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ITT share your small fuckups you had today

>Sitting behind qt3.14 oneitis in school assembly
>Looks behind, sees me, says "hey"
>Reply with "Shalom"
I'm not Jewish
>She turns back

/pol/ was a mistake
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>bought beer
>it's bad beer
Whats wrong with that? Your brain is fighting with your disease and you dont even appreciate it, faggot. He rejected that slut to help you recover from her influence.
That actually sounds quite funny

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Have you ever used a toilet paper roll to fap with? I don't mean the hard cardboard part I mean the soft inside with the roll removed.

Pic related, I thrust inside this roll and came buckets while I imagined fucking this girl in the ass.
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Wouldnt it be really dry and irritating?
If you get the really soft brand and put lube/lotion in it, it's fine. Feels exactly like fucking a chick in the ass.
I did it sticking a pen in the hole and adding some lubrican . It was heaven, hand masturbation never made me cum that much . I could even use the paper afterwards because of the glove. Highly recommended.

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Who here /nigger/ as well?
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>Who here /nigger/ as well?
I'm Indian does that count
Im black but I wouldn't really call myself a nigger
did you do something youre not proud of, OP?


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images (9).jpg
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*blocks your path*
"Whats the purpose of your travel?"
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I wish to travel home to return to the neet life, officer desu
>officer desu
Joining ISI-

I mean, just a nightwalk through the airport.

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>anon darling come lets make a baby

what do
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Best I can do is nut on your feet bitch.
Who is this bitch? She's great.
But hormones made me sterile

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>tfw i got a femdom oral fuckbuddy with tinder
this shit has changed my life

ask me anything
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so, this is your last post on this board?
no, why, I'm still a virgin, and will probably remain one
So you eat her out and get nothing in return?

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He's an INTJ
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Good robots are INFJ anyway
He's a Libra
Why is it a red flag and why do you take the brigg's testing so seriously?

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i've always figured something was off about me, i just thought maybe i was just a bit /devilish/ but nah, it's seriously messed up what i do. I lie to people to twist their oppinion on me and really really minipulate people without realising. i dont really feel any emotion for anyone except the senpai. but hey i guess that's called being a robot.

>i really fucking love being a sociopath tho
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Who is yoi sempai guy?
err turns out 'family' replaces for senpai huh
or 'senpai' i can't remember

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>this is acceptable and encouraged behavior for western women in today's age
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Whare do they even find the energy to manage that many realtionships?
wtf does she mean by this
That whole thing was written by a fat landwhale who hasn't had sex

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>guy asks if I can be his girlfriend
>challenge him to duel in undead match in dark souls 3
>say if he wins we can try it
>he doesn't even own the game
>he's never even played a souls game
>say that's the only way
>he buys the game
>takes him two weeks of playing every day to beat it
>finally grinds to level 120 and we duel
>wreck him over and over with the longsword
I hope he cried
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That's good for you, my friend.
i'd fucking wreck you using a broken straight sword
I would cry for sure

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who else /not even a single friend/ here
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yes, hello originally
I am here too. I don't get how people make online friends and stuff.
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I got people that I sometimes go to parties with but other than that I got none, maybe my brother.

I kinda want friends but I always push them away because having friends feels like such a burden

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I feel bad for being such a horny worthless piece of shit for my parents who did their very best to make me grow up as a fine man but all I want is to shake my hips and squat on random strangers' dicks from grindr while dressed up as a girl.
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So uhh u got sauce on that pic i would really really appreciate it
>sacrificed my whole life to make parents happy
>never proud of me
>they know nothing about me
>pretty sure im dying of organ failure or something else really bad
>daily nonstop pain
>I do everything I can to be nice and helpful to them
>they still hate me and think im lazy and ungrateful
>pain is non-stop
>hate them tremendously
>still love them though
>I wish they would just love me and hug me
>im scared that im going to die soon
>i will die never knowing what it means to have a family that loves you
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Well anon, i guess it sucks to be you

>Feeling happy
>I am confident
>Not thinking on trap/sissy shit

Afraid of relapsing on weekends.
Join me guys.
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Day 10 of nofap here. It's easy so far. Did over 40 days last year. Got any questions?
>start nofap
>3 days in, not feeling the need to fap
>1 week in, i start thinking more often of my oneitis
>it's tearing me apart
>2 weeks, on the verge of contacting her
>still not feeling the need to fap but force one out
>it's all gone

whew that was close, almost done something stupid
Why not more than 40 days?

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Who /SwoleLeft/ here?

>tfw bashing white fascist skulls in
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>lifting having anything to do with politics
This is fucking retarded right or left or upside down
That's awesome!

Please pass my greetings to your wife's son.
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Like pottery

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What do crows mean to you r9k?
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Crows are bro tier, ravens too.
I drive around all day for my job. They make me laugh when I see them hopping around instead of flying. Why do they do this.
Poop stuck inside and they hop to get it out, just like humans.

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