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Who else here isn't even ugly? I can't even blame my social rejection on how I look, I'm just painfully boring and cringey in everything I do and say. Feelsbadman
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Yooooo right here op, how old are ya? Because what works for me is just inviting people to play drinking games. They don't call it the social lubricant for nothing
I'm reasonably ugly but yeah it's my social retardation and awkwardness that fucks me over. Looks are never a deterrent for love unless you're expecting too much or are actually severely deformed... But then there's uggos who had the personality to get qts
I'm 20. Unfortunately alcohol doesn't mix well with some of the medications I'm on :( but it's great that you found something that works for you

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>can't ride even ride a bike

anyone else?
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it takes a kid half an hour to learn. Why don't you just give it a try?
Why can't you ride a bike?
I learned how when I was 16.
It made me feel so pathetic and inferior, so I got on a bike and kept trying until I could ride one.

I was so ashamed that I practiced learning at 3 am so the neighbors wouldn't see me.

Who here legitimately fucking insane?

>bipolar + extreme anxiety disorder (I am very social and fine after initial anxiety passes but that takes time)
>25, graduating college with a good STEM degree
>fuck up interviews at mediocre companies because of anxiety and 1 specific behavioral question I couldn't bullshit
>know I did well though, on technical side and anyways
>no call backs, friends get callbacks, bipolar kicks in
>can't get out of fucking bed because feel like killing myself
>start drinking, find courage to get out of bed
>look online at other companies, apply to another one I like
>happy again, new company looks better than before
>but now I'm drunk and didn't get anything done today on my final project that is due in a month because I didn't get out of bed until 4
>need to look healthy for interviews so need to start running
>need to stop drinking
>can't do anything after bipolar depression kicks in

Usually I'm like "fuck your depression, quit acting like a little bitch and get your fucking work done" but sometimes like today and yesterday it leaves me fucking destroyed staring at the fucking ceiling contemplating suicide. I don't really know what do do anymore. I need to talk to someone for meds but I don't like ssris. If only they would just prescribe me klonopin 2 times a day. I know I would be fine
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>Who here legitimately fucking insane?
Not you mr snowflake.
You're not fucking insane. It's called life. I've experienced it. You've experienced it. anyone 25+ has experienced it. New 25+ thread.
okay this. instead

fair enough. I'm not insane, just I guess anxiety and bipolar like anybody else with it..just feels like insane sometimes

>25+ thread now

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Who hurt you the most?
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Best friend when they killed themselves.
Why did your pluralized friend kill themselves?

/r9k/, im 5'7 135 pounds and my family keeps mentioning im fat and should lose weight.
are they right?
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Probably not, but we can't tell without seeing you. Couldn't hurt to start exercising. Are you a boy, a girl, or a girl (male)?
bonus points: if theyre right how should I lose weight without working out (no real time to do so)
>5'7 135 pounds
What does it mean in civilized units?

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Did anybody else ever make the mistake of using media to define yourself? Let me explain.

I used to use my tastes in various kinds of media and trends to make myself feel superior to others. For instance:
>Ha, my taste in music is way cooler than that guy's
>I have a much deeper knowledge of cinema than that loser
>I know more about fashion than that basic faggot
>I have better taste in video games than them
And so on.

I realize now that I did this because it was all I had. I'm an empty, soulless shell of a human being, and I would cling to these meaningless forms of media and compare my tastes to others to feel better about myself.

Now I see how vacuous it all is and I realize what a pathetic excuse for a person I really am. I'm so much lower than all those people I would compare myself to. At least they are real people living life and having experiences. What am I?

I'm nothing. Just a black hole of media with nothing of value to contribute. I'm scum.
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>I'm scum.
Yes, you are. But it doesn't give you the right to treat yourself like a garbage and spreading all you shit on /r9k/.
AND your tastes-don't worry-matter, OP.
Post some, pleae.
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Many people define themselves based on the kind of entertainment they consume. Its more or less normal in this day and age. Partially due to people often deciding if they want to talk to a person based on what they watch/listen/play. Its a pretty vicious circle and it never ends. Break out of it and you are 100% alone as nobody wants to know the real you, usually because people don't even know themselves. They only know what they like.
Yeah this is me. I will never be able to create anything meaningful so instead I cling to the works of others and defend them. Pathetic.

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What the fuck to do robots

>26 kissless hugless virgin
>I decided that I need to change my life
>there is a cute girl at work
>I went to the part of the office where she works and I asked her very akwardly out
>she giggled a little and she said ok

We will meet tomorrow night at the local bar. What the fuck to do? I have really no fucking clue (from the begining to the end, I never interacted with a female more than 5 minutes). I was expecting she will say no desu.

Should I lie that I am sick so she won't discover I am an autist?
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Uh no you fucking retard

You just go and don't try too hard

Be interested in what she's saying

That's it. Don't talk too much about your autistic hobbies but a little bit is okay.

Good luck
No go stupid, you might as well, this could go further, just relax, the first date don't mean anything, just have fun. Get drunk with her.
I am a special kind of retard.

How should I dress up? Should I use my ordinary clothes which I wear at work?

What to do when we meet?
If we sit down to a table what to do?
What should we talk about?
Should I ask her about herself?
Should I tell her I like vidya and anime?
There is live music in that bar with a dance floor, should I ask her if she wants to dance on first date? (I can dance pretty well my parents forced me into dance school)
When is it time to go home?
Should I accompany her to her home?

I am really fucking lost and freaked out.

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You are responsible for all of the things that happen in your life and you are the one who can change it.

This is the solution of every problem of your life and you don't have a fucking excuse.
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Yupp, every fuck up I've ever had was because of my ass.
No real way around it.
I understand getting cut from work and shit but idk most stupid shit I've done is me doing it
Let me be the first to say that lachowski looks dumb as fuck with facial hair
Get him, lads.

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Write a letter to someone who may never read it.

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He ripped the nipples from the glands.
Ripped the ducts out.
Dear [retired typewriter],

My new typewriter is way better. The buttons go clickety clack, not fft fft, and I can press many more of them at once without experiencing insolent failure.
I will not miss your unpleasant feel to the touch either. Also you were dirty and didn't light up with LEDs were you even trying.
In conclusion, I totally enjoyed typing this out, and I would not have if it was with you.

Sincerely, guy with [superior new typewriter]

You are now a girl. This is a girls only thread. Lets be happy.
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i wonder if my gf would be down for lesbian sex, that would be kinda hot. id let her fuck me with a strapon
Thats fooking gay lmao ayyy you bitch.
I'm a girl and I put things in my holes and walk around with them up there all day.

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Smile is the most important thing in socializing, and mine is disgusting and makes me look retarded

It's not even because of shitty teeth because my teeth are white and neat, it's just how my face looks whenever I smile

I can't fucking make it bros
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Is it really that hard you idiot? Literally just mimic the facial expression you have when you are happy.
>Literally just mimic the facial expression you have when you are happy.

But that one is disgusting
It's only disgusting if you don't make it look genuine

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Fuck Red Vines
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Both rv and twizzlers are shit-tier candy
Naw red vines are fine.
who the fuck likes this shit
it has no taste and feels like eating old rubber

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>tfw only 137 iq score
Who else a /brainlet/ here?
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wat do
122 here

>mfw I've been told I'm some kind of child prodigy my entire childhood
>read academic books at the age of 10
>skipped most of secondary school
>enter a depressive phase during my teens that I never quite recovered from
>nearly emotionless
>no longer extremely gifted compared to peers

I would say "feels bad man" but really it doesn't. I just feel a passive sort of curiosity while reflecting upon it.
>Take IQ test
>Get 135

I always suspected I was retarded :(

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If you like traps, you're gay
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It's nice to see someone speaking the truth around here.
I agree.

Being attracted to anybody with a penis is a sign of homosexuality
you are 100% correct OP

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Why does this baby look so smug?
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It knows that her father won't walk out on her, which is instinctive in the rest of her mother's kind. Still a disgusting half-breed though
Of course he won't talk out on her after his legs are blown off by an IED.
>Dude air assault is better than airborne!

What a loser.

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