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>pitbulls are viole-
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The fact that so many poor and stupid people own them is reason enough to avoid them.

Dumb shitdog poster.
pitbulls are the niggers of dogs. sort yourself out OP

>I'm going to make you my bitch, anon

what do you do?
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Ask her why she's using my strap-on rig and not hers. That shit has to be readjusted every time she does that shit.
"Eh, not really into butt stuff."
Be her bitch.

started my new job
still feel very stuck
realised that i view everything thru a very negative lens
how are you all doing tonight?
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I thought I was ok for the longest time but I'm getting worse again just as I started school again.
I'm sick of people thinking I'm either incompetent or a smart person. It's never inbetween, and the thing is I'm not smart. I'm actually really fucking incompetent. I always say the wrong things, and do things the wrong way. People are always taking things away from me out of impatience when I fail at doing something and doing it themselves.
>helping roommate move a mattress home from the store
>trying to throw rope over top of mattress to tie it to car
>employee gets mad at me for failing at it once and grabs the rope out of my hands
>roommate and her mom laugh at me
>sulk on the way home
people dont notice average, so they'll never point it out. I dont think you're incompetent, i dont think most people are decent at throwing ropes. Employee has a lot of practice and probably just wanted to get it done.
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Today a small group of new people arrived to my workplace. I have been hanging around this girl for the past three months, I can tell she likes to be with me because I make her laugh but I haven't seen any opportunities from her end.

One of the new guys came to talk to her and basically they passed the day being flirty which each other. They will be dating this weekend.

I can't catch a break. I just want to be mildly happy.

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anyone else here a virgin? I'm 27 and all I can think about is getting sex and what it must feel like, yet I can't really imagine ever doing it. it is truly mental hell.
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>not a virgin
Sex is pretty okay but you're putting too much emphasis on it. Just go to a brothel and lose your virginity so you stop posting here.
> anyone else here a virgin

On this board? Nah. Not a chance. No way.
It's really not as amazing as you'd imagine it to be, after you've done it for the first time it really just feels like a chore to keep doing it in a relationship

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Does ignoring a girl actually make her want you more or is that some redpill meme? Wouldn't it make more sense for her to forget about you and move on to another guy?
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People don't act sensibly when it comes to attraction.
It won't make her go from not wanting you to wanting you, but it may make her go from being somewhat interested to really wanting you.
If she is already interested in you and you ignore her a little IRL it does usually pay off. I'm pretty sure this doesn't work as well via texting etc.

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>no one will ever deem you worthy of carrying his child
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Why not? The fact that you want kids is a huge turn-on.
just post pics and lets get this over with roastie.
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h0w 0ld r u?

Did it get better after high school?

Pic unrelated
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No it gets worse. The social dynamics stay the same, but you get more and more responsibilities dumped on you.
To add, I'd say joining a social group gets harder because people kind of solidify their circle of friends as they grow up.
Got worse.

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Why isn't there a good 4chan app for when I'm on my smartphone? Reeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Even Reddit has an app.
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Sideload one in retard
>What is clover?
I hope a nigger kills you
Install Clover like a human beign.

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Is it wrong to want to brutally rape traps?
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You can't rape a man anon
>Is it wrong to want to brutally rape traps?
men cannot be raped
Those two are ugly and transbians.
At least have good taste and lurk /lgbt/ for a while.
They have legit cuties who are hetero.

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I am married to a Chinese woman who I met while studying my masters. I am 28 and we have been together for 4 years now. 10/10 happy and would do it again in another life, but this is not the point of this thread.

My only concern is how my children will feel towards me as their white father.

So I ask you hapa's here, What is your mother and fathers relationship like together? What are they like with you? and how do you feel towards your parents? More specifically, how do you feel towards the white parent?
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If your child has race issues towards their parents they are just fucked up (provided you don't make it an issue)
the mother will subconsciously reveal (through body language and other means) how she believes the white race is superior to the asian race. the child will catch on to this and develop a similar sentiment. this will lead to hatred of their asian physical features and self hatred. what will likely happen is your child will be fucked up in the head like al the other wmaf hapas. now as you are most likely beta and beta begets beta, your child will be a beta just like you.

The white guy always makes it an issue. Undoubtedly the child will look somewhat Asian, and if he has any racist views toward Asians he will undoubtedly instill in his children an irreparable sense of low self-esteem and inferiority. The only way it could possibly work is if he has only daughters or if he shows a fascination/respect for the culture of the country their mother is from, in this case China.

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I used to watch Disney cartoons as a child, and I always loved Donald Duck. And I don't mean he was my favorite character, I mean I loved Donald Duck. Not sexually, of course, as I was around seven years old, but I definitely was fascinated with him to an unusual degree. I had told my parents I wanted to grow up to be a duck, and I would even walk around with my arms at my sides, just like a duck. I would eat bread and crackers as a snack, and would try to swim around in the community pool using just my feet, just like a duck would. Donald was my idol, and I wanted to be just like him. Well, the one obvious shortcoming that I had is that my voice wasn't like a duck's voice. Donald spoke in such a unique way, and surely this was the thing that I needed to emulate to be more like him. And then I had a moment of brilliance.
My family's dog ripped apart one of its toys, and my parents asked me to throw the scraps away. Buried in the pile of stuffing and cloth was the squeaker. I put it to my mouth and blew on it, and it made a loud squeaky sound. The light bulb clicked on it my head, and without hesitation I swallowed it. Luckily, but to my dismay, it didn't get lodged in my throat and allow me to talk like a duck. However, I do remember passing it and seeing it floating in the toilet. When I flushed the squeaker down the toilet, I felt like I flushed my dreams of being a duck down with it.
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donald duck is the best disney character you have good taste anon
has the best comics too
One of the best threads I've seen on this shitty board in a while.

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if you need to vent, get something off of your chest, or just talk to another human being, you are welcome to post in this thread.
i will try to respond to whatever you decide to post.

i will not judge you. i will not hate you.
i only wish to listen. to understand.
because everyone deserves to be understood, right?
maybe not. but i will try anyways.

feel free to post any image you would like.
maybe consider posting someone (or something) you like a whole lot.

today was good. i hope today was good for you too, friends.
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>Bday is coming soon

Every year is going by faster and my dislike of most ppl is reaching new levels i know not everyone is shit idk i just hate all the moral fags
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I don't know how to get out of this hole.
I've flipped my life around. I work out, I got a job, I volunteer, I'm going to college, I'm helping others, and I know I look, act, and feel like a great, attractive, kind person. I should have no problems anymore, I'm practically a Chad now.
But I'm so damn lonely. I can't talk to someone without wanting to help them. As a result, I have few friends, and I'll never get a girlfriend. I just want someone to cuddle with as I fall asleep at night, to share my life with, to love and support, and have it all reciprocated. I've done so much for myself and the world, but I feel so shut out by it. I just want to be loved. People say "tfw no gf" as a meme but I get so close, and my helpful nature ruins it every time.
This was a bit incoherent and probably makes no sense, but I had to get it off my chest. Thanks, OP.

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lesb lactation2.webm
2MB, 1920x1080px
LACTATION THREAD! Porn 2D 3D, inducing advice, general discussion, dating tips etc. I am prepared to give the people what they want so requests are welcome.
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While the "original" rule does annoy the shit out of me I'm done dealing with /b/. They don't really talk and just say either source or fuck off.
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ANR 1 webm.webm
2MB, 640x720px
i guess i'll just spam song lyrics since i need to original.

what does the fox say?
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huge boob milked2.webm
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the future ignores us

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When people say they died of old age or natural causes what does that mean? Heart attack or something
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I assume the major organs just stopped working naturally. A heart attack isnt natural
She has rilly fat legs
probaly died in his sleep or something

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>tried having sex with a man
>hated it
>disgusting and feel regretful towards it
>no longer an interest in IRL gay stuff
>still interested in traps/2d fembois

What does this mean?
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you are probably bi but society has brainwashed you in to hating yourself for it
What kind of man?
What kind of sex?
i didn't get to cum and the entire situation was extremely awkward
Idk what to think

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