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I'm failing my first year of college.

Wat do?
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Get off /r9k/ and study ya fuckin retard
idk college is fucking easy lmao you must be a brainlet
Apply yourself, stop doing the drugs you are doing.

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>be 5'8" manlet
>still try to buy shirts in the men's section

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How do you guys under 6 ft do it?
im moving to japan in september cant wait to be able to buy clothes that fit me
5'8" is 172.7cm
Average male US height is 176.3cm.

That means if you're 5'8" you're a mere 3.6cm or 1.4 inches shorter than average.
That's 2-3 fucking finger widths.
Go KYS with your stupid memes.

Do people actually not believe the holocaust happened, or are they just memeing? I can't understand how someone could ignore all the irrefutable evidence of the holocaust.
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Most believe it happened, just not in the grand numbers that people say.
Whoa there's gotta be like 60 dudes on that pile. I mean if we times that by 100,000 for absolutely no reason that's like 6 million people that died in the holocaust HOLY SHIT.
Yes, there is plentiful 'evidence' that was carefully created to support the narrative

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This thread is only for Good Boys.

Bad Boys aren't allowed in here.

You get to pick any three of the choicest cuts from this chicken menu.

You may have little bites and share with your friends.

Take any dips you want and enjoy!

The choice is yours young man!
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Also if you look in this thread and don't reply you are banned from the restraunt for life because it is rude to be a lady looksay no sayee.
Big Boy's, Wojaks's, and Good Boy's. Pepe's tendies look like shit.

Honey mustard and bbq of course

The dip choices are only Sour cream and chive and ketchup, you will have to leave instantly.

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>tfw born male with a short skinny body
>women don't consider me at all
I don't know what my role is. I'm apparently not a man and I'm not a woman. What am I?
Am I supposed to go gay pretend to be a male girl or some shit like the faggots shitposting their tranny bodies everywhere?
I'm not gay but what am I supposed to be? A cuck?
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What you're supposed to do is accept that you occupy a niche that almost no woman will ever find attractive and either force yourself to become homosexual, kill yourself, or get a mail order bride and shower her with gifts so she doesn't leave you once she gets her residency.
hit the gym
how short? people take the manlet meme too seriously. if you're over 170cm / 5 foot 7 its your height is alright.
that is a conundrum alright.
while you ponder that, why don't you post your boipucci in the mean time?

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Good morning, wagecuck. Time to slave away for a minimum of 8 hours.

Another day, another dollar.
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nah man i have a week off
neets really prefer giving up $20 an hour to browse the internet for an extra 8 hours a day?
God bless you NEET op, you've brightened up my day

So why don't you own a motorcycle?

It's cheaper, more fun, crazy liberating, and might actually make you cool enough to get a girl.
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Soon. Literally just passed my CBT yesterday. Riding on the road for the first time was fucking awesome.

My endgame is having a bike, tent, camping supplies and just travelling around all over.
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You really think I can get a girl with a motorbike, even if i am a khv 8/10?

does anyone know huwhat I have to do to get my motorcycle license in FL

I guess I could google it but I don't want to read DMV speak

I really like indian scouts but desu I've only ever ridden literal bicycles and a dirt bike like twice when I was 14

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>shortest you would date
>ideal height
>your height

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why do people make threads like these that no-one is gonna interact with except to post their own pointless shit!!!!!!!!!
Minimum height: 5'11
Ideal height: 7'0
My height: 6'2
(((Needs more content)))
(((Needs to be original)))

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I have a friend in pakistan. He goes to the best university there and studies computer science. So in his class there was guy who was a guy when he started but now 2 years later he's starting wearing female clothes and taking hormones. He's staying at the boys dorm there and he's got a roommate. So there were some guys that needed something from him related to studying. They went to his room and saw that one bed was empty and the other had both of those guys in it in each other's arms.
They shit their pants and went to the warden and told him what was going on. The warden exclaimed that it's impossible and went back to that room to check. He found nothing out of the ordinary (the faggots had plenty of time to move away from each other). The warden then told them to keep quiet about it or he'd lose his job.
This gay stuff is happening everywhere now.
What's the cure for it?
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Brown faggots are a good thing.
What's wrong with it, my brown skinned friend?
Do you seriously think that Allah would pass up the opportunity to destroy a cute twinks asshole?
We both know the cure anon

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Post wifeable cripples.
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A corpse would still be better than this dumb cunt.
>legs positioned
she aint crippled
Right, because paralyzed people can't use their good limbs to move their bad ones

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Femanons, what do you feel is the best way for a guy to get a long-term gf?
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Is pic related what you want in a gf?
Check online for what signs of low self esteem are in women, and look for those in the women you interact with.
don't hesitate to jump to the first conclusion you think of anytime someone asks a question.

and people on this board think they're the most brilliant things ever.
oooohh, lemme just post a picture related to my post and then divorce myself from that picture in my second post

really being such a fickle cunt you should probably troll some lesbian bars

What's your favorite nut?
I prefer almonds but cashews are a close second
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VC is that you my man?
nah i'm just a guy who likes eating nuts

walnuts my man

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ITT we greentext and discuss what we've done today or yesterday depending on timezones, i'll start!

>stared at the ceiling whilst listening to low roar as i realise that my life will consist of shitty kitchen work as i don't have the motivation to move on.

pic unrelated
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to add to the post above:

>also made a thread that gets no replies as usual which is why i rarely post because not even people on here like me
im not sure how this is any interesting but ok
>woke up
>did sports
>did some homework
>played vidya
>went to sleep
yeah my life is exciting
>wake up
>briefly consider necking myself so I don't have to go to work
>go to work
>come home
>eat dinner
>shitpost a bit
>put on some anime

It's 10pm here

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>black fembot
My life is over. I'm black and a fembot.
It will never be possible for me to find a white husband.
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I'd wager that you aren't either black or a woman
I'll be your white husbandu
What do you look like? You could probably find a white dude in this day and age.

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Do brits actually so retarded that they put milk in their tea?
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Milk is good in black and chai teas. Considering Brits drink almost exclusively black, it sounds reasonable to me.
Can confirm. We still have some fucktards who ruin perfectly good tea with spoonfuls of sugar though.
"chai" tea
chai means tea
tea tea?

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