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Im giving relationship advice to my crush

Why am I such a beta cuck
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ghost her you idiot beta faggot
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What does that even mean

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original. xDD
reeeee at her and then ghost

>tfw no negress fuck SLAVE to shackle up and fuck into submission
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I'm brown op, you can fuck me into submission~
r u a girl??
post pic pls, ill b ur BWC!
boys can be girls too you know!

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What do you feel when you see pic related, /r9k/?
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I don't really feel anything. I see a young woman kissing a young(ish) guy on the cheek, and the guy looks somewhat surprised.
Happiness. Good for them.
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I feel like I got a new reaction image

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Wow, an uncucked Kekistani Pepe.

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He says a new meme in the end cufefe? Cafir? I don't get it..
why are americans so retartet
lame, pepe was a dead normy meme as early as 2014

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>tfw no submissive heroin addicted fuckslut
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i dont think you want to date a junkie
t. a junkie
just fuck not date
Also what's stopping you fromdoing it op?
>step one buy drugs and save them
>step two tell whore's you have drugs
>step three when they ask you for drugs tell them you want succ/fuck
>they willingly take a cock in the ass for drugs
t. used to help my chad cousn to sell drugs on his normie school
when ciara horan went to a baseball game with jake she forcefully sucked his dick in the bathroom and took his virginity

sadly hers had been taken previously

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Age: 26
Profession: Javascript Contractor
Country: USA
Political history: n/a
Reasons for joining: Day to day improvement & networking
Skills: n/a
Interests: A.I.
Contact information: You can contact me here for now.

Any kind of projects you're working on: A.I. Bomb

I'm here to improve my day to day life & keep up with news relevant to my future well being. I want to engage primarily with the technically inclined.
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you should give a title and a template if you want to start a thread, anon

There are some things I hope explain themselves.

My political history is the same as everyone else's, "Do what's best for me". I never got into it too much because I was very focused on technology. I believed everyone could get along until I was forced to be honest about my own preferences. I believed that our intelligence could provide abundance, but I forgot that we do not have an abundance of what we want out of ourselves. There will always be the unwanted.

Concerning Jews: Yes, people acquire power. They have done this.
Concerning Faggotry: Disadvantageous.
Concerning God: The single idea itself that self-generates a framework for becoming one.
Concerning Hitler: He understood that you can't better a system by being its most upstanding citizen.

I actually meant to edit the post and add more but I got dragged into something else.

Trashed. Probably uses object oriented programming too.

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what is the fucking point of living
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>what is the fucking point of living
to impress me

everyone on this planet exists to entertain and provide for me
I like your style anon
>what is the fucking point of living?
eternal pain,to suffer
>what is the fucking point of dying?
to rest

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Here's the deal, you can get the gf of your dream, she'd love you and will stick with you for the rest of your life, but the catch is, you'd have to wear a chastity cage cause that's her fetish, and you'd only be allowed to get off by getting fucked anally, either from her or by anal masturbation.
And you wouldn't be authorized to fuck her unless it's with a strap-on, and you'd get her off by giving her oral sex.

Would you accept?
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How do we make babies?
I'd take that deal if I got to enter her once before it goes on
Wouldn't those cages really hurt when you got hard?

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Do all women age as well as this?
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It doesnt look like she aged bevause she was always ugly
She's cute. And no they don't
Jesus the wall is real.

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>yfw the biggest rock song of the 00s was a cuck anthem
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What's cuckholdry have to do with The Anthem of the 00s?
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eric roberts.jpg
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>look up music video for old times' sake
>Eric Roberts
I wonder how much he got paid for the appearance?
Basically every relationship song is a cuck song tho. Across all genres too.

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i fucking hate sundays reeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Why do you hate Sundays?
it's boring af everything is closed
t. french
Why are French so lazy with their 35 hour work weeks? It's Sunday here and literally most shops are open, every restaurant is open, plus there's the gym, cinema, bars.

Stop being so lazy France why waste a day a week staying at home being boring?

File: CEIUgZEUIAE-jGt.jpg (6KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why tho
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File: wake up see this.jpg (2MB, 1944x2063px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wake up see this.jpg
2MB, 1944x2063px
You wake up after a night of drinking and see this infront of you

what do?
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jesus christ how horrifying, I take an average looking qt boy over this 10/10
File: IMG_3408.gif (995KB, 500x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Picture related tbqh
Considering my nights of drinking this could have gone worse so I would creampie and leave

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>he is a namefag
>he uses the name "Redditor" ironically
>he goes around making posts in the form, "kys, <insert adhominem here>"
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Heh. This is funny?

Conniefag please leave
>every poster is trying to be funny

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>he imagined himself as the final boss of a game
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I still daydream about being part of an adventure in a fantasy land but I'm so beta that I imagine myself as just a party member helping the hero
>imagine myself in my favorite anime as a mysterious new character
>make friends with the main characters and help them
>help them in their journey
>not as powerful as the main character and not too weak either
ISIS needs to be exterminated with extreme prejudice

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