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21 khv here , when did you realize that you don't care anymore about getting a gf?
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after I got a gf
Do you even FEEL anymore OP?

Seriously. Do you even FEEL?

I spent my entire childhood, adolescents, and early part of my 20s getting memed by oneitises.
ALL of them took advantage of me and ultimately treated me like shit.
The last one was the worst and crushed me pretty bad. I've posted the story on here before and many said it was Columbine-worthy.
After all that I just don't care anymore.
It's impossible for me to fall in love again and without love I don't want anything to do with a woman anyways.

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>you're white
>you're male
>you come from a good family
>you are educated
>you have access to modern technology
>you live in a society which will help you if you fall between the seats
>you are well dressed, fell fed, warm, safe, healthy
>tfw still depressed
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community, friendship, love, sex are basic needs
no amount of fancy gadgets can replace that
are you lonely, anon?
>psychologically ruined from years of abuse from narcissist father
>interpersonal skills undeveloped
>thin, pale, weak body
>5'7 110 lbs
>constant anxiety and anger all the time
>beat to shit car that costs $70 every fillup
>no job
>dropped out
>living in foreclosed house
>A/C broke
>can't afford food
>burned through 4 credit cards to stay afloat
>no applicable skills

but i'm a white male so i guess i should apologize to some yale students for racism or something
>A/C broke
Cry baby

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>success is meaningless
>kill yourself because you're unsuccessful
Why is /r9k/ so retarded?
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People kill their selves because they're unhappy, silly
>success is meaningless
Inherently, sure, but it's also subjective. A person, and the majority of people do, can ascribe meaning to their work. Work often leads to "success" and those people then find meaning in success.
>kill yourself
I do think everyone should have this option but I've given up trying to convince people it's the right way. I still believe it is, but people are so hard wired against it. I'm only human, I can beat millions of years of evolution.
Delete your Pepe folder.

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>be me a young teen
>cooking teacher always hating on homosexuals
>everyone hates her
>she starts telling my close friend and cooking partner that she was doing everything wrong and she should quit cooking altogether
>I wrap my arm around my friend and say "stop juging my girlfriend she is a great cook, better than you atleast"
>teacher starts freaking out thinking we're lesbians
>starts saying stuff about how it wasn't right
>teacher leaves the classroom and some of us get up to go early (it was last period)
>next day we had a new teacher
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Underage. Reported. Out out out child.
She's right y'know.
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get the FUCK off my website

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Am I the only robot that fucking loves when women look like this. Literally makes my dick diamonds every time and I'm ashamed to admit it because it looks trashy as fuck.
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Teenage whores are my weakness
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>septum piercings
ruins the whole thing for me
I fucking hate when women look like that. I don't know how common it is where you are and with the women you're into, but every Mexican girl in Texas between the ages of 17 and 25 looks just like this (except with darker features obviously) and it gets pretty tiresome to look at after the 100th time seeing it.

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>tfw no gf

how do you cope guys
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I'm in stage 2 now which is where you don't even care if you do or dont
A false sense of hope usually gets me through the day.
Aimlessly browse the internet and before you go to sleep tell yourself everything changes tomorrow and that will lead to a gf

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>two months ago
>amicable break up with fiancee of three years
>say our goodbyes while crying in each others arms
>her last words to me were "you'll always be my boo bear" as tears went down her face

>saw her yesterday at a tournament of the sport we both practice
>had to sign-in at the desk and approached the line
>she saw me in her peripheral vision, as I saw her
>she walked away
>and thus began an entire day of actively avoiding each other

Not sure what I expected or wanted, but I guess I figured we'd do an awkward 'hey' with a kind smile? I think I had prepared for that. Instead I got contempt and indifference. Yesterday was such a difficult and miserable day, but at least I performed well and did what I set out to achieve. I also did better than her new boyfriend. Hah.

Fucking heartbreak, though.

Anyway - please share stories about the time you saw your ex again. How did it go / what happened?
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good one, faggot. :^)
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/r9k/ is for the broken and damaged
not just bitter virgins

we all suffer, we all belong
I dated a girl for 4 years and then she broke it off

I would avoid and ignore her any time I saw her in public, mostly to save myself from pain.

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Any robots with a low spec pc?I just browse boards and listhen to music.

Recommend some games/programs that are easy to run.
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Have you tried pac man I like that one
fallout new vegas on all low/near extremely low settings
cs:go can run on a potato, so that could work.
I always had fun playing Fallout 1 & 2

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please knock.jpg
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*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*
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*muffled fapping*
>he's turning 32 this year
*stifled weeping and strange animal noises*

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Would it actually be that bad?
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The bonobo apes live in communities ruled by the females. They resolve all fights and arguments with sex and everyone has sex with everyone. Females with males, males with males, females with females. Even the baby bonobos have sex with each others trying to copy their parents.
They do not fight or have feuds and they all live peacefully. All because they have sex A LOT.

That's the first thing that came to my mind.
Would either stateless or like the drow/dark elf society from D&D. There is no in between
>Tfw no bf to resolve fights with sex

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My most meaningful source of interation with another human being is being subscribed to his twitch and ocasionally donating small amounts to vote for a new game or a movie he would watch.
Yesterday I stayed up until 5 am because he was streaming movies and I didnt want to miss it.
I think its not as bad as orbiting a girl and donating 100s of dollars per month but its still pretty sad.

Anyone knows that feel?
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anon i think you are gay
>Anyone knows that feel?
I never subbed or donated but i can relate to this feeling when you go to twitch just to find company.
that was me 4 years ago
then i managed to get into a friend circle
since we're all betas i get to be king of the betas
it's pretty sweet

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How well can you cook?
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I can cook eggs but they dont usualy turn very good
Gourmet prime time all day every day

Except for baking, I suck at that, way too "exact"
i never cooked in my life up until 5 months ago and the first thing i ever did was chicken wings and it came out perfect.

whats with all the retarded woman that say cooking takes skill?

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So since the weather finally got good where I live I decided to take my MGB for a spin (looks like pic related). But whenever I stop at a red light, normies start yelling "nice car" and stuff like that. Do they mean this or is it meant ironically? How do I respond to this without looking more autistic than I already am?
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Just say thanks. Its hard to explain, but if they can tell you are passionate about it they wouldn't insult you over something like a car.

I am not a car guy, but honestly I think its pretty neat seeing someone drive a car like pick related. Its probably genuine.
They probably mean it, but you never know with normies
If it's a vintage car like that, then they're probably being sincere. If they're niggers or chavs, they're probably saying it ironically, but they have shit taste and will OD on ket soon

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Literally the robot of ancient philosophers

A hobo that jerked off in public to spite society
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>Diogenes is said to have eaten in the marketplace,[47] urinated on some people who insulted him,[48] defecated in the theatre,[49] and masturbated in public
Diogenese of Sinope.

What he said to Alexander the Great Chad is the stuff of legends.

"Stand out of my Sun, Chad. Fuck off."
Diogenes was way too alpha to be a robot.

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I'm not enjoying vidya or anime anymore. What should I do guys?
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Something productive with your life
Working is a chore
Working is a sacrifice you offer to the world in order to secure the future you want

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