But you can have sex, so you are better than me

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Adolf Warrick.jpg
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Hey robots

I'm pretty drunk now, and i am very much thinking about this. I feel like i am always trying to rediscover those nostalgic feelings from the past, he they childhood years or teenage. Whether it be movies, tv shows, games or books. I don't want to move forward but i want to live in the past because it's the only time that feels good.

Pic unrelated
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Same here desu

I've been relistening to a lot of the stuff I used to listen to back in the day (especially the cringier mid-teens shit like ICP and Slipknot).

I think that creating a new nostalgic moment is one of the things we never really think about.
It just happens and then we dwell on those moments.

I've succeeded in making new nostalgic memories, and it really isn't as hard as you think.
It's mostly about comfort, the environment, the company you have, what you're doing, and your current age.
Dude fuck this is me right now. Reee normie but I forgot I had saved most of my ex's texts from 2 years ago. I used to write her long good night's and I wanted to turn them into letters for an anniversary gift. It was a shitty relationship but I miss the halcyon days of sneaking out to see her or fuck around with friends
I'm trying to find an idea to be comfortable with it. I mean I didn't live it up much too senior year. Freshman I was friendless and on my computer, sophomore I had a couple good friends and sales with junior but I was focused on wrestling. Senior I got a gf and the summer after had a blast randomly one day when my friends and I found a quarry.

Now I'm going to lose the only friend I have left, I've dropped out of school, and I was too hurtful to my ex for her to care. I sowed the seeds of my destruction I guess.

her friends talk shit about me and now I can t emotionaly manipulate her cuz then her friends will have proof
>it s mentally draining to keep a gf who isn t emotionaly manipulated
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How do you expect any of us to know?
I know this is the shittiest place to ask but there is a lot of ppl here someone must know what they are talking about
If I knew the answer to this my ex of 4 years wouldn't have broken up with me.

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>have a drawer filled with onaholes and lube
>heart pounding non-stop whenever mum goes near it
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jesus fucking christ lad
She's looked in it before. Sorry to burst your bubble but mommy knows all.
I'm in my room all day bub. I have also strategically placed a shirt and games on top of it so I'd know if it were moved. anyway.

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>2 thousand word essay due by the end of the day today
>1610 words done

I can't add anything else to this paper, I don't even think the works cited page will even help reach 1700

Please help
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>works cited
nica MLA format high schooler
shit atleast you've done work, wasted my first year jerking it and playing games.
APA format I think it is, or that new mla format

It's a research paper on Internet use and depression

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Is being a cyborg worse than being a robot ?

>Women find you "friendly" but would never want to be your gf even with their lives would depend on it
>your just a stopgap, people only want to hang out with you if they have no other choice or if they need something from you
>if you ever confront anyone about it they cut you off
>if you share to anyone your problems they cut you off
>if you confess to a girl she cuts you off
>your just condemned to live at the edge of a social circle, people matter to you but you don't matter to them, they barely tolerate you despite the fact that they act like it's nothing.

Sometimes, I wonder if being trully alone isn't better. It's like being Tantalus : so close to get what you want and yet you never catch it.
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Cyborg here. I cut contact with my "friends" a few weeks ago.

I've started reading and playing video games more often. I believe I am content to never speak with any of them ever again.

Its honestly a chore to even talk to them so I've stopped going online on steam to avoid talking with them (they all use Facebook and steam while I only have steam).

Last time I started avoiding them they fucking staged an intervention and came to my house. I hid in my closet but dad came and found me.

That's why this time I slowly drifted away from them all over a period of months and so I doubt they'll try that bullshit again.
I haven't talked to another person besides my parents in months. I have no hopes or dreams just crippling depression. Even if I wanted to be normal I couldn't. I can't socialize with people outside of 4chan due to being a 7 year NEET. I'm so disconnected from society it's unreal. I have to say being a robot seems a lot worse to me.
>Is being a cyborg worse than being a robot ?

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>trans people and all that snowflake shit believe that the incorrect thing to happen to them, was that they were born into the wrong body
>wont accept the possibility that the wrong this is actually their brain chemistry, and that the problem is their mind, not their cock which they think they shouldn't have
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i like the way you are thinking especially the thinking pepe makes it even more thoughtful
Post this on /lgbt/ and post results here
tons of trannies think their brain is fucked.

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Are there actual girls who enjoy femdom and being in control?

Or do they do it just to please the guy?
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i'd imagine they'll be a few out there
There are obviously a few. That guy from Runescape got dommed hard by his online GF. Yeah, she was obviously a psycho, but she still enjoyed doing it.

Most are just profiteering sluts who think they're too good to take a dick though.
There definitely is, though it's not as common or course. It's kinda odd how it works, I know some girls super submissive in real life but love to be dominate in bed, and vice versa.

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Why haven't you picked up a prostitute yet, /r9k/?

Just some easy sex and have a good time..
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Why pay when you can use Grindr and get free suck and fuck?
Because every girl i have spoken to finds it disgusting.
I don't want to upset my future gf with my past.
>inb4 you don't have to tell her
No. Once i commit, i'm going to 100% trust her with everything.
idk where to buy hookers

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