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what are some problems with you?
heres mine
>dick is to small
>everyone says im creepy
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My lower legs are rotated out and femurs are internally rotated Idk how to fix it
I also have a herniated disc
>lose confidence if not dressed like pic related

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my dick is ight but my first gf was a dick receptacle so now the only person that shows any appreciation of me also makes me wanna shoot someone every other month

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Are you a second class friend?
I am. It feels horrible.
Like, your "friends" sometimes are willing to hang out with you but not often, never message you first etc.

I dropped all contact with them a few years ago because I couldn't stand it but I started talking to them again because I can't stand the loneliness anymore, I'll go insane.
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>tfw your friends only kept you around every once in a while to make fun of you
I am sorry.

In school, I had 1 friend. We were together all the time because we were both weird. We hated everybody and everybody hated us. But there was this one guy who somehow started to hang out with us and we would make fun of him and basically psychologically bully him all the time. But he still kept coming. Guess the normals treated him even worse. Imagine that, getting bullied by the losers of the school. Is that what they call an omega?

I don't know what he's doing right now, doesn't have a normiebook profile. I would like to apologize to him.

Pretty sure he's also making fun of someone lower than him. It's an endless cycle of bullying

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Jesus christ, this is my first time using UPS and they will only deliver on weekdays between 9-5 (while literally everyone is at work), and won't give delivery slots or an estimated time range.

What the fuck am I meant to do? Serious question, I don't live in USA and this is my first time dealing with UPS.

I tried waiting for the next day but they delivered it at the exact same time. I was obviously at work the day before, why would they try to deliver at the same time again? Da fuq.
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Pick it up at the UPS depot and in the future don't get stuff shipped with UPS. Fucking hate UPS
having trouble even finding out where the depot is, it's not written anywhere on the slip or the web tracking.

reeeee, this shouldn't be taking so much effort.
okay I found it
>There is no UPS location near your delivery address. Please edit the delivery address or select another delivery option.


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Anyone else feel like Samurai Jack is trying too hard to win an Academy Reward?

all the metaphors and imagery seems very pretentious.
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how DARE they try to win an award, right anon? got you sure got them, put them in their place those FUCKS
I thought season 5 was pretty gud so far
>academy reward

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>Boy, daddy. You weren't kidding when you said middle school would be different from elementary school. All my guy friends keep touching me, asking me out, and get mad and end our friendship when I tell them I don't then "no." All the girls keep fighting and spreading rumors about each other. Stacy now says the F-word every two sentences. At least one kid gets beat up by five others every other day. Almost half the people here have the worst acne. The girls' boobs are getting bigger. The guys' voices are getting deeper. Everyone is starting to smell more and more like B.O. Anon over there has the worst acne of them all, is really greasy, and just stays home on his computer where there isn't any school. Every month, we have a drill in case of a school shooting. There's not one recess where you don't stumble upon people making out. The janitor keeps smiling weirdly at the girls; me included. And at least two teachers have been fired or arrested for "undisclosed reasons." Can I be home schooled instead?
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>lil baby, if that janitor or those teachers EVER touch you I will personally beat their ass
>honey, I want to apologize for bringing you into this terrible world. It is my fault for not thinking of how much suffering you would inevitably go through, as all humans do.
>lets get you put in a non-nigger school

Hug your sister/brother/parent and tell them you love them, post results.
Or text them "I love you" and post results.
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I hugged my sister and lightly poked her ass, she immediately slapped me and walked away.
>sister in kitchen making food
>hug from behind, say I love you
>"love you too, want a sandwich?"
>receive sandwich
You were supposed to say "I love you," not poke her butt. Go apologize and try again

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there is nothing more beautiful than the vagina, tits and ass don't even come close
the vagina is more beautiful than the mountains and rivers, stars and moon
it is truly the most perfect piece of art ever sculpted by god
to all you women out there, young or old, fat or slim, black or white, i love you for you are the canvas which god has perfected his true masterpiece upon
i can only hope that one day i will earn the privilege of tasting the holy nectar of gods most beautiful creation
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You literally wrote this.
Eh I dunno, It comes in many shapes and forms I like that...
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*cumming through*

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Why do i not get warm fuzzy feelings when i hug girls anymore :(
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Have you hugged a lot of girls?

Once you're familiar with their physical contact you lose that feel.
Because you're a sick pervert now.
yea quite a few. just a few minutes ago really this girl hugged me for quite a while and tightly but i just felt numb.

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daddy,chad bullies me at school again
what should i do?
what advice do you give him r9k?
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punch them in ball and red pill them about their mothers
Figure out why he's being bullied.
If he's being bullied because he's doing some faggot shit, tell him to stop doing faggot shit.
If Chad's just being a cunt, tell him to beat up Chad.
Fight them and be dirty about it, kick their balls and gouge their eyes out.

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>add girl from tinder on snapchat
>her tinder only has a face pic
>snap her once and continue chatting
>she only uses text chat and makes up a million different excuses as to why she can't send a pic

she's a whale right?
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ye big one
>only has a face pic
that should be enough.
On tinder I just write rediculous bios and swipe right on everybody no matter what. When I inevitably match I just tell them I have aids or ask them if they want to come smoke crack with me or something like that. God I fucking hate normies.

Current bio:
>I have a fetish for girls who like live fish insertions. I just want to be very up front about that.

I don't actually though.

Any of you robots microdosing?

Share stories
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Forgot link to article
no thanks i don't do drugs i value my brain and do not wish to damage it
No but I'd try it if I didn't do medium doses every week. I get the feeling microdosing would fuck that up.

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What's the difference between Chad and Brad?

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Two letters :O

Don't you mean one?
No I meant nice dubs

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1/3rd of this board is underage b&. Is that why it's so shit?

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Just imagine all those kiddos learning about how is the misery of life.
I can expect some underage kids talking about nihilism and depression now.
Nah, kids are dumb, they're like haha XD that ain't me, and then 5 years later it's them.
Imagine coming here regularly as teenager and absorbing what people say here about having jobs and relationships with women as fact. Holy fuck they're gonna be fucked up.

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Genetics are literally everything and predetermine your fate from the moment you're conceived. Prove me wrong.
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Everything was already predetermined from the moment of existence.
Genetic mutation. Checkmate, nigger
Determinism and quantum mechanics don't play well together.

This is the logical progression for robots.

Prove me wrong.
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>No Trap-ism

Shit list

Buddhism is god tier and can lead to christianity

No one understands buddhism so it's all moot though

>herp derp I'm just gonna sit down and talk to myself
>herp derp I'm just gonna sit down and talk to myself
Wait so does that mean everybody on /r9k/ is a buddhist? All I do is sit in my chair and talk to myself

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