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Do you like this willy?
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it's a nice willy
Small desu
one of the best I've seen

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Were some of us just meant to feel pain?
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I think so, happiness is not something that everyone can have, some people are simply not meant for some things. I think people like us are not meant to be happy
Suffering is guaranteed, happiness is not.
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yeah there is a metaphysical happiness pool that can only provide happiness for a limited number of people

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Do you happen to look like any videogame characters, r9k?
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Life is so hollow.
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I look like ganondorf from Zelda. 6ft+, tanned, receding hairline, intense eyes and big nose.

Me and my friend who looks like a twink dressed up as link and Gannon respectively and won a costume contest.
We're all dooo-ooomed

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>Talking to chick online
>We exchange pics, some lewd and some just regular face pics
>She's half black
>Really into her, she's really into me
>She sent me a pic of her smiling
>In that instant it reminded me of my mother
>Mfw in that very instance I realized she is extremely similar to my mom
>Have a slight moment where I feel like a disgusting freak

Fuck. Should I keep going for her? It feels weird to think about. Was Freud fucking right?
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She is NOT your mother, no matter how similar she seems. Fucking her brains out and calling her mommy still wouldn't be weird because she IS NOT YOUR REAL MOTHER.
As long as you don't actively make her wear your mother's clothes or shape her to be more like your mom, there's nothing wrong here.
Yeaaah don't worry just be your self !
This is the advice you gave us since the beginning so it must work for you !
all humans are similar to one another on some level. If you want to fuck this chick that's fine because she's not your mom.

>Use to love writing and would write every day
>Now write once a week if I'm lucky
>Ideas use to come to me so quickly and so fast that I could never get them all down
>Now I struggle to think of anything interesting to write about
>Feel depressed about this, to the point that I'm starting to feel hopeless and despair

>Talk to someone I know who loves to write as well about this
>He says "Low points are just a part of the creative process. Struggling to come up with ideas shouldn't make you depressed. Maybe you're just not a writer, man"
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Do you have this picture before the text convo got put on top? Also sorry about what happening to you man it sounds like it sucks.

Here you go friend-did-li-o
i know that feeling. I have a shitload of ideas and bright images in my head right now, but i can't start writing. I just can't. Waiting for inspiration, i guess, though it never cames. Not in the quantities i require to start and finish at least something. Life is shit.

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>protestants really believe that faith alone will get you to heaven
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Is this serious or bait? I'm not religious so not sure
>Is this serious or bait? I'm not religious so not sure
Of course it's bait , you can trust me.
You also have to give Jesus your soul. Its his secret to immortality.

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all of you are subhuman animals.
i would take great pleasure in killing each and every one of you
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he's pointing the gun at himself
brooding is only sexy if you're literally Chad
i am chad you filthy dog

Ask a socially retarded handsome robot with 300 tinder matches anything
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Since when lying is a virtue ?
when you got to about 100 matches, why didn't you start getting more selective on who you swiped right for like everybody else does?
So then not a robot. If you even have the self-esteem to think or believe you're handsome, you're not a robot.

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What does /r9k/ think of spanking?

Did your parents spank you?

If you had kids, would you spank them?
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Best damn well believe I'm gonna whoop my kids. My folks were way too soft on me.
Do it once or twice to teach your children its a possibility but don't make a habit of it.
>What does /r9k/ think of spanking?
Good, very useful, unfortunately the cucks in my Krautistan are against it

>Did your parents spank you?
Nah, but my mother would slap me once or twice if I fucked up. My father was always working. My elder brother hit me mostly.

>If you had kids, would you spank them?
Yeah, if they do not follow the rules I gave them (and which I myself lived by), then I will slap the shit outta them. Good for character building.

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I've been working on setting up a BRAND NEW /r9k/-exclusive Minecraft server



BRAND NEW MAP. Will be up forever so do not worry about losing your progress. Girls needs not apply.
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do you have an overview of the map?
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Imma figure that out now

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Just got up the confidence to ask a girl out for the first time in 6 years.

She of course rejected me, it wasn't a train wreck or anything. She said she had a boyfriend. I never said anything creepy or cracked any autistic jokes.

Anyway now I'm in a slump, feel shitty and lethargic. How do I get out of said slump?
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Fuck your thread you whiny limp dicked faggot, I'm tripping balls and that picture is scary as fuck.

Holy shit dude
This is me >>37666020

I'll give you a nickel if you suck my balls.
Thanks anon, that made me laugh. I needed that.

lads, I need help, how do I get into camera tricks for dick pics, my dick is only 6'5" inches and I want to make it look bigger. If it looked like it was over 7 inches maybe, I could finally get someone else outside of the Latino chasers that asks me to speak them in Spanish while they call me Paco. Also, do you send dick pics as soon as they ask how big it is or you just say your measurement?
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>be american
>have to give a tip right after birth
kek you dumb fatfucks
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top fucking kek that's a good one
cant believe that comment is original

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>wake up at 11 am
>look around the ol' basement
>messy as usual
>dinner for the last month is sprawled around on various plates and in various boxes
>I smell as I haven't showered in a week
>Today's the day, I tell myself
>Just going to play vidya for an hour
>I'll clean this basement up, take a shower, and go look for some jobs so my parents get off my chest
>eat breakfast/lunch
>go downstairs
>play vidya for "an hour"
>5 hours pass
>do some meaningless cleaning, not even getting started when I go eat dinner
>it's pizza again
>eat it downstairs as I get frustrated at lack of progress
>play vidya to calm myself down
>it's now 8 pm
>"Well, I can do it tomorrow I guess"
>masturbate furiously into my flashlight
>depression sets in
>play vidya to hide from the depression
>it's now 1 am
>browse 4chan
>post "NEET life" threads
>it's now 3 am
>go to sleep
>depression keeps me up until 4
>rinse, wash, repeat
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>tfw coming up on my 1 year NEET anniversary
I need out of this hell lads
Honestly, just become a courtesy clerk at a store. Preferably Albertson's, you get paid a decent amount and there's room to advance. Pretty much everybody who works there was a courtesy clerk at some point.

Or work at Winco. You'll be working your ass off, but again, plenty of room for advancement.
>no bills
>no debt
>enough money to dance 3 times a week and prevent social retardation
>enough time to research business ideas instead of coming home exhausted from retail work every day

NEET life is only hell if you plan to stay there. It's a fine springboard.

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>shrink down to an inch in your room
>mom walks in
>"Oh my anon, look how small you are! I can't say I'm too disappointed - with you never holding down a job, constantly staying in your room and never having a girlfriend. Anyways anon, I came up to tell you that I'm moving in with chad and selling the place... Come to think of it, maybe this is for the best! I'm sorry about this baby, but I can't stand to see you like this & chad would find this too hilarious and probably keep you as a pet in a jar on the bedside table or something if he seen you all small and pathetic like this, and that would be a pretty miserable existence for you! Tell you what anon, if you just stand still for a second I will fix this - let me just take this slipper off..."
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do i have nice feet robutts?
*hides in slipper*

Basically I'm in 6th form (year 12) and I'm thinking about my options for next year: I'm not clever enough to go to a great university, but maybe I could get into a good one (I messed up on my GCSEs - 4As, 4BS, 2Cs (my targets were all As)) and I'm doing maths, further maths and physics A levels. I was thinking of entering the navy as I could grow physically and mentally.
Basically, I came here for advice: should I join the royal navy ? and if so, should I go to university first? Does millitary life improve you as much as I hope and is there opportunity to travel?
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>being part of a navy that uses RAMPS
do you mean the ski jumps on the aircraft carriers?
University is essential if you want to take the officer path.

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