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will apu ever overtake pepe in popularity ?
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I am an old school ylilautan named Eugene

His name is helper, you dirtbag, not apu.
Eugene, will Apu ever overtake pepe in popularity?

have any of you bots been in a long distance relationship ?
is it always as miserable as the one im in ?
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>Should be called PCM: Please Cuck Me
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Have you actually met?

If not, it's not a real relationship. Either way you're getting cucked though.
ldr's are for cucks and losers may as well just pay a cam whore at least then you don't have to keep pretending to yourself like the whore on the other side of the screen cares about you

no matter how hard life gets, just remember, you can stop the pain whenever you want
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dude that would hurt hardcore

so would

>shotgun to forehead
>basically any way except nembutal
I know that. If I don't make it as a musician before I'm 30 (21 right now) I'm just going to stop trying and end it. It's nice to know that I'll always have that option.
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>stop the pain whenever you want

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No shit allowed
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When I was young, younger than before
I never saw the truth hanging from the door
And now I'm older see it face to face
And now I'm older gotta get up, clean the place

And I was green, greener than the hill
Where flowers grew and sun shone still
Now I'm darker than the deepest sea
Just hand me down, give me a place to be

And I was strong, strong in the sun
I thought I'd see when day was done
Now I'm weaker than the palest blue
Oh, so weak in this need for you
still waiting to listen to this. Of course lift yr fists was brilliant, this is the second best in their discography right?

also is Is This It (strokes) r9k core

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I just slipped off my panties to change them and more fleas flew out. Mom refuses to take me to the doctor since this is the 2nd time this has happened. WTF do I do? I'm asking fellow fembots, not you male robot turds who will just put me down.
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>I just slipped off my panties to change them and more fleas flew out.

Oh God uhhhhhhhh
Have something smart to say wise guy?

Your vagina may be rotting and infested with maggots, go to the goddamned doctor dummy.

SSRI unappreciation thread

i am on lexapro now. it is shit. it dulls all emotion, but also gives crazy mood swings. terrible.
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I'm on wellbutrin xl but technically that's not an ssri. It's alright. I'm in my head getting shitty about myself a lot less since taking it. Get wicked dry mouth though.
The only ssri that has ever worked for me was celexa and that stopped when I turned 18. Since then I've tried most of them and am currently on Lexapro. Everything that I've tried has felt so watered down and useless.
I'm on fluoxetine. Haven't noticed any mood swings or negative feelings. Honestly, I don't get why people bitch about antidepressants.

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what the heck do people do for fun really? i just go to the job and come home and listen to music and drink coffee. Weekends are fucking boring but i dont want a second job, i like sleeping late.

whats some fun shit i can do that makes me feel interested in something? any fun games/music/books/movies/whatever?

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idk probably games or something

idk any good games tho
read infinite jest

it puts things into perspective
Do drugs man, someething like acid or shrooms, shit opens your mind

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I'm gonna be working the 3 - 11 shift, so hopefully I won't get robbed.
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enjoy dealing with whitetrash arguing with you over $2, niggers stealing, and bums shitting in the store
7/11 would be the worst fucking job ever. No respect from anybody and dealing with the worst of the worst.
But everyone's gotta start somewhere, I just thank god that my journey never took me to the world of convenience store jobs.
>hopefully I won't get robbed.
You allowed guns boi?

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Tomorrow you become god. You will have power over life and death, be immortal, have the power of mind control, and control over time and space.

What do you do with your power?
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create a planet of giant beings that look just like you're photo. I'd be giant, too...Of course
Triage all the world's problems and fix them anonymously
Fuck around with humanity, just like irl God

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I used to hang out on 4chan a lot. r9k, primarily.
Spending so much time in a cesspool full of people who hate themselves, like really really hate themselves, fucks you up mentally. Life's not fair. Everything is shit. Shit shit shit. You're shit, I'm shit, everybody is shit and deep down we all know we deserve to be losers and we're incapable of being anything else, because we're shit.
Hard work is for suckers, there are no fair deals, so why even try? Why not just stay inside this safe cozy echo chamber where sure, people will tell you you're shit, but then again you can call them shit too. Nobody expects anything from you, here or IRL, but the difference is that here a lack of spine and initiative is a sign of enlightenment.
I spent most of high school alienating myself from the people around me because I got it in my head that nobody wanted me around, and I found a community of faceless strangers that not only reinforced that, but celebrated it in their own weird, fucked up way.
A lot of FA/incels feel that they simply can't be better people. They don't know how, and since the poison they're mainlining comes from shutting themselves in their rooms and almost never going out except for work (where they don't talk to anyone), nobody in real life knows how bad it's gotten, and even then they're already convinced "normies" don't give a shit because when their reprehensible behavior is brought up, what happens? Somebody makes a virgin joke. Somebody else calls them losers.

Everybody agrees, they're pieces of shit.
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not gonna read all this SHIT!!!
I just read this pasta
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Yum, that's some tasty pasta anon

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Have any robots tried therapy?

I have been considering going to therapy to get to the root of my autism, anybody know what it's like?

Does it help?
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I've been to 4 appointments, it's got me at least talking to someone about my problems and just having to actually explain my emotions to someone helps a lot, saying things out loud makes them more real, seeing how he reacts help a little bit
If you go and don't hide anything from him, try and do what he wants, it could help
Yes, it's how I found out I was depressed.
I tried self-help therapy tapes for social anxiety and it really helped me with my anxiety. Didn't completely cure it but gave me a lot of tools to control it

I used the Dr Richards social anxiety CBT tapes. Torrented them, didn't buy them, they were like 400$ if I remember correctly. I think he has some new tapes out but I haven't heard them

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>Browsing Tumblr
>See a really hot tumblr girl
>Fucking see this on her profile

This is like the third fucking time RRREEEEEEEEEE
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Why is every asian girl living in the western world such fucking sluts and roasties? I love asian girls but i wouldn't even think about dating one who was born or raised here in the us. It's disgusting, western roasties are polluting even the pure women.
This girl used to post sexy pics all the time but now LOL NO WHITE BOYS RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE
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>This body is black only now
Kill me.

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>just got done crying over the fact that i'll never be able to marry a children's video game character
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that's actually pretty pathetic
Honestly OP, yoy souks do thar to yourself
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ain't it?

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>be a neet loser retard
>have long hair that I haven't cut for two years
>it's got tangles and split ends and has thinned because apparently you're supposed to get it trimmed and shit every once in a while
>too scared to go to the barber to fix this mess
>scared they'll cut most of it off because I'll look even uglier with short hair
What do I do, bros?
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I'm in the same situation and try to put my hair in a bun/ponytail, or Bonytail as it were. I'm scared of being made fun of for having longhair, a ponytail or a manbun. There's already a walmart I don't go to anymore because black people in there kept commenting on my hair.
>scared they'll cut most of it off because I'll look even uglier with short hair

just tell them what you want senpai

if you want them to fuck your shit up, just say "fuck my shit up, senpai".
post pics, my hair goes to my ass but I keep decent care of it, haven't had a trim in years though.

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images (1).jpg
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>he's tall, white and has big dick
>somehow a kv

Someone explain how. Literally just get fit and pussy will fall on you.
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You can cut out the tall and big dick part. If you're white, latinas will be all over you.
How do you get friendships to fall on you? I could see myself becoming really bitter with the world if I were to wake up one day, attractive as heck, and people started being nice to me.
Tfw 6'4 white and recently got fit
Tfw girls speak to me nicer, maintain eye contact longer and just generally seem happier around me since I got fit
Tfw at parties after everyone's had a few drinks some of the females in the group rub against my biceps purposefully
Tfw too socially retarded to turn this into gf

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