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Omgg&gggg. I just tried to text my oneitis and got a message back saying my number is blocked. She was a co worker from a job I quit recently. Maybe she was only talking to me cuz she was forced to deal with me? This is surprisingly devastating. Guess I should have known better because I'm fucking weird :(

Also.. Its really hard to block ppl on my phone, I want to believe its just an accident. How many steps does it take to block someone's number on your phone? Maybe it was an accident?! :(((( ugh

I haven't been creepy or anything, just wanted text her and shit. Why
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Send a screenshot. It might be one of those automatic responses when someone's phone gets shut off.
My phone is payed. Not sure about hers. The auto message said "*Hernumber* Unable to receive message-Message blocking is active" That shows up if you send a shut phone a text? Cant screenshot sry
Also the message came up 4 times._._ thats a good sign her phones not payed right?

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When did you adapt to your nocturnal schedule? I woke up at 5 pm today and felt great.
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Why is night time so comfy bros. No matter what I always gravitate to that nocturnal lifestyle.
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Comfy because everyone is asleep. Everything is quiet.
I feel so bad for waking up at 15pm at an monday,i feel like shit

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This 90 pound girl got beat up by violent Nazis while attending a protest. Now /pol/ is harrassing her on social media.

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She's a retard who went to the rally with the intent to cause violence. She deserved every bit of what she got.
I won't condone violence, but if she started something it is here fault. Unrelated her hair looks dumb as fuck and gives "SJW" vibe.
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>defending a gross roastie on r9k, a confirmed dirty pubic hair fetish porn slut.

saged btw, not giving this thread a bump.

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Story time, because I can't sleep

I probably won't finish this all in one sitting, but I'll continue it later even if I don't.
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I always forget how annoying it is to dump on /r9k/
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I thihnk my strategy from here on in is going to be to quote the first sentence of each page I post
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>I've never kissed anyone before.

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>be me
>currently in a relationship with my first gf
>her family is extremely wealthy (From what I've gathered so far her parent's NET worth is high 8 digits if not 9 digits
>I live in a one bedroom apartment with my father, work full time and go to community college part time
>meet her mother
>thought it went pretty well although it was kinda awkward due to the language barrier, they're Chinese.
>later that night my girlfriend calls me crying and telling me that her mother thinks she is a disgrace for dating me
>gfs mom told her she needs to dump me

what do
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Tell her that she's important to you but her mom is right. It'll save you the inevitable heartache when her mom finally convinces her to dump you.
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you want me to tell her that she is indeed a disgrace for dating me?
You're a disgrace for posting here without being a robot.

Comfy fembot thread
>tfw no boi to eat me out like a starving man
>Why live
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I'd be willing to try eating out a woman, but the very act of it seems somewhat gross and very submissive.

So I'd try it out but if the experience matched what I already think of it then I'd stop immediately.
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Why is instagram full of filth? Bleh, reminds me of why I deleted all of my social media accounts in the first place.
Any fembots interested in a roided manlet. I make decent money too and have my own things.

>tfw you help a get a guy off with your voice
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>tfw you help a get a guy off with your voice
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>tfw you help get a guy off by posting lewd pictures
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>tfw you help a guy get off by posting lewd greentext

My life is like a big checklist I've made of shit to do and every day I work to get something on it done or make it smaller and it never does no matter how much I work at it.
The only time I enjoy life is when I do something not on the list.
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What are some examples of stuff on your list?
Sort computer
Learn to drive
Clean surroundings
Clean self
Go outside
Attempt to do anything physical
Attempt to do anything social
Code anything
Write anything
Draw anything
Go through audio cache of a music bot and put all the music on it's playlist
Listen to rest of 200 hour audio course
Not masturbate

The list was a metaphor not a literal thing but you get the idea, none of it ever happens.
I think I am the same way, but my list is very literal and involves me "mastering" something. I think it stems from my OCD. Here are some examples:
>fully navigate and explore every site I visit (for example, read every wiki and sidebar of every subreddit I am subscribed to)
>look through all of the areas and pages of the dashboard/home section of my consoles

Basically, the gist is that I want to look through and familiarize myself with every aspect of anything I use. It even bothers me when I do not read huge documents like the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for sites, programs, and other things I use, but I absolutely cannot be forced to read those.

>dreamed about girl I had crush on for 6 years at school again
>Finished school 2 years ago

I don't want to know this feel
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embarrassing to be honest
that reminds me of an old HS crush
>tfw no brown qt gf with a voice smooth as silk
sucks to know I didn't take any chances man
Happened to me last night

>tfw no qt3.14 Japanese gf

Anyone else know this feel? Would Japanese girls like me? How do I get a Japanese gf?
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Post more rare Aryans.
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I like this wagie and comfy pepe thing he posted. Do you have many rares?
You don't look very Iranian.

>eating breakfast
>see little sister
>she's almost 15 now
>think about how we used to do things together when she was younger
>try to get her to hang out with me like before
>"hey anonette, you wanna maybe...catch some bugs later?"
>"what about some board games?"
>anon can you leave me alone, you're so weird
It's not me, right? I did nothing wrong. It's her...right?
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How old are you?

I don't have a relationship with any of my siblings or step siblings but that's because they're all terrible, terrible people.
I'm gonna be 27 by the end of April.
>catch bugs
>board games
ayy lmao

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Who trying to smash this?
>inb4 pedo
She's 17
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IQ or age
iirc these things aren't even capable of consciousness; their IQ is probably 0.
why is the one on the right so much smaller

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>live in a Canadian city full of natives
>at night I hear them howling and fighting outside of my apartment
>during the day you see them passed out drunk on the sidewalks or begging you for change

I'd rather have a bunch of niggers instead of abbos
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Natives are the worst
Not as bad as niggers
ah as a native guy myself that picture a good reminder for me to not ever do hard drugs or become an alcoholic

thanks op
You deserve much worse for stealing their land

Does anyone else just want a girl to do things with? Not a gf per se, but just a girl to hang out with and do things. I guess something in the vein of a little sister or daughter
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The companionship would be nice

what you're referring to is a friend, and you'll never have one because you're incapable of separating females and sex and will see every friendship as a friendzone
What you are referring to is having a full lesbian friend or possibly a African American female friend.

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I personally come here to allow my gay trap thoughts be released, I fear that if I were to bottle it up I become an actual trap. In reality I'm pretty /pol/, so this is where I come to get the shit out of me.

Overall I'm just starting to accept myself for who I am and what I'm into, I'm not proud of it but all I can do is not let it devour my life.
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I need to know why you people come here, I'm sure everyone must have there reasons
File: 1490800373084.jpg (220KB, 1920x1312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the only place I feel like I fit in.
I've always been on /r9k/ since the day the board was up, both times. I have no friends so it's the only social interaction I get

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