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>tfw one match in four days
>she hasnt even responded
How's it going for you guys?
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Shit meme dude, go meet people at the gym like a normal goy.
12 match's in 10 day

all fat or black

2 black girls responded back but considering the STD rates among blacks i thought it's best to avoid them

Just ask if they are clean or convince them to get checked.

Goddamn, the tism is off the chain with you college kids nowadays

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>try out discord since it's being shilled so much
>join a large discord server for a game I play
>expect a big community of people discussing the game and playing together
>most of the messages are from a small group of normie faggots posting leddit tier "muh inside jokes xd" memes that have nothing to do with the game
>everyone else rarely talks since they don't understand the shitty inside joke memes and their messages are unseen from their meme spam
>one day I ask if anyone wants to play
>3 of the fags spam respond with trump memes, some of them didnt even fit the context
>tell them that their memes aren't funny and ruin the server
>another guy speaks up and says the same
>we both get fucking kicked out since one of them is an admin
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fuck discord man
That's the same thing in every group chat, the ones who created the chat will always be the core group and other peeps will always be outsiders. Even in old irc channels ~2000 it was the same kind of circle jerking.
You need friends to get friends and we already missed that train
Discord is only good for servers of people you already know

Brittany Story, girl Elliot wanted to date from SBCC.
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Elliots Dream Girl

She was alright, above average but not stunning
Supremely Pretty for Elliot

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> browsing 4chan/8ch
> thinking about suicide I am planning to do next week
> mum messages
> "How are you, son?)"
> "Everything is ok, mum"
> almost crying
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Why do you want to kill yourself, m8?
Give me (you) someone pls.
You don't want to kill yourself.
Lol what the fuck are you doing on an imageboard.

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Tell me /r9k/, when did you realize that western women were far too degenerate to produce a suitable waifu and decide that your best chance at getting a sweetheart was to learn Russian, convert to the orthodox church, start squatting, and buy yourself a mail order czarina?
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Never, and the pre-assumption is invalid.
I have polish heritage and polish women are pretty normalfag. At least they are more faithful/dedicated I guess.
nah they are trash for 99% of times
I lived here for 21 years so I know things

What are some good redpills for reading like the flat earth theory or bush did 9/11? I want as much crazy conspiracy theories as you can tell, I have to redpill people
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This one's not too crazy: the CIA killed Kennedy
It was more than Bush but you're close.

>believing in the nuclear jew

Femanon, you're next in the BBC breeding session
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Some female's pussies are so big and thirsty for a bigger and bigger cock that women keep hopping from man to man to find one
Lmao, is that nigga really trying to make his cock look bigger by letting it almost slip out with each thrust? Is this his first time or something? Dude's gonna break his cock...

Also: Just a reminder to always sage race bait threads.
B-b-but I'm not a femanon. I-i"m j-just a regular anon.

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I need a gf fembot. Simple

Any fembots here want to be my girl? Or at least talk and we'll see..

I'm gonna say I have a lot of things to offer, so yes Im a robot but I am a different one. And I'm kinda cute, not really ugly, so if some fembot is interested, please let me know!

>pic related mfw right now waiting for some fembot
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w-what's your name anon-kun?
w-whY do you want to know it? owo I don't know u T_T
don't you want to get to know me
isn't that the point of this thread

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>tfw only attracted to older women now
>like 30+
>tfw no job and not even totally sure what I want to do with my life
>tfw don't even drive a car
>tfw too immature for a cute mommy gf

Fucking kill me holy shit
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Pretty much they aren't looking for a manchild but if forgiving, the women can guide you to become a man

Source: Older mommy gf
W-what the heck

Is this true?

I need this so badly
Yes it's true but those women come few and far between because they usually expect the man to, well, have learned the ways of being a man by the time they meet her.

Also experienced sexually and romantically. Not even sure why she gave me a chance. I was pretty okay being single.

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Ding Junhui edition
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Could you pretty please put the edition in the title? It pleases me

Cute anime girl(male) for persuasive properties
Claiming this thread for glorious WALES.

I don't do favours for faggots like yourself

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>>I beleib in a society where ppl can do what they want
>>roasties go around fucking Chad
>>normies have successful social lives
>>interracial marriage
The fagbots voting ancap in a poll thread and complaining about women being sluts in western society really need to leave.
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What are you going to do to stop that? I'm not going to force will on people. If society kills itself then so be it.
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download (21).jpg
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>pic related

origujdfuigfh sdvtjkygugajtrsadegsvabkauo
It is only to get suicide centres, lad.

Some pix of his mom most people have not seen
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Supreme mom
SSupreme Mmom
Elliot Rodgers Mother

>I'm introverted loner at school
>Chad finds out I play league of legends
>Asks me to play
>Finally a chance to make a friend
>We play, I'm d1 he's gold 3
>He makes tons of mistakes, I rage at him a bit in chat but nothing too much
>He keeps making mistakes loses us 2 games now
>This faggot is wasting my time and making me look bad
>Third game he loses lane AGAIN, I've had enough full caps lock rage and run it down mid
>Fourth game I say "I'm taking a break cya"
>Next day at school by myself at lunch
>Chad walks by makes eye contact but I just shake my head
>He invites me to another game
>I decline

Fucking noob.
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>Ignoring a potential friend because he's bad at a game.

You sound underaged, m8.
yupp, I think he is too! /r9k/ and its many traps are not for lil boys like him
> raging in a normal game

Why exactly are you not browsing /r/theredpill instead of wasting time here?
>b-but lifting wont help because muh bad genetics
>no thanks im happy with my blowup latex doll
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>neo-/pol/ shilling subreddits
Like poetry. Nah mate, I ain't into 3DPD. I just come here when I want to make a post that doesn't belong on a hobby board.
women aren't the problem
i am
>he thinks exercise will save him

Oh sweet summer child.

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Daily reminder this is what women on the internet are actually like behind that veil of anonymity.
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I'm not exactly Brad Pitt.
What's your point?
this is why i want to shoot myself in the brain whenever someone posts some relationships or any dating any socializing shit from there. fuck

how trash do you have to be to get social advice from reddit
the one with the dog is the only beautiful female in there

(Im not talking about the pinky shirt one)

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