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Resident r9k rapper here with the semi bi weekly reminder that I'm working on the r9k mixtape. Haven't updated this week because I've been celebrating my birthday by going full degenerate with junk food and anime, but the mixtape is about 4 songs away from completion. I really need someone to make a mixtape cover for me.

Heres a playlist with all the songs done so far.

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Which animes and junk food?
Bumping you again, this mixtape is sick
love these songs breh

is it weird to jack off to pictures of your own dick?
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Sounds more healthy than fapping to traps, BBC, or ballbusting

No. I crossdress and always had the fantasy of dressing as a french maid and getting creampied. Met a hot guy online, told him my fantasy, he agreed to get tested, came back clean, went to his place, and recorded our fucking. I jerk off to it literally every day since.
Please god tell me you have a link to it

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I hate my life and don't enjoy anything so I just play league but then I lose haha or I win then lose until all progress is gone hahahahhahahahha im silver ama
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>go from gold to bronze v

I got worse the longer I played, swear to god I belonged in diamond at one point
lol @ unironically being silver or bronze lads

euw: dixire

willing to duo, plat 5
how does it feel to still play one of the least fun games ever created?

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It's that time again, wagecucks.
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Boy, I really hate having a house in a nice neighborhood, driving a droptop Corvette, and going on cruises and trips with friends.
Pic related gave me good chuckle
Is that a guy?
This fucking place is trying to turn me gay or into bestiality

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YFW you notice faggots take drugs to evade reality because their fragile minds are not able to face challenges without crumbling to pieces, so basically stoners are the lowest step of stairs
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>Implying psychoactive nutrients don't expand your consciousness past the normie dystopia of the physical realm, you fucking nigger.
>so basically stoners are the lowest step of stairs
>stoners are the lowest step of stairs
>the lowest step of stairs

I love making fun of pot to potheads, nothing drives them up the wall more. Like when I read the surgeon general's report on marijuana and say:

>Boy, that sounds really reasonable

They LOSE their minds on me. "How does it sound reasonable to not smoke pot every day?" They scream at me. (Okay they don't, they say it normally.) Anyway, for kicks, if you ever encounter a stoner, ask them what they would pick if forced to choose between:

>legal abortion
>legal marijuana

It's hilarious, trust me.

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Hey R9K, mainly a lurker here.

Thought I'd contribute, my cat just passed away today and It's really hitting me hard. She'd be freindly with anyone honest to god, she was neglected and left with the humane society in my city and I picked her up when she was little over a year old. I had her for the past few years. She was an outdoor cat as I'd let her out all the time. Neighbors loved her too never got any complaints. I went away to the cottage for the weekend and my brother's looked after her. Got a call at 4am this morning that she was dropped off at a 24hr vet clinic a coyote got a hold of her while she was out yesterday.

Rushed back to the city because the vet downplayed it over the phone that she'd be okay and I could even take her home, I should have known he'd bullshit me. Fuck guys she was so high on the pain meds she didn't even recognize me, she wasn't moving at all other then involentary movements. I broke down right there, her jaw was broken I could clearly tell and the current vet (one who I spoke to at first was the overnight one) told me she most likely had a broken spine or neck and would never been the same, possible brain damage too. I had to put her down, I couldn't be selfish and put her through rehab for it to maybe work.

It's really killing me guys, I don't know if I want another cat now because of this.

Anyone go through something similar? Or just want to talk pets? I don't have many people I can talk to about this and don't want to bottle it in me.

Pic related last picture I took of her. Edit: all my recent ones are more then 2mb, so this is one of her on me over the winter.
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Get another cat and love it dont be a fag with no cat.
That's a rough day anon. Sorry for your loss.
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ya my pet rats died recently, was really sad they were my friends

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is suicide a viable option even at age 19?
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I think I read on 8ch*n /suicide/ that when you get in contact with the providers of suicide drugs they ask for age verification and will tell you to fuck off if you're just "a kid." I wonder if that's for moral or business reasons
Try it out then report back. I'll be waiting.
>providers of suicide drugs
you mean dope dealers for a proper opiate + benzo OD?
you can say you're going to get high like everyone else

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>have gf
>still super submissive
>get sudden urge sometimes to have a guy force fuck me and make me choke on his juicy cock
H-Help bros
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Same here OP, i'm not gay i'm straight and have had multiple GF's in the past, but sometimes I fantasize about a strapping young, strong buck pin me down and make me eat his cum.

i think it's because i'm so submissive..
do you have any urges to have your gf dominate you or is it a genuine interest in the peen of a male?
I swear if this gay thread gets more replies or beats me gay thread...


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Anybody else sell their soul to the devil?

When I was 12, I sold my soul to the devil so that a couple girls would have a crush on me. To my surprise, it worked and the girls were all over me but I was too beta to do anything about it. Now I'm a 28 year old kv NEET packing up and cleaning my room in preparation to an hero.
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Tell us how to sell our souls first. Can I only sell my own soul? How many girls can I get for say, 1 or 2 souls? Can I trade for anything or just girls? Are the rewards tiers linear or am I going to see decreasing returns around a certain number of souls?

Pls respond. I'm serious
How do I sell my soul?

I'll do anything in my caffeine fueled desperation. I can't stop remembering the memories.
What happene, anon? Wanna tell us about it?

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That line has haunted me since the very first time I heard it.
I remember when I was in third grade, I still hadn't made any friends. One day I was crying about it and my dad took me aside and told me not to worry about it, that as long as I kept trying, I would make friends eventually, that there was still plenty of time.
That calmed me down for a while. I remember for a short time following that I started asking every adult I knew if they had friends at my age. Some of them, who were probably lying, said they had trouble making friends as a kid, but that things started to change in high school. My dad also said the high school friends were the ones you kept in touch with, and that he couldn't even name some of his elementary school friends. Once I heard all that, I decided that not having friends yet wasn't that big a deal. As long as I made some before the end of 9th grade, everything would be fine. I also remember seeing cartoons/movies or even observe in real life high school aged kids who were such losers that they were friendless and known as the weird kid, and I judged them for it. I didn't worry about that happening to me at all, because I was guaranteed to have some by high school. My uncle told me that's when he made his first real friends. So it was in my blood.
Well, test your psychic powers on how that turned out. I didn't make any friends at all during high school, no matter how hard I tried. I kept pushing back the deadline to summer after 9th grade, end of first semester of 10th grade, end of 11th grade, always hoping a miracle would happen. But it didn't. I became one of the friendless losers I always had such a low opinion of.By January of 2002, sneior year, I started to face facts that this wasn't gonna happen. Then I remember during the last couple months of high school, this song came out. I actually broke down in tears when I heard it.
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High school's a big place. Undoubtedly there were kids like you that you could have befriended.
If you didn't make any friends in high school it's because you didn't try.
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>gave up in senior year
I stopped clinging to false hope by 8th grade. That must have been torture for you.
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Captain Amerismug.png
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>simple plan
you do realize that's what edgy 12 year olds listen to right?

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Forget about your bad days, everyone (even summerfags), let's have a comfy feels thread

>winter sin the southern hemisphere
> have a hot shower
> smell good
> watch some comfy anime in a blankie

Life it's just about those little things.
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2010 was not as comfy for me, but sure, there you go, anon-kun
> rainy afternoons

When I was a teenager my sister couldn't understand how I could enjoy games despite not being straight, I honestly don't remember what even lead to that, I just play fighting games, I just thought about how much hetereonormitivity was shoved into games like kingdom hearts, devil may cry and dark souls, and just fighters in general and could barely find any

Like one example was adolescent love, which I e experienced, another was getting a boner from a female(DMc) even that was indirect and we've all gotten and can relate those, and the last would be that alternate ending in dark souls 3 I think, like you fall in love or something, another thing I've done heteronomatively

Why do I need to be straight to enjoy killing things

Why would she say something like that, it honestly confused me and made me feel weird about my passions

What's wrong with women? Why can't they just understand somethings fun because it's fun and immersive, not because of what you fuck
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Your sister is a retard. Gender and sexuality shouldn't determine how much you enjoy vidya games
That guys talking about sucking cock, I'm complaining about women, /r9k/ you've sunken to new depths

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>be me
>no gf
>decide to go on gay dating sites to get a twink bottom
>no guy wants to get fucked by me get get multiple messages from guys who want to fuck me
>you only live once, right?
>meet up with a 50 year old dad
>get in his truck, but on a condom and blow him
>don't really enjoy it but I like satisfying him and it makes great fap material
>start being a blowhoe on grinder
>sucked 23 different dicks so far (all with condoms except for the original daddy that I met up with a few other times)

Why aren't you a gay slut, /r9k/?
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im not that low yet
Because this isn't fucking /lgbt/

At least attempt to know your audience, faggot.
>Why aren't you a gay slut, /r9k/?
I'm bearmode. Nobody fucks dudes like me, and I'm not old enough to pull cute twinks with daddy issues who like to get fucked by dudes like me.

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Browsing reddit AND 4chan is the truly patrician way to spend time on the internet. I browse both and there's nothing you can do about it. I don't identify as a redditor or someone who browses 4chan as I don't give enough of a shit about either of the two websites. However, all the "REEEEEEEEE YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO BACK" replies in the world aren't going to stop me from doing what I do.
Enjoy your evening.
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Gtfo plebbit
what's your preferred type of porn?
File: Incredulous_Asuka.jpg (139KB, 750x741px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do you stay on reddit without getting banned? I just got banned again right now. I don't fit in there. I can't imagine someone who never irks the moderators there. They'd have to have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say at all.

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Which clique were you in during high school?
I wasn't even cool enough to be with the other losers. I was so jealous of all the so called losers cuz at least they had their own table at lunch or area in the commons. I was forced to hang in bathrooms or sit in library wishing Eric and Dylan would happen.
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File: lunch kid.jpg (797KB, 1431x1462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lunch kid.jpg
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during lunch period where i wasn't with my 3 friends, i'd scarf down my meal in 3 minutes and ask for pass to go to the library
The middle guys:
>A brown guy who was the clown of the grade
>A guy from Spain with a thick accent
>A pretty white-boy
>Another pretty boy/mildly antisocial
>A mexican kid
>Me, the second most socially awkward next to the Hispanic kid

We weren't fully autistic like the theater kids but we were not chads
File: IMG_6534.jpg (610KB, 2977x2198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I ended up skipping lunch. Lost hella weight actually but that developed an eating disorder that still lingers today. Times were different back then
>'hurr guys can't have eating disorders that's a chick thing'
so I never got treatment

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