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Fembots, when did you realize that your anus is your superior sex hole?
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Fembot here i realised it when i realised sage should go in all fields
>Go out to get groceries
>See a qt
>I will never get to fuck her ass
Day ruined.
i just want to origano

elliotwave is my new favorite music genre

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H a i , E l l i o t R o g e r h e r e .
His dad wasn't a jew
Very nice. Reminds me of my MTV video tapings in the 80's.

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So, what exactly do you DO in life, robots? I'm stuck here.

I mean, I know there's the usual hubbub about get a job, find a gf, pursue interests, etc. but like, what do you actually DO? If that makes sense.

I'm living as a NEET in the country. I've been spending my days just reading, browsing the net, going for walks, etc. I've had a lot of time to develop my own ideas about the world, and it's been nice, but now I'm reaching a point where I'm beginning to question what it is I'm actullay supposed to be *doing.*

What advice can you guys give? How do you get through the periods when you just feel like "now what?" This is the most pleasant blockage I've ever felt.
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I want to make music and sell it on YouTube

I had 2 or 3 offers when I put my shit out there probably wouldn't have made much but it'd be cool. I broke my laptop tho and my shit all sucks I'm horrible at it and can't get good no matter how hard I try.
I'm NEET and shitpost.
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tfw enlightened.png
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There's nothing you're "supposed" to do in life. If you feel like doing nothing, then do nothing. Like literally sit down and do nothing. It's a pretty great feeling. Doing nothing is one of my favorite things in life.

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Robots, why don't you have a female bestie who reveals to you the ways of women and helps you to find gf?
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because I always fall in love with them and we end up hurting each other
Yes it doesn't really work like that at all
It's mostly just getting cucked
>being friends with a female
Why would i befriend a disloyal gossip mill?

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images (12).jpg
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What did she mean by this?

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>asked if anyone wanted to participate
>To everyone's surprise, a man walked up and slapped her hard across the face
Fucking lmao
Would you hit her Anon?
What a worthless piece of human garbage.

Public flogging because people stopped paying attention to her.

Somone while have shanked her.

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>work in retail
>REALLY nervous, like miserably so at first
>Only my second job after being a NEET for over 2 years, really don't wanna fuck up like I did at the first one)
>manager is really helpful and patient, I feel safer when she's around
>old enough to be my mom
>You might be able to tell where this is going
>A couple times in the last few weeks she takes me aside if we're decently alone
>Tells me how glad she is that I work here, how I work so hard and I'm so dependable, I'm the best cashier, etc.
>Feel really warm and fuzzy, embarrassed and failing to hide it
>Be happy for the rest of the day any time this happens
>A week or two pass
>My brother got a bong and asks if I want to try it
>Good stuff
>Really into memes, pictures of dogs, thrash-metal drumming, food
>Suddenly really horny
>Start jerking off to japanese softcore lesbian videos
>(Didn't really need that detail but maybe it could make this story funny in a way)
>Think about my sexual inexperience
>Think about how much I want to kiss/hold someone
>Time for the POV incest roleplay videos
>Ones with kissing especially
>Think about -her- again

Sudden Realization
>Every time an older woman calls me by a pet-name, or expresses praise/pride/concern for me, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling
>On this fucking sativa, I get retroactively turned on
>Realize I probably have some legitimate mommy issues (I mean I already knew but I was clearly, I now understand, in denial about the romantic side of it)
>think about it very thoroughly
>starting to think I should tell her
>think about the time she complained about not feeling sexy anymore, specifically mentioning her ass and dragging that subject on a little longer than it should've
>again, this is something she's saying DIRECTLY to ME
>I don't answer her honestly, I don't want her to know I find her attractive in -that- way
>think about the other day when she drove me home
>she let me play my music and asked really meaningful things about my taste
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>when OP makes a post that really makes you think
Really makes me think
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>she recommends some stuff to me she likes (I'm into metal and the heavy stuff she likes is industrial, she's making a real effort to highlight what we both like)
>We keep talking, she parks on the street next to my house, it's just me and her
>I practically have to force myself out of the conversation to get out of her car and get some rest after work
>That sounds like a complaint but it's just another layer of endearment for me, she really is lovely to talk to and can keep a conversation alive for a long time
>Think now that if I was in that situation again, being alone in the front seat with her might excite me sexually
>Think about confessing how I feel next time we're in her car together
>Think about how she's expressed such a motherly appreciation for me, comparing me to her son as if I'm the nice version of him
>What if she feels similarly
>What if she kisses me in the front seat of her car
>What if she likes me from a place of weakness as a mother the same way I do from a place of weakness as a son
>She's everything, she's a guardian, she's a teacher, she's a friend
>Feel what I can only describe as fucking love
>Even now in my refractory period I can't stop thinking about her, how she makes me feel, what I want to do with her, how much I want to be with her

Are you experiencing inappropriate attraction, /r9k/? What should I do? I feel like I have to tell her how she affects me. She should know what her praise does before the next time she gives me any more. I can't say I don't want reciprocation, but in equal honesty I feel it's more valuable just to be honest with her.
All I can tell you is that this really made me think

>wallow in fatboy lonely self-pity for years, lurk this board a lot
>read The Iliad and get inspired to man up and hunt some pussy
>work out everyday, track calories on My Fitness Pal, grow a beard, lose 30 pounds, buy decent clothes
>get a good job, rent my own apartment
>catch up on sports, watch some recent movies/Netflix shows, in order to be better able to converse with normies
>finally ready to strike
>match with girl on dating site, basic bitch profile but I remind myself I'm horny and on the hunt
>meet up with girl for drinks and dinner
>everything she says is retarded and fake, overinflated self-worth, lives with parents in late-20s, been in countless relationships, sociopathic control issues, modern feminist political signals every 2 minutes, 25 pounds heavier than her picture online

I want to go back to the neet life. Anyone else know this feel?
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You're so close. Just drop the dating sites and meet people through activities and hobbies instead.
That's the sad path of the red pill. You'll get where you always wanted to go and find out it was never worth the journey. Same thing happened to me but not only with dating. Having a job and friends isn't fun it's depressing.
Then fuck her and drop her

Nobody said you had to commit to these dumb fat women. Use them for what they're good for.

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I think that the established alpha/beta dichotomy is frankly retarded and fails to account for a lot of things especially when it comes to /r9k/

If you haven't noticed most men are betas in the colloquial sense of the term. Of course, they still have relatively no problems with women and can be intimate/have sex etc. In fact the defining difference I've witnessed between the typical betas and alphas in the real world is that betas just tend to like stability and sentimentality more whereas alphas are more chaotic. As a result betas tend to be the ones getting semi consistent sex in a relationship whereas alphas get near constant sex from a variety of women while never really settling in a relationship of any description.

Where do us robots lie? I'd bet anything (and know for a fact to at least some extent) that most men here are:

Of average to above average attractiveness

Are not actually autistic in any kind of psychologically recognized sense

Are well aware of and more in tune with social dynamics than perhaps most normies are

Have failed to have intimate relationships with women often as a result of lacking the drive or simply the ability to approach a woman

And had rather whoreish mothers whom you resent at some level and fathers who were mostly pushovers.

How accurate are these things for you /r9k/? Thanks for responding if you so choose
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you: writes multiple paragraph theory
me: rebuts you in two lines
Where did you get the idea that this was a theory? I'm just asking some questions to get a better idea of the people here.
I think I lay in the sigma or omega spectrum. I'm introverted as hell. But I can happily socialize with normies if it happens without looking like a sperg due to my massive life experience.

My problem is, I think, that I was raised by a single mother that taught me men are abusive rapists. I can get friend zoned by girls super easy. I can't make friends with guys. The second we get into the whole alpha/beta game I'm too autistic to handle it. The few times I've had male friends I end up being friends with their girlfriends because they're such fucking douchebags I can't really relate to their shit.

I can do bantz because of my nationality (Aussie) but if it comes to any real dramas or challenges I just go full autist and tackle them to the ground and try strangle them or hit them with chairs or something. It always ends up in fights, I'm not a nigger but I go full silverback gorilla and nobody wants to be my friend anymore because "I'm a psycho and need medication" but wtf am I sposed to do if Chad or Brad starts shoving me or takes their shirts off and hits me?

I can't make male friends ever.

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>hey anon, you wanna follow my happy trail? :3
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I wanna die go text someone else
No you slut
Speak like a normal human being
>only if it leads to a feminine penis ;)

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What's happening in the British election? Is Labour gaining ground?
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Yea Bois we gone win
Just remember, STATE ISSUED GF'S
are they pro neet?
Jews, Blairites and Tories about to get rekt.

Comrade Corbyn will purge normies in his Socialist state.

>tfw no discord to join and have bedtime stories read aloud to help me fall asleep in voice
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Originally orig
if you're asking if that's my name, it's not.
post discord name anon

>getting a cool $0.98 a day in bitcoins mining for people
>My mom hugged me and thanked me and told me that she's really proud of me
>ever had a job before and she's really excited that I'm doing something that gets money

Next month I'll have almost $30!!! I'm really excited!
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I highly doubt that's true.Bitcoin is mined with asics only, did you buy an ASIC ? If so your ROI is going to be a long time.
File: 1479320578873.png (108KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm really proud of you!
Are you excited over that?
Whenever i get praised for silly shit, it makes me feel like a horrible human being.

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Turns out we just need to move to the east coast
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East Coast robot here. Good luck. Faggot.
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they're idiotic semi-rural shit-brickhouses, spoiled liberals, or melanin-enhanced and likely also brickhouses
Not so fast. Perhaps degeneracy is the reason. So many singles means female hypergamy reigns supreme there.

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big kurt.jpg
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Why do normies love drama?

I hang out with a group of normies that I work with occasionally and literally all they do is boost their own egos and talk shit about the people we work with.
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Probably the same reasons we talk shit about Stacey, Chad, our families, jews, etc
I dunno, I never talk shit about people behind their backs unless they're a real nasty cunt to me. But pretty much all women do, even my mom.
Next time they start, ask them.

What exactly is your excuse? Original
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Because that guy is 5'5 tops, and I'm 6'4.
Manlet legs are always the giveaway
Actually 5 11. Stay mad lanklet.

there is no way in the world that guy is 5'11.

Looks like he is holding an iPhone 7 plus, which are 6.23 inches long. The phone is almost the same size as his penor. You could estimate that to be anywhere from 6.5 to 7 inches. In this photo we can see that almost reaches his knees.

He's an uber-manlet

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