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>talking to girl I like
>long distance so it doesn't matter
>I think about her 24/7 now for some reason
>she's a gamer and doesn't party and shit
>I know I'll never have her in rl it's impossible
>she has all guy friends

God damn it dude


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Sounds like what I went through

Just do yourself a favor and cut off contact now
When the friendship dies down and you start drifting, move away from her. You'll only end up getting hurt. What you're describing is only going to end up being self-destructive.
I still talk to other chicks online and don't take it serious but dude I am so god damn alone and looking for someone to settle down with

I just want a girl with a doggo and our little apartment or place together and a little Christmas tree looking out at the snow cuddling by a warm fire cooking meals together never have to worry about cheating or breaking up just one of those permnanet couples

God damn it :'( it hurts so much I've had opportunities in the past to do this with irl girls in school now I'm trying with online girls and it won't work.

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he dies & his suffering ends. You live on & remember being bullied everyday & it ruins your life.
Not true anon I feel so much more powerful right now, holy fuck LMFAOO.
I'm literally feeling like god right now.
>it's another anon shit posts about his dream reality but gets 2 (you)'s and goes back to bed to wake up and realize his life is still shit and will never change

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College life..jpg
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>You move to a small town.
>It's boring and sleepy.
>Have to start life all over.
>You get a shitty job.
>You meet a pretty girl.
>She's shy, nerdy and quiet.
>very introverted not quite ready to leave her shell.
>You gain the sense that you should move kind of slow.
>You start out as friends.
>She likes you.
>While she has other friends you're the one who's putting in the effort to make time for her.
>Sometimes she cancels on you.
>Sometimes not.
>She's the highlight of your months.
>The time spent is golden, even if its just sitting the park.
>She'll stare longing into your eyes.
>She has such beautiful eyes.
>Soothing voice and she likes yours too.
>Other days its talk about the classic animes from toonami and adult swim.
>She's into vidya too.
>Not COD or Battlefield but, Kingdom Hearts and final fantasy.
>You get to hold hands with her.
>Christmas comes and you get her a plushie.
>She cuddles you.
>More and more things look and feel real.
>You let attraction happen naturally.
>You to move on to kisses.
>At long last you passionately make out with her.
>On your bed....
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>It's her period but, you get to enjoy the intimacy.
>She's more of a freak then she lets on.
>Can't be to surprised and you enjoy it.
>You graciously drive her home.
>One last kiss good night.

Then she gets a bf who's better looking then you and expects you to be okay with it.

Life has endless ways to be cruel to you.
Nigga every girl likes KH and FF. What the fuck were you expecting? And almost every young girl is into games. I've never been with a girl who didn't like one or the other. Not the edgy alt girls, the sluts, that one gymnast girl, the normie girl, any girl. If they like games they like either of those. And Zelda.

>you waste your time
>chad gives her his prime

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Why do women have ludicrous standards for sexual partners?
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Because they can afford to.
Nothing is ever good enough for them.
Eggs are valuable while sperm is disposable.

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>You're like a brother to me

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There is no help for you OP. You're doomed now.

Ha ha tell her you're into incest bro!
At this point all you can do is accept it and move on. So cut contact with her if it hurts you and try to find someone else. It's not going to happen between you two so no point in torturing yourself in the naive hope you could be with her.

>inb4 b-but she'll get mad at me for not talking to her
No, move on, it doesn't matter what she thinks. By still being her 'friend' aka beta orbiter, you're just going to suffer and eventually resent her.

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Is that what comes closest to the female version of a robot?
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That seems weird but what's the crime?
rape you idiot.
Remember that the cherrypicked cases you see in 4chan and r_theredpill are NOT an accurate representation of reality.

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Fembot here
Is it shallow if I break up with my BF because he has a small penis (4 inches)? He's the perfect guy, kind, sweet, takes care of me but he's leaving me sexually frustrated
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Let's see how many people fall for the bait, OP.
You are a fucking thot. Enough said.
Fembots were born with a vagina. You weren't.

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How much of an internet presence do you have? What other places do you go online?
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Pretty much nonexistent, my legacy will live on in the logs people kept from IRC or those existing in the "cloud" of a handful of messaging apps.
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I'm a sorta-small time Twitch streamer (~1,000 per stream). I dunno if that counts as presence, especially compared to the big names. But it's all I have.

For years I've compared myself to other internet users and most of them are so much more established than me. They can make hundreds, thousands and thousands of posts or content submissions and it's easy to them.

I've been using the internet since 1996 and have nothing to show for it aside from a few slivers of history here and there. I wonder why others can have such a content-rich internet experience full of validation and fun times and I can't.

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>wake up at 1. pm
>shitpost on chan till 7. pm
>eat something and take a dump
>shitpost on chat till 5. am
>go to sleep
>wake up at 1. pm
this has been going on for a month now
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Lol this is a pretty funny story how do you not have a girlfriend?
haha, not like i've been doing this for years, haha
been doing this for 3 years.

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Fembots, is this you?

Be honest.
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Thats more like a roastie expect she probably wouldn't look like that.
This is a femanon

Why exactly do you retards keep posting these fembot threads?

It has already been proved how they do not exist and cannot exist in modern society.

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Any anons feel the response to Elliot Rodgers birthday was fucking pathetic, I mean for fuck sake Elliot made this website and there was like one little gay thread for him
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It was a bigger event last year. Pretty sure his Dad posted here or at least some one dumped old photos of him
I highly doubt it was his dad

Oh look a random low budget board that celebrates my sons murder/suicide that forever shamed our family

Better dump some photos of the old lad and keep the steam pumping on this
i still wouldn't doubt it, his son lost the plot and he probably wanted to learn about people that are like his son

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>join "comfy" mc server that has been shilled on r9k against the rules
>nobody talks to anyone
>people ask questions nobody responds
>people ask to trade things, nobody responds
>ugly building everywhere
>suddenly get ip banned for no reason
>join the discord and simply ask why
>two seconds after i ask the question i get ip-banned from the discord too
Whew, really comfy, guys. Feels great to play with the comfy r9k community!
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Join my Ark server then, nigger. It needs a community anyway.
What's the ip? And what's an ark server?
A server for the game Ark. How dense can someone be?

At what age were you first knotted fembots?
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File: 1501147170778.png (446KB, 485x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was 14, and I've been addicted ever since
I've had my fun with dogs, but never knotted. Too afraid to try.
what did you mean by fun with dogs?

I think it's okay that I don't have a gf. Because I know that I'm going to seppuku one day, so at least no one will have to come home to my dead body, r-right guys?
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>Because I know that I'm going to seppuku one day,
95% of people who say that, never do the seppuku.
Maybe I'm special anon
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>posting on /r9k/
apparently not

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>my wife found the yaoi hentai in my browser bookmarks
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do share your yaoi hentai pls, also are you bi?
no for real, I caught her when she was looking at some catboy hentai and she was utterly disgusted and hysterical if I'm gay

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